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HubHaus Co-Living

We're not just an alternative to renting an apartment, but a community of intelligent, working professionals that bring the "home" back to housing. We make sure everyone is a cultural fit, and once you become a HubHaus member, you get access to our exclusive events, from Wine & Art nights to Hiking.

We furnish all the common areas, set you up with Wi-fi and twice-monthly cleaners. You get the easiest move-in possible. Everything just works.

How to Find a Home with HubHaus

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Once you have found a HubHaus and room you like, book a viewing.

Say, "Hello!"

We meet everyone personally to help screen members out, and you get to meet our other HubHaus members.


Move into your new home! We'll help you get connected with your new roomates.

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What You Get

Own Room
You're an adult. You need your privacy.
Furnished Common Areas
Because buying & moving couches and furniture is a pain.
So you don't have to worry about not having plates when your housemate moves out.
Every hausmate is screened and background checked by HubHaus.
Access high-speed wifi as soon as you step in the door.
Plug into a real-life social network as soon as you move in.

Who We Are

Our members are a driven group of professionals from a diverse variety of backgrounds.