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HubHaus Co-Living

We're not just an alternative to renting an apartment, but a community of intelligent, working professionals that bring the "home" back to housing. We make sure everyone is a cultural fit, and once you become a HubHaus member, you get access to our exclusive events, from Wine & Art nights to Hiking.

We furnish all the common areas, set you up with Wi-fi and twice-monthly cleaners. You get the easiest move-in possible. Everything just works.

Who We Are

Our members are a driven group of professionals from a diverse variety of backgrounds.

Member Benefits

Own Room
You're an adult. You need your privacy.
Furnished Common Areas
Because buying & moving couches and furniture is a pain.
So you don't have to worry about not having plates when your housemate moves out.
Every housemate is screened and background checked by HubHaus.
Access high-speed wifi as soon as you step in the door.
Plug into a real-life social network as soon as you move in.