Ac vs Dc Motor Ceiling Fan – 7 Critical Points

Ac vs Dc Motor Ceiling Fan – Summer and fans are incomplete without each other, fans are not only used in Summer but all of the seasons other than Extreme Winter. 

Fans, being a perfect solution to rely on, be it being affordable on budget, or making you comfortable by cooling down your temperature, expertly does everything.

And Lifestyle which doesn’t hurt your utility bill is liked by all, no doubt why!

There are a plethora of options to select between when it comes to a very common home utility based on its look, style, light output, size, and more. But one component of the fan which plays an important role which can vary its price proportionally is the Motor type you want inside to operate the fan, 

You may feel it to be inessential at some point, but the motor is the base of a fan, and its function directly affects the bulk and efficiency of the fan,

Here’s what experts say about AC and DC motors.

AC Motors Connect Directly to Wiring

Ac vs Dc Motor Ceiling Fan

AC stands for Alternating current, and such type of motor is most easily available for ceiling fans. It is also very commonly used in most f the electrical appliances due to supporting the electricity which is provided in our household. AC motors are directly connected to the direct supply wire and the fan will be turned on. As it is controlled directly, hence the speed can also be controlled directly by controlling the frequency of the input current.

DC Motors Connect a Transformer to Wiring

 Dc Motor Ceiling Fan

DC stands for Direct Current, and they have a transformer attached with them so that it can work as an inverter for the type of electricity it is receiving.

We all receive an AC power supply, so the transformer in between connects the wiring and the fan’s insides and converts the AC to DC so that the DC motor can work with it.

We will not be digging deep in all technical terms, but one thing is for sure that DC motor makes energy saving easy and makes the user more efficient.

Pros and Cons : AC Motor

Ac vs Dc Motor Ceiling Fan

We will be breaking down all the factors which can help us to allocate those factors into two parts as advantages and disadvantages.

The components of the AC motor need adequate space which makes the design slightly bulky, as you can see the AC motor is aesthetically pleasing but also stands with a little bulk than the DC motor fan. But people don’t mind this little extra, till the time it is fulfilling the needs excellently on the terms of being budget-friendly, stylish and with great functionalities.

Advantages of AC motor :

  • Long-lasting and sound functionality
  • Very cost-efficient
  • Easily available, affable, and conventional
  • No AC connector needed to function

Disadvantages of AC motor :

  • Less energy efficient.
  • Comes with a Bulky design
  • Makes more noise comparative to DC motor fans

Pros And Cons : DC Motor

Ac vs Dc Motor Ceiling Fan

DC fans are sleek and stylish in design because of their small motor size, which gives a clean and unblemished look to the fan.

As there are not many components included inside, which makes it is energy-efficient and compact. Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these motors.

Advantages of DC Motors :

  • More Energy efficient than AC.
  • Makes very little noise when compared.
  • Very powerful and uses less electricity
  • A lot more speed options due to being controlled by DC motor 
  • Compact size and sleek design

Disadvantages of DC Motors :

  • More expensive than AC motor fans
  • Requires an AC connector to function

Finding Your Perfect Fan

We have included all the factors to be known by you before selecting a perfect fan as per the needs, budgets. Whether your preference is of lesser noise, lower price, or want to buy an energy-efficient appliance to save bills on utility. Both the options have their custom offers, 

Fans are already an inexpensive utility to be owned to keep cool. We have broken down every bit into chunks that which motor must be chosen and why. And now you are free to choose between the options as per the convenience. Hope this article has contributed its part. Go to for more.

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