10 Alternatives to Deck – The Definitive Guide

Finding the alternatives to Deck is not easy – Decks are pretty much in fashion nowadays that many homeowners extend a portion of their house to create stylish decks. Decks are extended platforms of their home which has no roof. People often add decks to their houses to create an expensive luxurious feel to their comfort zone.

A deck enhances the elegance of the house—the value of houses when resold increases due to the added decks. If the houses have extended decks, the prices of these houses can increase. Moreover, the customers buying houses with the deck have their own advantages to be able to use this open-air platform in multiple ways.

You can create a deck in your house without worrying about the type of region your house is placed in. Decks are versatile house extended features of a modern home. If you sell a house with the deck, you can gain a profit of 72% of the average investments. You can add decks to your home for a better side seeing platform.

 House decks are generally used to enjoy the view of the surrounding of a house. You can decorate decks in your own style with paints or wall stains. A wooden deck is useful if your house is situated in a warmer climate. The wood absorbs the heat from the sun and prevents overheating the deck area.

Downsides To Deck

There are some backdrops of having a deck attached to your house. The houses which have attached decks are costlier than other houses without decks. The price can range from 30 dollars per sq ft of the deck made of fine materials.

The decks require maintenance from time to time as they are made of wood. Wood can become rotten over time and thus can cause the whole deck to be unusable. An owner has to include the cost of managing and maintaining the decks of a house. The maintenance includes washing, swaling, staining every year.

You can also opt for a replaceable material for decks. In the following guidelines, you will make better choices and alternatives to make a better choice regarding your house deck.

Top 10 Alternatives to Deck

Composite Deck

Top 10 Alternatives to Deck

These kinds of decks are made of wood fibers and recycled plastics. Composite decks are popular deck materials in place of wooden ones. They have several advantages, like resistance to UV rays or slips. This type of deck is costlier as they are theoretically indestructible. The money spent on composite decks will be worth it.

This type of deck materials are environment-friendly materials as the wooden deck involves cutting of woods, but composite decks involve recycled items. These types of decks can last up to twenty-five years. Hence, composite decks are long-lasting and have stronger durability than a wooden deck with a life of twelve years.

Composite decks do not require repainting or strict maintenance every summer. It can save a lot of money for maintenance, unlike a wooden deck which requires a maintenance cost every year. The composite decks are slip-resistant; hence you do not have to worry about the moss during monsoon seasons.

Natural Stone or Porcelain Deck

Alternatives to Deck

Natural stone or porcelain decks are expensive choices. People who don’t have budget issues can easily go for this time of decks. The final look or style of a deck made of natural stones or porcelain can guarantee you an elegant look. The natural stones you can use are bluestones and limestone, which can produce stunning gorgeous elements to your luxurious home.

You need experts to work with natural stones to create this kind of deck. The groundwork involves drilling and heavy excavation. You cannot hire common DIY workers for creating a deck made of natural stones.

You might also require extra time or working hands for working with heavy materials. Natural stones may be tricky for uneven surfaces as they can become tilted as well. Again you have to maintain natural stone decks for often small wild plants, or weeds can grow breaking through the stones. Moreover, a natural stone deck would change the look of your home forever.

PVC Decking

Top 10 Alternatives to Deck

Pvc decking is another alternative to wood decks. Composite decks are different from PVC decking. Pvc decking can be installed following DIY techniques. Many people consider PVC decking as stronger and easier to plant without much hard work and time.

Pvc decking can withstand many difficulties and rotting weathering elements that other decks cannot. The PVC material can remain cool during hot and sultry months. Wooden decks are comparatively hotter during summer times. Pvc decks don’t require paint, stain or sanding to maintain their luster, unlike wood decks.

The disadvantage of a PVC deck is the fact that the color can fade over time. You have to think carefully before installing one. Exposure to the sun can spoil the color and also can make it brittle.

Wooden decks would not get spoilt so soon as PVC decks. You might have to choose between a PVC deck and a wooden deck. If you think a PVC deck would be a reasonable option for you, then you can easily go for it. Otherwise, you can choose the deck options.

Vinyl Decking

Top 10 Alternatives to Deck

Vinyl decking is another decking option that includes fewer expenses. You can customize your vinyl decking easily.

A vinyl decking is resistant to moisture, wearing and is more durable than other affordable deckings. Vinyl is made up of pieces of PVC. The vinyl decks can be given natural looks and textures. You can apply for any style or color with vinyl decking.

Vinyl decking gives an opportunity for choosing a stable deck style. Vinyl decking also does not require high maintenance, such as staining or painting. You can apply simple stains to maintain a vinyl deck.

Vinyl decks are much less expensive than other decks like wooden, composite or other deckings. It is even affordable than aluminum decking. You can choose any one of the solid or the hollow forms of the PVC.

Aluminum Decking

Aluminum decking is expensive than a wooden deck. Aluminum decking is more useful and durable than wooden decking. The aluminum decks are durable and easy to maintain.

You can choose aluminum decking to avoid frequent rotting or infestation of the aluminum decking. You do not have to worry about the scratches and marks in an aluminum deck.

Aluminum decks are more costly than other alternatives to a wooden deck, but you can get more out of them because of their durability and ease of maintenance. The manufacturers leave a warranty of 20 years for this decking material available in the market. Hence, aluminum is a better option for decks.

The metal has the property to resist heat—the summer times won’t result in overheating of the aluminum deck. And during the winter months, the deck can become even cooler. It can leave heat faster than a wooden deck.

 There are some issues with an aluminum deck that you must understand as well. Aluminum decks might not appear as stylish as other decking finish. The price of aluminum decking is also a bit higher—around 15 dollars per sqft for the aluminum deck.

Aluminum decks can create sounds and noises with general objects. However, aluminum deckings can also be difficult to find in markets. And you must hire experts to create an aluminum deck which can make your expenses a bit more.

Poured Concrete

Top 10 Alternatives to Deck

The wooden deck can also be replaced by poured concrete for your decks. You can create a poured concrete deck in your house with less money. You may have to spend less money than installing a wooden deck.

A poured concrete patio may not support the high price of the deck attached house for resailing. Poured concrete decks can also be created by their own DIY techniques. You can mix cement and make a deck easily.

You can also create a patio of any size you want. You do not have to depend on a worker and their limitations. You just have to be careful of the poured concrete mix so that the mixture does not cause cracking.

A poured concrete also has some considerable backdrops apart from the possible cracking of the hardened concrete. Poured requires regular washing and cleaning. A poured concrete is not so much long-lasting as the other options. A patio made of concrete materials has a lasting limit of years, unlike poured concrete.

Bamboo Decking

Top 10 Alternatives to Deck

Bamboo decking is an eco-friendly option for decking. You can easily choose bamboo decks if you want to choose environmentally friendly options. It is a renewable material so that it cannot pollute the environment.

The bamboo pulp will also prevent moisture from spoiling the deck. You can add bamboo materials in accessorizing the deck with quilts or pillows. You will find two varieties of bamboo for flooding and decking, such as strand woven and solid bamboo.

Solid bamboo is mostly used for outdoor works such as decks. It is strong and stable to be used for deck-like features. The long bamboo is laminated with strong glue and pleasure. All together makes it perfect for outdoor building purposes.

It would be best if you also considered the disadvantages of bamboo decks. These decks are not resistant to mildew or molds. Hence you’ve to be careful to maintain the growth of microorganisms on these materials.

The weather becomes an important factor in countering the influence of these bamboo decks. Bamboo can be a bit expensive material for decks. The finishing texture of the bamboo might fade and wear out. Therefore regular cleanliness is required for bamboo decks.

Rubber Paver Tiles

Top 10 Alternatives to Deck

If you are looking for a slip-resistant material for the deck, then rubber Paver Tiles are the best choice for you. Rubber Paver Tiles are durable and resistant to wear. It is a good alternative material for making decks.

A rubber Paver is a material made up of small porous granular substances, which makes it resistant to wear and tears. When rubber Paver is used to make tiles, it becomes super-elastic.

The material appears like a cushion to your feet and thus prevents any accident. These tiles are even water-resistant; hence a rubber Paver deck will not be risky during monsoon months.

There are several interlocking mechanisms available in the Rubber Paver variety. The installation will not include glues or adhesives. Installing a rubber Paver is easier and can be done without expert help.

The models of rubber Paver variety are available in different designs and eye-catching patterns, which can attract customers as well. Other materials might not have such variety as a rubber Paver.

You do not have to maintain a rubber Paver deck as strictly as other decks. The tiles can be used to make patio floors, aisles, walkways, playgrounds or rooftops, etc.

Artificial Grass Tiles

Top 10 Alternatives to Deck

These types of tiles are usually easy to clean and maintain a polished look. Otherwise, artificial grass tiles are not frequently used for large flooring projects. You can use this tile for decks.

The artificial grass tiles can make the outdoor space appear much more welcoming and desirable. You can install artificial grass tiles much more easily than other alternatives. You can use DIY techniques to install artificial grass tiles for your deck.

You have to cut the sizes on your own and fit the tiles according to your space. If you want to change the style, you can easily remove a grass tile on your own and mix it with other elements.

It will be attractive to add small balconies and patios with artificial grass tiles if you are living in a building. You can create a perfectly natural and outdoor look with the artificial grass tiles on your deck. You don’t need to water it as well.

The artificial tiles may have some backdrops that you should be aware of. These artificial grass tiles are not a durable option for deck designs. The edges of the tiles may wear out or become torn. If you have an open space of 20 sq ft, then you easily utilize that space with artificial grass tiles to create a pretty deck.


This article might give you more ideas for your deck designs. The wooden decks can invite an outdoor feel to your indoor space. Moreover, there are more options to choose from for deck designs. These alternative options can easily help you to create a better deck for your home within your budget and choice. Now you can also enjoy a fantastic deck in your house.

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