At night, use _____ on your rearview mirror

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Q. At night, use _____ on your rearview mirror

  1. The hands-free setting
  2. Cleaning solution
  3. Windshield wiper fluid
  4. Night view

ANSWER: 4. Night view


At night, your view of the road behind you can be impaired by the glare of headlights from approaching vehicles. To help reduce this glare, many rearview mirrors are designed to automatically adjust the angle of reflection.

This feature is particularly useful when backing out of a parking space or driveway. However, it is important to remember that the level of adjustment may vary depending on the model of the vehicle.

Before backing up, be sure to check your rearview mirror to ensure that you have a clear view of the road behind you.

How does it work?

It gives you protection by just tilting the back-view mirror out of the line, which is seen by the driver.


there are also some advantages to using it. For one thing, night view can help to reduce glare from oncoming headlights, making it easier to see the road ahead. Additionally, night view can also help to improve your visibility in general, making it easier to spot potential hazards.

Finally, using a night view can also help to preserve your night vision, as you will not be exposing your eyes to as much bright light.

So, if you find yourself driving in low-light conditions frequently, it may be worth considering utilizing the night view feature on your rearview mirror.

Why we need a night view?

There are many reasons why we need a night view when driving. For one, it allows us to see in the dark. This is especially important when driving on unfamiliar roads or in areas where streetlights are few and far between.

Additionally, a night view can help us to avoid obstacles and hazards that we might otherwise miss in the darkness.

Finally, using a night view can help to reduce eye fatigue, as we don’t have to strain our eyes to see in the dark. Overall, night view is an important tool that can help to improve safety when driving at night.

Other Options:

The hands-free setting has no direct relationship with the mirror. It is rather widely used in mobiles.

The cleaning solution and windshield wiper fluid are cleansing solutions that might be useful for the mirror but have no direct use in the only nighttime.

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