How Much Does Bath Fitter Cost in 2021 – Comprehensive Guide

Do you know that you can remodel your worn out bathtub and make it look as good as new? Well, bath fitter’s tub liners are the perfect solution to a bathtub that is desperately in need of a complete make over.

This article is your go to article for details about bath fitter’s tub liners. It covers the most important aspects such as the Bath Fitter Cost, the effective nature of the product and the beauty that it brings into your house and bathroom.

What is Bath Fitter ?

Bath fitter is a company that gives you an innovative option when it comes to replacing your old bathtub. They bring to you shower and bathroom coverings made out of acrylic which will save you the trouble of completely replacing your existing bathtub. Their products have gained so much of reputation that the name of our company has become synonymous with the bath covering.

What Determines the Bath Fitter Cost

How much a bath fitter will cost a person differs extensively depending on the condition of the bathroom it has to be fitted into and on the choice  of the bath fitter itself. A few factors that determine the price are discussed below.

Bathtub Choices

At Bath Fitter, we give you distinct types of bath fitter tubs to choose from. And we have over ten of these to suit your choice!!! The best part is that you can choose between plain, beautiful ones and conventional, decorated ones. You can select the tub according to your individual preferences and also in sync with the appearance of your bathroom. How much you pay for the tub will depend on they kind of tub you buy.

wall choices

The selection for the materials, designs and fashion in which walls are made is not as good as the ones available for bathtubs. Still, there is a variety available and you must remember that the design that you choose for your wall also decides the cost. The coverings on the wall can be of different types. They are either even throughout or have depressions so that they have the appearance of tiles.


You can choose from a number of add on options to be fitted in besides your bath fitter. In case you are looking at getting new taps, there is a huge selections of taps you can consider. Apart from this, there is a variety of shower doors, shelving, soap dishes, trims, mouldings and handles to pick from. Important add ons that ensure complete protection are also there for you. Of course, all of these come at an extra cost.


You can convert your bathroom with only a bath into one with a shower. A bath fitter makes this possible at an extra price. The higher cost is because this requires more complicated labour and is hence, more time consuming and expensive.


Fixing your bath fitter on your own is surely inexpensive. However, if you opt for skilled labor, it will add up to the total cost. Work that can be completed within 24 hours, like the uncomplicated fitting of a bath fitter in your bathtub will not be expensive. Labour intensive work like change over from a bath to a shower may last much longer and therefore, cost you more.

The charges for labour differ from company to company and this is one thing you have to factor in when you work out your cost. The best way to decide this is to get in touch with various companies and compare the charges. But, always remember that the least expensive option is not always top quality. Before you come to a conclusion, it is a good idea to consider helpful suggestions from people known to you and reviews that people post online.

 The heightened cost factor should not deter you from seeking professional help to fix your bath fitter. Endeavouring to do it on your own might lead to unexpected challenges that may, in turn, lead to higher expenses.

How Much Does Bath Fitter Cost in 2021

The final payment to be made is determined by various factors such as the dimension of your bath tub, the add ons that you decide on, and also how you decide to fix it. The cost can be anything between $500 to $9000.

A plain bath fitter without any other modifications will be around $500. Though this is not a big amount, the effect is great as a plain bath liner can completely redefine the appearance of your bathroom. Apart from the cleanliness and the novelty that it adds, it definitely raises the worth of your property.

The cost of an absolute redesigning of your bathroom comprising of the wall coverings, faucets, shelving and other accessories, is bound to run into thousands. It may be a good idea to employ contractors who are from your area as they may refurbish other things such as changing the toilet and the basin, renewing the flooring and painting the walls.

These extra services will, no doubt, lead to extra payment. However, you can control the closing estimate by deciding on an acrylic tub liner. This is an option that is less expensive than taking off your old bath tub and substituting it with a new one.

Where To Buy the bath fitter

There are many ways of contacting Bath Fitter if you would like them to redesign your bathroom. They offer bookings for free consultations on their website They have a considerable number of shops spread all over the United States and Canada.

So, all you have to do is locate the shop closest to you and drop in there to have a look at all their products before you decide on what to buy. If you are not comfortable with this, and prefer a tradesperson, local companies in the same field will be able to procure Bath Fitter products for you. Just find a trustworthy tradesperson and ask them to get you the required products from Bath Fitter directly.

How to Save on Installation of Bath Fitter Costs

If you are a skilful person with a lot of expertise in DIY concepts as far as remodelling your house is concerned, then, fixing your own bath liner is a possibility. The money that you save in this way is justified only if you are able to complete the work with a seasoned touch. If you are an amateur at fixing a bath liner, there is a lot of help available online.

Learning about the mistakes that you can make while fixing your bath tub liner is as important as learning the correct way to do it. The numerous tutorials available on You Tube guide you very well on this.

If you are a novice at fixing bath tub liners, it is best left to the professionals. Inaccurate fixing of the tub liner can lead to shabby looks and more importantly, could lead to glitches later on.

Such glitches could mean cracking and leakage. The expenses incurred will leave you feeling that you should have sought professional help in the first place. The easiest path to a good professional at a reasonable rate will be to contact different companies and request for estimates from all of them. After a thorough comparison of all the estimates, choose the one you think suits you best.

Another way could be to negotiate with contractors and create competition amongst themselves so that they bring down their rates helping you save a few hundred dollars. You could also follow a barter system. If you know someone who is an experienced laborer, you could offer to help them in return for them helping you fix your bath tub liner.

Bath Fitter Alternatives

Bath Fitter was started by 3 brothers more than 35 years ago. This is the very first company that invented bath coverings. The intention behind beginning this company was to bring in a faster and less expensive method of refurbishing a bathroom instead of pulling it down and building it all over again.

They operate from North America and their entire merchandise is designed and produced here. They have a variety of products that satisfy the different preferences of different people. They have a number of shops all over North America.

They are very well known for the way they handle their customers and their goods are of very high class. If for some reason, you want another source for these products, many other choices are available. They are :

Home Depot

Home Depot has its presence all over the United States and Canada. They give the assurance that the required task will be finished within days. They achieve this by employing local contractors to finish the installation for them.

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They fix an appointment and meet you in your own house. An estimator will make the required calculations and suggest the best choices for you. They do not charge you for these appointments and making an appointment does not mean that it is a must for you to buy something from them.

If you buy a tub liner from this company, you have the opportunity of availing a loan from them and you can pay it back little by little.

Bath Planet

Similar to Bath Fitter, Bath Planet is a company that is an expert at acrylic covering for baths. Their limited lifetime warranties for their goods gives their customers a lot of relief. They aim at furnishing goods that are high class but are not very expensive.

They also work to get rid of the difficulties that are normally faced when a bathroom is modified. They also rebuild bathrooms in less than a day. Though not equal to Bath Fitter, Bath Planet also has many shops all over North America.

Pros and Cons of Bath Fitters


Quick Installation Guide

Normally, fixing a bath fitter gets done in less than 24 hours and this makes an instant transformation of the bathroom possible. In contrast, if the whole bathtub has to be removed and another fixed in its place, it will necessitate relaying of tiles on the walls.

This will need a lot of messy work in the bathroom for a week to a fortnight and will be very bothersome if the bathroom is the only one at home.


The short time taken to fix a bath fitter ensures that there is not too much of a mess. In fact, fixing a bath fitter is such a simple thing to do that it will not create any mess. To be more careful, the workers can shut the door to the bathroom so that no dirt escapes out. However, completely changing a bathtub and fixing a new one is time consuming and leads to a lot of dirt that will surely spread all over the house.


Fixing a bath fitter is more cost effective than replacing a whole bathtub. This is because bath fitters are just fitted over the bathtub in use and will not use up as much material as a full bathtub would. Labour wise also this option costs less as you will only compensate workers for a day compared to paying them for many days in the case of a complete replacement of a bathtub.

Easy Care Low Maintenance

One of the biggest problems in having tiles is the grout that makes cleaning a very difficult task. This is solved when bath fitters are fixed as it is a single piece of acrylic. A cleaning liquid is all that is needed to wipe this clean. This process becomes even less cumbersome if acrylic bath fitter wall panels are used.

Less Chances of Leaks

Being made from a single piece renders another advantage to the bath fitter. This means that the probability of a leak is extremely less.


Not suitable for all baths

We must remember that bath fitters cannot be fixed in all tubs. For instance, tubs with water jets will not support this. Similarly, bath fitters cannot be used with clawfoot and freestanding tubs too.

There are instances when you should not opt for a bath fitter. Bathtubs which are broken to a large extent or have gathered a lot of mould or rot, need to be removed and a new one fixed in its place.

In such cases, fixing a bath fitter is highly unadvisable. Though a bath fitter will conceal the problem provisionally, this kind of an unreliable solution will increase the problem multifold. The worst part is that we will get to know the extent of damage only after it has crossed all repairable limits.

Measuring and ordering takes time

It is true that these bath fitters can be fixed in less than 24 hours. However, if we consider the whole process of placing an order for one until it is fixed, the time taken could extend to many weeks also.

The process becomes lengthy as these bath fitters are customised according to the accurate design and dimensions  of your bath tub. This entails inspection by a skilled person who will have to visit you to measure the precise dimensions before making it to order.

If you could skip the process of making a new bath fitter by buying a readymade one from a shop like Home Depot, you could have a person with experience in fixing bathroom fittings to replace your old bathtub much faster. In this case, there is absolutely no need to spend time on measurements and ordering.

Might crack

It is important to remember that for a problem free experience, it is always better to have the bath fitter fixed by people who are adept at it. People without experience fixing it will lead to problems as these bath fitters are made to fit in exactly into the bath tub. So, they need to be put in exactly the way they should be. Attempting to fix it on your own is definitely not a good idea as it may end in unwanted cracks.

Basic aesthetics

Another important aspect to consider is the colour that you want in your bathroom. If you are a person who wants a showy look with various colours, then you will have to choose something other than bath fitters as they are usually available only in white sheets of acrylic. They are more suitable for bathrooms which are not very colourful and which are not very elaborately decorated.


How long does bath fitter last?

Bathtub liners are very durable and will last as long as your house and will not pose any problems. However, since fashion keeps changing, these bathtub liners may look outdated. They last so long that the one who is using it may get weary of the same design and may want a fresh look.

Is Bath Fitter expensive?

A complete make over of your bathroom will require taking off your bath tub and fixing a new one. This labour intensive process will work out to be much more expensive than using Bath Fitter products. Fixing a Bath Fitter liner will be much simpler than the other option too.

Is Bath Fitter messy?

Bath Fitters are very far from being messy as all we need to do is to fix a piece of acrylic on your bath and tiles in use. This does not entail any destruction at all. The method, followed for many years now,  involves taking out the tiles from the walls and the bathtub.

The debris that results could get dispersed all over the house and even stick on to furniture and carpets. So, fixing a bath fitter ensures that this kind of a clutter and chaos is avoided since the process is swift and tidy.

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