Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker and Lights

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker – Looking for the best exhaust fan for your bathroom that additionally comes with a Bluetooth speaker and a light ? Don’t go anywhere as I have prepared a list of exhaust fans with a brief explanation. You can pick it according to your needs.

For every home, exhaust fans are a must. It is a prime essential for anyone who wants to live in fresh quality air. Before moving ahead, let’s first dig more about what an exhaust fan is, how it works, its features, and how it makes your day-to-day life easier by just installing it in your rooms.

What is Bathroom exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan is a type of machine which pulls all the unwanted impure air or extra moisture from the room within no time. We usually see the exhaust fans in the bathrooms and kitchens (as those rooms are highly polluted with gases) but that’s where all good work is done by these large fans.

They give ventilation to the space and removes all the polluted air from the room which is very harmful for breathing. As the technology is evolving, exhaust fan manufacturers are adding more and more features to it to improve its standards. They are now even equipped with bluetooth, Speakers, LED lights and Heaters too. Check out what else they have got.

5 Bathroom Exhaust fan Features

Without checking the features of an exhaust fan, it’s hard to say that which one is the best, makes sense right ? These days, buying an exhaust fan via online isn’t that easy. The competition is going at its peak so as the fan builders. Premium exhaust fan makers are always tweaking their devices with smart gestures by adding wireless features to their respective models. This even makes more interesting to buy.


For extra ventilation, whether a kitchen room or a bathroom it just needs a distinct airflow. To measure the airflow of an exhaust fan, ( CFM ) Cubic feet for Minute come into play. The outcome number varies for different sizes. For smaller exhaust fans, it stays in between the 30 to 50 CFM range. For the bigger ones, it can even increase up to 200 to 300 range. Now for an example, let’s say you want to calculate the bathroom’s minimum airflow, simply you need to do is to multiply the bathroom’s height range with its square footage and divide the outcome by 7.5 to know the exhaust fans CFM.

Mounting Type

The installation of these exhaust fans can be done in different ways – such as exterior, mounting, ceiling mounted and more. But preferably, its better to install the wall-mounted fans. Exterior and wall-mounted fans are identical to each other, both are installed on the wall. The only difference is, the exterior one creates the sound outside. If you want to enhance the airflow through the venti system, ceiling fans are the best choice for you as they are very much suitable for kitchens. They are fixed exactly on top of the cooktop.

Aesthetic Appeal

Gone are the days where exhaust fans used to look very common and simple. Built with a plastic square and wide grills. However, the inside part like the engine still remains the same but the exterior is changed. Brands are launching exhaust fans with fresh designs and classy looks.

Automatic Controls

The latest version exhaust fans are packed with some eye-catching features. Their automatic control feature starts working instantly when the humidity rises in the rooms. Although to clear the odors completely from the kitchen, still you need to follow the manual actions by switching the on-off buttons.

Sweep Size

Whenever you want to buy an exhaust fan, always check the sweep size. Below is the table to check.

Bathroom exhaust fan with bluetooth and light

Out of hundreds of brands, Luminous is one of the best company for producing the reliable exhaust fans, especially the bathroom related ones. They understand the requirements precisely and gives you the best solutions when you opt for a new exhaust fan. Luminous have got both the models, shutter fans and Axial fans.

Shutter ventilation fans are fixed on the wall as they have shutter on the back side. In terms of size, they are very large in compared with axial fans and can be mounted in kitchens. Usually all the exhaust fans comes in three different sizes, 150 MM, 200 MM, and 250 MM. Whereas, axial fans sweep sizes comes with 100mm and 150 mm. One good news is Axial fans have multiple options with and without shutter on the back side.

7 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Bluetooth Speaker and Lights

  1. Broan-NuTone SPK110 Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan 
  2. Homewerks Worldwide Bath Fan
  3. Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd. VFB25ADBT Delta
  4. Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT 70 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan
  5. Homewerks Worldwide 7130-06-BT
  6. Home Netwerks Decorative White 80 CFM 
  7. Broan-NuTone SPK80L

1. Broan-NuTone SPK110 : Bathroom Exhaust Fan

To kick start the list, we have the SPK110 Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan from Broan. Let’s talk about the design – On the first glance, the fan looks pretty much classic surrounded with lot of grills of the front side. If you are music freek, then you’re going to love this exhaust fan. It has a built-in speakers which are made by a very reputed brand Sensonic.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker and Lights

Exhaust fans are noisy right ? But this one is not. They said that it has a ” Ultra Quiet Performance ” where you won’t get any sort of high sounds from this machine whatsoever. Inside the device, you have a 100 CFM powerful ventilation fan, a bluetooth connectivity whic is fixed under the grill.

Now saving the power is your top priority ? then this fan is a perfect fit for your home. As it comes with an energy saving feature known as ENERGY star. This piece is for the one who wants to save the money through power.

2. Homewerks Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The second exhaust fan 7130-04-BT is coming from a well known American brand – Homewerks. let’s directly jump on it to see what it has got – If your bathroom is very small then it probably suits best for you. It carries a 1.5 sones at 70 CFM fan which means you will be able to manage rooms up to 70 square feet.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker and Lights

When it comes to working , i am pretty sure that it will make you satisfy by just pulling all the moisture and odour from your bathroom without making much noise. On the design part, it has a very compact sleek shape furnished with white color.

The good news is, it is built with a steel where you can expect a good life. As usual, both the features are covered under this exhaust fan, bluetooth speaker and a light. So no worries whatsoever for your wireless connectivities.

And also you will be enjoying the crisp audio sound from this device by just pairing whatever smart devices you have. One last, It is a UL-certified and HVI listed exhaust fan that is worth watching for your bathroom.

3. Delta VFB25ADBT : Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Moving towards the third one, we caught another American brand-made bathroom exhaust fan with a model no – VFB25ADBT. On to the design – it comes with an advanced Brushless DC Motor design which has an airflow capacity of 110 Cubic Feet Per Minute. Made to run a minimum of 70,000 hours.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

In terms of sound, a perfect device has only < 0.3 sones. So you can just hang with your sound, not with the fan’s sound.
Bluetooth is their including a light. You will also get in-built stereo speakers of 4-ohm 2W x 2. One major feature to look out for these exhaust fans is, the speakers are water resistance that comes with IPX4 protection. Apart from that, it is also certified for the Energy Star. So if you have a large bathroom size, then this will not make you sad for sure.

4. Delta ITG70BT 70 CFM : Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Yet another Delta’s exhaust fan has arrived in our list. Yes, we have one more bathroom exhaust fan from them. The design of this fan is pretty decent but this fan is programmable. Let’s move on to the specifications part, It also comes with same as above fan is.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

Runs up to 70,000 hours without any discomfort and the fan rotates 80 CFM air per minute. You will get a bluetooth option and pre-built speakers in it. It also flaunts an LED light.

The performance, You won’t hear a high sound from this fan. It makes your kitchen and bathrooms as peaceful space by just having 1.0 sones. The fan saves your power with Energy Star feature as it takes only 8.4 Watts power consumption with a rating of 10.6 CFM/Watt. Made by one of the world’s reputed DC Brushless fan maker, this is going to be your go to go best bathroom fan for large spaces.

5. Homewerks 7130-06-BT : Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Looks like Homewerks are stealing the exhaust fan market by adding cool features to their specific models. If you need a dual LED light setting bathroom exhaust fan ? Do check out this one. It has a blue and white light option for you. Comes with a bluetooth speaker that gives you an authentic sound where it can be heard up to 30 ft long.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

Additionally, they have given a wireless remote control option for the users, you can take over all the settings like, volumes, songs with few clicks. The weight is also very low, only 2 pounds. But you have a super powerful speedy fan of 100 CFM which runs at 1.5 sones.

6. Home Netwerks 80 CFM : Bathroom Exhaust Fan

We have a new brand here. The sixth bathroom exhaust fan is from Home Netwerks. It comes with a combined bluetooth speaker and an LED light. The bulb has a staggering 600 Lumens of soft white light which will make the bathroom bright.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

Now if you are music oriented fellow, then you will end up loving this beauty. Just connect whatever devices you have and start listening your favorite tracks instantly. As the bluetooth is already fixed under the bath fan, you don’t need to do the recharge to the speakers. Home netwerks Offers a 80 CFM airflow where you can use the rooms up to 80 sq. ft. it can be installed on any sort of ceiling.

7. Broan-NuTone SPK80L : Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The last in the line-up of our best bathroom exhaust fan is from the Broan-Nutone. This exhaust fan has very high demand due to its perfectly designed bright white grills which will be pretty much compatible with any ceiling colour in the home. If you have a premium-size bathroom, then this exhaust fan is power full enough to carry all the odor from your space.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

The fan runs at 80 CFM, which is quite extensive when comes to cover the range. There’s a built-in LED light which is made by corrosion-resistant steel. In Addition, the fan is packed with a premium built-in bluetooth speakers.

This exhaust fan works at 2.5 sones. This is probably one of the major drawback of this fan. keeping it as one of the noisy fans in the list, we assure you to choose the fans according to your needs . So, we suggest this fan only for the design experts and wide spaces. Check out for more info at

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