10 Best Colors for Bathroom Floors

We all know that bathrooms are essential for any home, whether it is attached to your room or separate. Bathrooms can be of different sizes depending on usage. It can be a master bathroom or a bathroom simply for guests. Either way, having a good-looking bathroom provides positive feedback.

We must also decide what type of flooring the bathroom should have and of what color. If you want to renovate your bathroom, then selecting the Best Colors for Bathroom Floors would be a good option.

If you are searching for colors that would fit the bathroom floors, then you have arrived at the right section. In this article, we will discuss the top ten best color examples that would fit the bathroom floors. In addition, we will also discuss what type of flooring a bathroom should have, should it be darker or lighter in contrast to the walls. All are discussed here in this article.

Best Colors for Bathroom Floors

Soft Gray

As we all know that gray is a natural, neutral color. There are different contrast of gray color like deep gray, light gray, or medium gray. In this section of the article, we will discuss the light gray color or soft gray color that would be a perfect match for your bathroom floors.

The light gray color is an excellent choice for the bathroom floors, and it will also complement the walls of the bathroom as well as other accessories like cabinets, bathtubs, basins, etc. Light gray is also an excellent color and will be perfect for any bathroom environment.

Dark Grey

Dark Gray

Dark gray or deep gray is also a neutral color. If you are looking for dark grey color, then you should settle for charcoal. The charcoal color would be a perfect match for the bathroom floors.

It will create a powerful impact. This is an excellent alternative to light gray floors. We all know that charcoal is a dark color, and it would make the room smaller. It is suitable for modern bathrooms having neutral accessories.

The charcoal color gives you a relaxed feeling with a contemporary vibe. Adding sanitary accessories of white color with a mix of light and dark grey tile will be best suited for the charcoal floor color.

Bright White

If you want a heaven-like feeling, then you should select the bright white color. Standard white is good, but bright white is much better. White marble floors are very sophisticated and striking.

But it would be interesting if you added textures to spice up the looks of the room. You can also design on the walls. If you want the bathroom to be all white in color, then you should keep the same color of the flooring as the walls. It will make the room airy also.

Light Green

Light green is a color that is motivated by nature. Installing a light green color on the floor will give us the feeling of the outdoors. The relaxing and soothing color of the floor will give a good effect when installed in an open and large bathroom.

White or earthly shades get well mixed with the light green color. Colors like age or apple green will add brightness to the modern room, and it will also be funny looking. The green floor best works with green and white patterned walls. Other small colors can also be added to the bathroom surroundings to make a stylish statement.


We should select the brown color for our floors because the brown color gives a relaxing and earthly look. We can convert the bathroom into a spa-like space with the help of this brown color.

The ceiling must be painted with dark brown color. The laminate flooring of the floor will look dramatic and sleek. The brown-colored floor can complement the excellent grey color of the wall along with sanitary units. We should keep the brown wall paneling as the featured wall.


For those who love beige or cream but still want a darker color, then taupe is the perfect color for the floors. Taupe is a neutral color. The taupe is a mixture of brown and red with a modern twist.

To create an earthly look, we can mix the light taupe floor with that of a darker taupe color. This gives us an earthly look. Mix taupe floor with sanitary units to get the room airy and a bright feeling.

Light Blue

Whenever we talk about the light blue color for the bathroom, we think of a sky blue color, which will look gorgeous. It will be more relaxing if we get in the bathtub and stare at the light blue floor.

We all know that blue color goes with white clouds. Similarly, blue is a suitable color that will complement the whole details in the bathroom. A light blue floor with a matching wall will always emit a tranquil feeling.


Orange is cherry and bright color and emits a kind of energy from the bathroom. This type of color is a good fit for the floor, for a traditional bathroom even. Orange is a type of color that helps you to get up in the morning, and so the color orange is an ideal match for bathroom floors.

When yellow accessories are mixed with the orange floor and white units, it looks really great. Traditional or Modern bathroom design, both are a perfect match for the orange color. The orange color will be a perfect fit for the floors with other warm colors as well.


There is another similar color that is as good as orange, which is bright pink color. Many people confuse the color pink with feminity. This type of color is warm and bright and makes the bathroom warm and sophisticated. When white sanitary units are paired with yellow walls creates a complementing atmosphere in the female bathroom and modern bathroom.

Monochromatic Colors

To get a more spacious feeling, a single type of color scheme is added to the bathroom floor, allowing you to only attach to one lone color for the flooring and walls. Two same-toned colors for walls and floors can be chosen in monochromatic design. Some people always prefer a variety of colors instead of using just one single color for the floor and walls.

A neutral color like white gets paired with neutral color grey and is suitable for the modern room. We should remember this whenever we want to create a single and lone color scheme. Light grey floors are a perfect match for the white walls as the grey floor will lessen the brightness of the white accessories and walls. To improve the color pairing, we have to consider darker colors of blue or grey as we have to keep the bathroom spacious and also airy.

Choosing the Proper Bathroom Flooring

Once the color of the right bathroom flooring has been decided, it is time to select the suitable floor material. It is very crucial that the surroundings of the bathroom must be filled with warm or cool colors by experimenting with different floor materials. Vinyl or tile flooring will be a brilliant fit for wooden panel walls, which will give a warm feel.

We have to consider the longevity of the material, its maintenance, costs, and installation process if we select the type of flooring for the bathroom.

Mosaic glass tiles are an excellent example as it has extravagant patterns and is very easy to install. But if you want more style, then you should select natural stone tiles in grey or dark brown color, which will be perfect for light wall colors.

If you don’t want to invest much money, then Laminate flooring makes a more accessible option for the floor. The installation process is very simple and so is the cleaning process. It is also resistant to water. Dark brown laminate is the most widely used color, which will work with any light color walls.

Another option is ceramic or porcelain tiles. They are stylish, cost-effective, and resistant to water. Like natural stone flooring, the ceramic tile provides us with a textured and rich look for both small and big bathrooms.

Should The Bathroom Floor Color be Lighter or Darker Than The Walls?

It is a common belief among people that the color of the walls should be lighter than the bathroom floor color. However, you can install bright-colored wall tiles with light-colored flooring to get an adventurous feeling.

The bathroom should reflect our taste and also our personality. But before we decide what type of color of bathroom floor we are about to buy we should think about what we are trying to accomplice.

You may want an energetic bathroom design or can go for neutral colors to get a modern feel. Refreshing and comfortable colors are also available for the walls and floors, of which the flooring color will not compromise the surroundings of the bathroom.

If you want a long-lasting impact, then you should match floor color to the walls or may even choose a darker shade than the walls. You can also opt for an alone separate color for walls and floors.


It is very important that the bathroom flooring color complements the rest of the bathroom accessories.

The size and the layout of the bathroom are essential, and we should pick the best color. We hope the ideas mentioned above will inspire you to decorate or redecorate your guest bathroom or master bathroom and with the best color also.

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