10 Best Flooring for Small Bathroom

Choosing the perfect flooring for small bathroom is a daunting and difficult challenge. While maintaining the aesthetics like the standard size or color of the carpet can become very subjective. There are various relevant factors to choose from in order to find the appropriate flooring for your home.

You can look into the choices to select the best option. Many common design options are listed in the following. Even some common factors like price, water resistance, longevity should be considered.

Porcelain Tile

Flooring for Small Bathroom

One of the beneficial factors of having smaller bathrooms can require lesser material on the floor. Therefore it leaves room for better creativity. You can also go for the expensive choices. Otherwise, it could’ve been expensive for a larger flooring. The porcelain tile is a versatile choice, but it falls under expensive choice.

You can install either natural tile or mimic the style of the natural materials. The type of material is wood or stone, which are perfect for the aesthetic look.

Porcelain tile can be almost impervious to any damage caused by water. It has a lower absorption rate, which can make the material stand out. Likewise, it has a high density and uncompromising quality, making it apt and durable for flooring purposes.

It was hinted earlier that the only fault is that a fine quality porcelain tile is available at a greater price compared to any other ceramic tiles. Similarly, the installation requires specific tools. It is advised to the customers to call a professional to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile

When you are looking for a better balance between pricing and quality, it is advised to choose better than any ceramic tiles. Choosing better tiles can become hectic. Despite being porous and softer than any porcelain tile, a ceramic tile can be more durable and resistant to moisture. These varieties are also much less pricy than the other varieties.

The soft ceramic tiles are not as bad because they are easier to cut. Moreover, it is easy to install as well. You can comfortably walk on these ceramics as well. Ceramic tile is cooler than porcelain tiles, making it ideal for summer times.

Ceramic tile will crack and chip if used in heavy footing areas. You must keep this in your mind. Similarly, these have a high absorption rate. It can be cleaned with water to get rid of spills. You must carry out regular weekly deep-cleanings. This will keep the floor pristine and tidy.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete Flooring

These are similar to concrete flooring. Concrete flooring is a cost-effective solution for your smaller bathroom floor. It can be pricy. You can choose color stainings or aesthetic changes to make it more surprising and versatile.

The major strengths of any concrete flooring are the immunity it provides to any water damage. It is completely durable and easy to clean. On the other hand, it has a porous feature that can easily be stained. You can avoid such complications by adding a sealant to this concrete regularly.

If you are looking for bathroom flooring that you want to last for a long time with your home, it must fit your home decor. You must give some time to the flooring process.

Ceramic tiles can cause cracks and chips if it is exposed to a heavy footing area. You must keep this in your mind. Similarly, you must avoid clean water spills due to the high absorption quality. You must maintain regular deep-cleanings every week. This will keep the floors pristine and clean for a long time.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

It is known as luxury vinyl tile or planks that depends on its form. The luxury vinyl gives a high-end, elegant style for the bathroom flooring. It is a low-cost wood flooring option. It is essential if you can note the quality of this tile. The two forms have no differences.

It is one of the cheaper choices; luxury vinyl flooring can be found in a great variety of qualities you can choose from. You can wish to increase the resistance power of the tile to save it from stains, water and wear. The luxury vinyl is also famous for its easy install and maintenance.

You can also opt for some shops that might have lots of luxury vinyl. These tiles are difficult to sell. A small bathroom can be apt for you to negotiate the prices potentially. You can even choose high-priced flooring.

Rolled Sheet Vinyl

Rolled Sheet Vinyl

Rolled sheet vinyl is a great option for the small bathroom. You can choose to save both your time and money. These tiles are available in a softer and warmer character for your room. These can add a comfortable feeling to the room, which other materials cannot.

It has been made easier with the latest technological advances to install rolled sheet vinyl. These are resistant to wear, tears and gouging. It also has a better range of design options. Now you can choose any vinyl that appears like stone, ceramics or hardwood. You can also have a good range of color options under this vinyl.

It is easy to install, which makes it ideal for DIY users. You must keep in your mind that vinyl needs no adhesive or glue. This vinyl can contract or expand over time. You must make sure and follow the recommendations of the manufacturers to leave space while installing. This will avoid wrinkles.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered Hardwood

If your hall has wood flooring and you wish to match the bathroom, this is a good choice. You can also apply a simple real wood in the small bathroom rather than having engineered hardwood.

Though it is a pricey option, any engineered hardwood has the quality of water resistance, better stability. It provides an aesthetic atmosphere to your bathroom, which creates an authentic wooden style. Other benefits include effortless cleaning and easy installation.

To prevent any damage from water, you must try to reduce the bathroom’s humidity. You must have proper ventilation. You must maintain the space free from water spillage. Last, you can keep the carpet in the front areas of the flooring to stop water spillages.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

This will have a common link to the other home areas; laminate flooring represents a classy and reasonable choice for any bathroom flooring. Keep in mind that it is currently not a waterproof choice to laminate. This can also be a water-resistant option.

It is a good resistant material to any dents or scratches. Laminate flooring has several neat perks, like a springy aura that will make your feet appreciate the bathroom floor.

Unlike any engineered hardwood, laminate flooring aims to imitate the wood’s style. It has an appreciating layer of wood surface with a wood chip in its base. It is required to maintain tight seams or regular cleaning for desirable flooring. The wood chip on its base will make it resistant to water. You can also replace this with the plank.

Overall, laminate flooring is easy to install. It is also the cheapest option if you want wood flooring to appear good and are not afraid to place new wooden planks.

Natural Stone Tile

Natural Stone Tile

Natural stones are pricy options among all the options. It gives a luxurious feel to your space. The value of this property is increased when natural stones are used for flooring. It is worth considering if you can spend enough money.

Some of these are frequently used, such as slate, granite, travertine, marble and limestone. They have several similar qualities, such as the conductivity of heat. Each of the stone tiles has certain specific traits which are worth highlighting.

Granite is the durable one. It doesn’t get worn or torn easily. Slate has a waterproof quality, and it is stain-resistant. Travertine can be easy to maintain. Limestone can be the most affordable tile. Marble tiles are a classic choice for their beautiful display, though soft and costly.

Ultimately, you must choose the appropriate stone for the bathroom. It will be more likely to choose a better aesthetic option such as a natural stone can create. Natural stones are pricier, require maintenance but aren’t DIY-friendly.

Natural stone can easily cause moisture damage, stains, and scratches, preventing with the proper sealant process. Therefore, regular maintenance of your stone tiles is required to keep the appearance intact. You must reseal it every year.

Cork Tile

Cork Tile

If you have been looking for any environment-friendly option for bathroom tiling, then cork is a perfect choice. It is often debated whether a cork tile is suitable for bathrooms. In fact, it is anti-moisture and resistant to the growth of any kind of mildew or mold.

It has additional benefits such as hypoallergenic, thermal properties, and soft texture that provides great comfort in comparison to other materials such as ceramic and natural stone, which has a cold texture.

It is advised to avoid excessive water spills or high humidity that can ruin any cork flooring. Click-in planks can be a better option to replace them easily. You can compare these to any glue-down cork tiles.

Overall, this is one of the excellent choices for environment-friendly decor. You can also mimic the same look like any wooden flooring with cork tile. This will provide a warm comfort to your feet.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is another environment-friendly option for your home decor. Though it is not a novel idea, it has been used since the mid-90s. Bamboo flooring has gained popularity with the high demand for eco-friendly products in the past few years.

With better durability, hardwood flooring becomes a rival to this option. Its aesthetics and alluring texture suit various bathroom designs. A bamboo flooring is an interesting choice. It is comparatively easy to install. You can also maintain it and keep it clean easily. It has a reasonable cost. Bamboo flooring can be a great choice if you want to save your precious time.

It would help if you acknowledged that the cheap bamboo flooring leads to quick tear and wear. Similarly, most of the time, bamboo floorings are not refinished. You can find other expensive variants in the local market with thick layers. These thick layers can let you refinish the flooring in the future.

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