Best Garage Door Locks of 2023

Owners must keep in mind certain safety rules while choosing a perfect lock for the garage door. It is easy for intruders to access the home through the garage doors. Some efficient devices can help you protect your home and the garage from theft or common burglars.

Here is a list of the best garage door locks. These options will provide you with all the top-quality locks available on the market. The following reviews will help you make a better selection.

The 12 Best Garage Door Locks of 2023

1. Prime-Line GD 52118 Inside Garage Door

2. Garage Doors TRTAZ11A Lock Cylinder

3. Genie GEN37374R Release Garage Door

4. RI-KEY Security Y ‎92259 Release Key Lock

5. ROP Shop Garage Door Side Locks

6. Prime-Line GD 52119 Tumbler Deadbolt Lock

7. Chamberlain G7702CB-P Quick Release Lock

8. NIDAYE Heavy-Duty Garage Door Lock

9. RI-KEY Security ‎92258 Garage Door Lock

10. National Hardware N280-784 V7651 Deadbolt Lock

11. Fehr Indus Hardware Garage Door Lock

12. Ideal Security BK7118BL Garage Door Lock

1. Prime-Line GD 52118 Inside Garage Door

This particular type of lock is a great choice. A prime-line GD 52118 Inside the garage door is made of solid metal, making it everybody’s favorite. It is a deadlock. There are many plus points about this garage door lock. You can easily add this to your garage lock to improve garage security.

It is made of heavy-duty and galvanized steel, which adds to its durable characteristic. This type of lock is an excellent choice if you are searching for a long-lasting deadlock for the door. These locks can be set up easily on your garage doors.

The installation of this lock is effortless. You can also set this lock from inside the door of your garage. This idea is excellent to keep away strangers with ill motifs from causing any trouble. The design of this lock model is user-friendly and very effective for maintaining the strict security of your home garage. You can relax comfortably after applying this lock to the door.

This product offers versatility and long-lasting finishing. It is a product of Prime-Line. Prime-line products do not provide problematic gadgets for garage doors. The prices of the locks for garage doors are not much high if you buy from this brand. Primeline has many less expensive models for door locks.

You can notice these simple mistakes offered by customers. You can advise them with this quick fix. Customers must not buy in haste which can lead to many errors on their part. In today’s market, you have to be aware of all the possible mistakes to avoid.

However, if you think you will follow the instructions for installing the package, you might fall on a difficult path. The instructions were not as beneficial as they were supposed to be. Prime-line needs to provide more information regarding the instruction. A customer without basic knowledge might face installation difficulties.


The gadgets are made durable with steel-galvanized crafting.

These locks are workable from inside the garage doors, which prevents strangers from breaking in.

The usability of the device is simple for quick security purposes.

This type of lock is an easy option.

The cost is lower than other options.


The directions given for installation are not clear.

Hence, this is an excellent option to choose from the lot. The expectation of the customers will be met appropriately. However, the directions on the package regarding installations can be a bit tricky. The overall device will be worth the purchase.

2. Garage Doors TRTAZ11A Lock Cylinder

If your garage’s t-handle lock is broken, you can easily replace it with Garage Doors’ TRTAZ11A Lock Cylinder & T Handle Kit. The kit provides all the hardware implements you require to remove the broken lock and install the new lock on your garage door. This can make your work simpler.

You do not need to struggle with this lock system. You need just ten minutes to replace the old broken lock. Even a user who struggles with installing gadgets can easily do the work without any issues. This type of door lock adds proper security to your home garage.

This door lock is entirely made of aluminum. All its components are well-crafted. This garage lock can nicely fit into your garage door without much hustle. The comfortable fit of this model can turn out to be impressive for the customers. You cannot bypass the setup once it is made. Moreover, this model can make you feel relaxed if you have a metal door in the garage.

The material of this lock is much more durable. It will last longer than other materials. A customer reviews that once you apply this door lock, you can relax peacefully for many years due to the guaranteed security that it will provide.

You will be given two separate keys for this lock. It is impressive to note all the detailed designs, which makes this lock better for daily usage.

However, there was a small matter of concern regarding this lock. They missed the accurate size of the hole, which could not fit in the pin of the inner handle. Hence, the hole had to be drilled. This made the hole bigger, making room for the thicker pin. In this way, I could easily cure the fix for the inner handle.


Including all the hardware, this is an ideal choice to replace the at-handled lock.

Short installation timing of ten minutes and a simple installation.

The aluminum material makes it durable and well-crafted.

This lock has a long-lasting and durable capability.

It provides two reliable and durable keys.


The pin of the inner handle is comparatively thicker than the hole provided.

This brand provides an excellent kit for your garage door, which offers extra implements to fix the previously broken door locks and replace the same with a new ones. It can fit seamlessly into metal doors as well. The kit has everything in it, and the overall performance of the door lock is promising.

3. Genie GEN37374R Release Garage Door

Garage door locks

If you search for a more versatile garage door lock, then the Genie GEN37374R Universal Emergency Release Garage Door Kit is an excellent choice. This kit has been designed nicely, making it fit all kinds of garage doors. You can use this kit without much trouble on your own.

The instructions on this package have a clear direction for the installation. Genie has made it clear that this kit works well with the major brand of garage doors. You can easily install this garage door kit on your own. The instructions on the packaging are clear and pristine.

This product has many positive aspects to consider. You can open the automatic door during a power cut by using this product. During any emergency sit, you can easily access this door from the outside. This garage door lock can also allow manual control.

This lock of the garage door is made of diecast brushed with a chrome finish. This makes the construction quite attractive. Once you start unpacking the kit, you will realize that it is a long-lasting kit for your garage lock. You can relax after installing this garage kit. You can access your garage door with this kit even during any emergency.

Moreover, it is interesting to know that this kit proves a warranty of one year which clearly shows the long-lasting benefit. Even if you face difficulty in handling things, this particular gadget is almost unbreakable.

You may find the cable of 3 feet length shorter than to apply while installing. The cable can be shorter for several customers. Moreover, if it fits your setup well, then you do not need to worry. You can measure the setup positions before purchasing this garage lock kit.


This kit is compatible with most door openers in the garage.

The direction of installation is simple.

You can access your garage manually during a power cut.

It is constructed with diecast and a brush of chrome finishing.

It comes along with a one-year warranty.


The length of the cable might not fit the setup of your garage lock system.

This product is a suitable choice for customers because it fits well in their garage door. The product promises a long-lasting and durable finish. However, some customers had to face issues with the length of the cable provided.

4. RI-KEY Security Y ‎92259 Release Key Lock

Our next option is RI-KEY SECURITY’s 92259 Universal Emergency Release Key Lock, suitable for any garage door with an automatic mechanism. It is a solid garage door lock. You can use this device easily during a power outage. You can also use this lock if you misplace the garage lock opener.

This model works with all kinds of doors and openers. The design is universal. This particular device can easily become the safest system to use during emergencies. According to a customer, if you misplace the garage door opener during heavy stormy weather, you can use the manual mechanism to open the garage door.

Next, the installation is also very smooth. This garage lock model provides every necessary item you require to set the device. All kinds of hardware implements and directions for installation are appropriate and user-friendly. This brand has impressed customers with detailed instructions on the setup procedure.

Customers generally review the durability and reliability of the design of this product. The performance of this product is admirable and excellent.

The keys are made of solid materials which can hold up to daily usage. It comes with two solid keys which can be used regularly.

Some customers had faced issues with the shipping of this product. The customers complained mainly regarding the late delivery of the product. However, this late delivery did not become an issue for me. This garage door lock kit arrived just in time.


You can manually control the garage door without an opener.

The design of this garage lock is considered universal for all openers and doors.

The readable instructions are useful, and it comes along with hardware implemented for installation.

The product is durable and reliable for long-term usage.

They provide keys that are solid and durable.


Late shipping.

The product is worth the purchase. Some customers have faced issues with shipping. Moreover, the customers are happy with the product and the functionality of the garage door lock. The pros of purchasing this product outweigh the cons.

5. ROP Shop Garage Door Side Locks

It is one of the budget-friendly options for garage door locks. ROP Shop’s Garage Door Side Locks provide impressive lock features at a lower price. It has a 2-pack option. You must not assume its components based on the price.

This device is constructed with robust material. It is a side door lock. Once I attempted to open my garage door manually as I forgot about the presence of this door lock. This has caused the door to become off track. Hence, the strong endurance of the lock has been proved.

This garage door lock also has a unique and versatile design. You can use this type of garage door locks easily for door tracks between two and three inches. You can utilize this type of door lock for various applications. You can place this device on your garage door to provide extra security.

The door locks of this brand have a good finish that might appear a bit attractive to the eyes of garage users. If you are keen on your garage décor, you can purchase this product to uplift the garage environment to a good extent.

This product provides a one–year warranty for the buyers. These warranty policies are always handy for the customers in case of any accidental damage issue.

The customers must be aware that these garage lock kits do not install hardware like screws. You have to rely on the implements you already have for ROP locks like these. Customers must consider this point before purchasing this garage lock.


The product has a moderately priced 2-pack option.

The material is a robust, strong metal.

It fits tracks between two and three inches.

The product has a good blendable finish.

The product has a one-year warranty for protection.


This product does not come with installation hardware items like screws.

The product helps replace the old broken side lock of your garage door. However, the door lock does not come with hardware parts. Hence, you might have to use the previous parts while installing.

6. Prime-Line GD 52119 Tumbler Deadbolt Lock

Prime-Line’s GD 52119 Center Mount 5-Pin Tumbler Deadbolt Lock is an overhead door with a decent look. The center mount construction of the deadbolt mechanism adds security to the garage lock. This is a strong system for keeping away strangers from entering your garage door.

It is one of the most stable models for an overhead garage door. The lock has a single-cylinder bolt that arranges the track of the garage door. The door remains closed and can be opened securely with this door lock system.

The lock is made up of a metal diecast which makes it strong and durable. The garage owners are happy to have this kind of door lock for their durable property.

Customers can face difficulty while fitting pins. For this reason, this product has a five-pin tumbler to put an end to picking attempts. A friend of mine has experienced failure while picking locks.

This door lock product has a set of keys with it. These keys have an aluminum finish with the platting of nickel and brass. The keys are easy to use and user-friendly.

You might have to use a little oil or a lubricant for the door locks to make the usage more smooth. Customers reviewed a little issue with the opening and the closing mechanism to be a bit rough.


The deadbolt and center mounting mechanism are suitable for the overhead door of the garage.

The lock has a secure single-cylinder bolt which is reliable.

The diecast solid metal finish.

It comes with a set of five-pin tumblers to prevent picking lock

The keys have a good aluminum and nickel brass finish


The mechanism of the lock might appear rough.

It is a reliable deadbolt garage door lock that needs a little bit of oiling for the smooth working of the machine. It can make your life much easier.

7. Chamberlain G7702CB-P Quick Release Lock

G7702CB-P Quick Release Lock by Chamberlain is a good option for many reasons. It is an excellent choice because it can be applied to any type of garage door.

You can install these door locks for any garage door, such as a metal or wood material door. You can also install this door lock on a vault-style door that has no entrance door. These types of locks also enable manual control of the opener when needed. It will be a good practical choice for a wide variety of garage doors.

The installation is also easy, and the gadget contains additional hardware tools required. This kit comes along with a faceplate made of aluminum to prevent weathering. Moreover, this adds more protection to the regular exposure to rusting and corrosion.

The product includes two keys which are nicely crafted. These garage door locks don’t have any suspect keys. Chamberlin has taken time with the keys. You can also replace these keys if you want. I think it’s not necessary.

The garage lock system can be manually controlled during an emergency, giving the customers a good perspective on this product. With this manual option, customers feel less helpless at times.

The package includes a cable of six feet in length which is a positive aspect of this purchase. For some people, the cable can also be a bit extra than usual. Some customers can find it unnecessary and unappealing. You can always cut down the extra part to manage the final setup.


The manual control is easy for the users to control

It is apt for installation in a vault-style door made of metal or wood

Included hardware and an aluminum faceplate, which is weather resistant.

The keys are well crafted.

It has a good precaution if the automatic machine fails.


The six feet long cable is unnecessary.

The six feet cable can be a problem for my use, but the accessibility of the garage lock is great system support.

8. NIDAYE Heavy-Duty Garage Door Lock

NIDAYE’s Heavy-Duty Inside Deadlock Garage Door Lock is an affordable option among all these options. This garage door lock provides good protection for the garage. But it is comparable to a bulldog garage door lock.

The device is made up of a heavy galvanized metal. The constructed material protects the whole device. You can keep valuable items in your garage and lock the door. This product provides a good strengthened lock for the garage.

The product has anti-rust properties, and it can retain its luster for a long-time. Customers reviewed that they relax comfortably without worrying if this product is installed in their garage doors. They trust the durability and the strong protection provided by this product.

The customers are happy to know that the mechanism and the control system are located inside the garage doors for this lock system. This idea keeps intruders away from messing with your garage facilities. The control mechanism inside improves safety.

The installation of this model of garage lock takes short time to complete. Customers are impressed by the smooth and quick fit of the lock mechanism.

However, some customers found some of the screws they provided to be smaller than the size could fit. This is a bit issue that can concern the buyers.


The cost is less

It is constructed with a good galvanized and heavy metal.

The finishing is anti-rust and durable.

The controlling mechanism is inside to avoid external disturbances

The installation is easy for most doors.


The provided screws were smaller than needed.

The garage can become safe for any valuable item inside it. This product can relax with valuable items in the garage because of the inside and robust control mechanism. One can also leave home without much worry with this lock installed.

9. RI-KEY Security ‎92258 Garage Door Lock

RI-KEY Security’s ‎92258 Universal Garage Door Lock Kit is a well-known garage lock kit. The kit is renowned for the instructions and the hardware it accompanies it.

The customers receive additional items such as an inside release handle, striker places, spring latches, screws, fasteners, two-three inches and a seven-inch cable, and an excellent detailed guide. All these items are made with high-quality materials to provide better protection to your garage door.

This works based on manual controlling keys. It has an easy to control manually controlling mechanism. This item comes with two key sets for the user’s convenience. These kinds of locks are fit for manual garages.

This garage lock is suitable for users looking for a manual lock system for their garage door with an overhead mechanism. The safety is impressive. The device provides an overall flexible function.

These garage locks are high-quality material that offers solid coverage to keep the garage from intruder invasion. The customer reviewed that it was impossible for them despite trying to break into the garage door with this lock. It is an excellent option to install one of these garage locks in your old garage doors.

These locks are mainly on the expensive side. They provide good protection for the garage. Customers can compare the overall performance of the gadget with the cost of the device.


The installation process is smooth. The kit is equipped with high-quality hardware and instruction.

It is easy to control the lock mechanism.

It has two keys for the user’s help.

It is fit for any garage with an overhead door with openers manually controlled.

The material is of high-quality metal


It is an expensive choice.

The customers may feel obstructed due to its high expense. At the same time, a customer willing to get this high-end protection for their garage can make this purchase without any second thought.

10. National Hardware N280-784 V7651 Deadbolt Lock

National Hardware’s N280-784 V7651 Deadbolt Lock has a nice design with a cylindrical lock on the door’s outside and a thumb turn with a handle on the inside of the door. This device provides a safe design for all the valuables in your garage.

 The keys and the handles are easy to operate. You will have an external locking system in a cylinder form and an internal handle system to operate the garage door from the inside. The locking and unlocking process are easy to work with. Customers are pleased with the smooth operating system.

The handle of the interior lock has a smooth, comfortable design for any user to use. The design of the finished product is user-friendly and easy to operate for any user. Other models with similar mechanisms might cause uncomfortable usage.

These garage locks are made of strong metal and a chrome finish. The features of this device make the customer want to install it for their garage doors without any regret. You can also try DIY techniques while installing this door lock for your garage. My previous experiences with the lock installation were ugly.

Moreover, you can freely use this lock for your wooden garage door. These garage locks have versatile options useful for many customers.

Some customers report the product is damaged as well as the packaging. My experience was not similar as I received my product in perfect condition. However, one should count on these points before purchasing.


An exterior locking system with a cylinder provides practical and secure usage.

The interior handle is comfortable for a thumb grip

The process of unlocking and locking is easy

The device is made of metal and has a chrome finish.

The garage doors are made, of metal or wood and can easily support these locks.


Packaging issues (slight damage to the product)

I would suggest the packaging issue was an accident. Otherwise, the product is worth buying. A small number of customers faced the packaging issue. You can confidently order this product.

11. Fehr Indus Hardware Garage Door Lock

A Fehr’s Indus Hardware Garage Door L-Handle Slide Lock offers great performance as a lock for a garage door. This lock provides secure and strong protection for the garage door.

After reading some reports by fellow customers, I have gained more confidence in my garage being locked with this product. Now I can carefreely spend my time by keeping my garage door locked and secure. This product promises reliability and strength.

This lock provides easy control and smooth installation. You can easily use the manual mode of the garage lock during an emergency. This garage door lock has made me even happier by meeting my expectations.

The manual process involves twisting the key, pulling the cylinder, and disconnecting the manual mode of the opener. The process is stress-free and can be helpful during power cuts or other emergencies.

The product comes with a convenient bag full of hardware to help fit the mechanism to your garage door. The bag helps in carrying the implements much more smoother.

The directions for installation were missing. Some people can face difficulty while installing without a direction manual. I had some problems while installing it despite installing several garage door locks before.


Strong, reliable material

It is suitable for right-handed users.

The manual operations are easy

The hardware bag is very useful


Absence of installation directions

It is a good replacement for a slide lock with an L-handle. I have made my garage door lock secure and easy to use by installing this mechanism lock.

12. Ideal Security BK7118BL Garage Door Lock

This is the final option among all the best locks. An Ideal Security’s BK7118BL Garage Door Side Lock provides a fine attractive design that often catches the customers’ eye. It has a sleek appearance with a black finish meshwork on the garage door. The design provides a bit of flair to the overall look. It does not cause any issue with my garage door as such.

When choosing a garage lock, the style may not be a great factor. But if a stylish garage lock is available in the market, then you can quickly think of purchasing it. This garage lock does not look appealing, but it also provides great performance and protection to a garage. This door lock system comprises a solid metal with durable anti-rust steel, which ensures its long-term characteristics. Customers using this garage lock have found an excellent anti-weathering property of this quality.

The versatile property of this door lock can impress customers. On the other hand, the design can turn them down. You can apply the working system on the left or right side of the garage door. The installation is trouble-free. The product is convenient and user-friendly.

The installation process is easy and quick. The process was so easy to install when I first purchased this lock for my garage door. Any new customer can easily install this garage lock without any delay or trouble.

The slide bolt has a spring-load system which can ensure a better security policy for the user. This lock system prevents the door from sliding on its own or closing by chance. Therefore, this simple detailing can impress a customer who wants a hassle-free garage door lock.

This product has hardly any flaws to note. It entered a rarified air. It has good functionality and easy installation for any garage door.


Stylish, sleek design with a black finish

Anti-rust, durable steel body

It can be set up on the left or the right of the garage door

Quick and effortless setup

It has a secure slide bolt with a spring-load


No bad remark.

It is an excellent product with no flaws, in my view. The product is simple and easy and customer-friendly. Anyone can install this product without any trouble or time-consuming hard work. This product promises a secure garage.


Our reviews and suggestions must have enriched your knowledge about the available garage door locks. This will help you choose a better lock for your garage doors.

Even after reading this, if you have any queries you can easily write the questions in the comment box below. I hope this article has helped you!

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