Best Grout Sealers for The Shower – Definitive Guide

Grout sealers are undoubtedly important and it is equally important to know a few things about this grout sealer before you buy it. It is always good to buy the best in the market and this article will guide you on everything you need to know about grout sealers and about buying the right kind too.

What is a Grout Sealer?

Grout is, as mentioned, very important, but it should also be protected against mold and mildew. To do this, we need what we call a grout sealer. The sealer is effective as a block and prevents moisture.

If moisture is not prevented, it can lead to ugly stains. Grout sealer helps to keep your grout looking as good as new for a long time. It is also a great help in cleaning your shower. Though grout sealers are always recommended for new tiles that have been laid, the good news is that grout sealers can be used even with old tiles.

This should be done only after the grout has been cleaned completely and is absolutely dry. The life of these grout sealers is a couple of years and so, it needs to be checked every year in order to make sure that it performs to the best of its ability.    

Fators You Need to Consider Before Buying

Advantages of Grout Sealer

Protects against stains

Grout sealer acts as a block between the grout and anything that can stain the grout. Grout is made from cement, sand, and water. Since it is made with these substances, it is not solid enough to not be affected if something spills on it. It is porous and can get stained easily.

Grout in the bathroom will easily get stained by the hair dye, shampoo gel, or even dirt that falls on the grout. However, if there is a protective layer of grout sealer over the grout, then these things cannot affect the grout in any way. 

Protects against discoloration

Apart from the various things that can stain the grout, age can also cause a lot of changes in the appearance of the grout. If it is used over a long period of time, the discoloration can set in and the grout may start looking old. The reasons for this are many things coming together.

It is very likely that your bathroom has mineral deposits coming from hard water. Even things like bathroom cleaners can discolor the grout.  However, if there is a grout sealer, it forms an effective barrier and protects the grout from damage. This leads to the fact that it is very easy to clean a bathroom that is protected like this.

Prevents mold and mildew

The mold and mildew that are formed so easily on grout are due to a combination of moisture and bacteria and the grout sealer stops this from happening. It is needless to say that the moisture in the bathrooms finds a way into the grout as the grout has small gaps in it.

When moisture creeps in like this, it forms the best atmosphere for mold and mildew to thrive. Apart from looking unclean and unhygienic, this can also lead to health issues as this can lead to mold spores that can fly around in the air and can be taken in through breath by you or your family

Prolong the lifespan of the grout

As mentioned before, once the grout sealer is applied, it should be checked every couple of years to make sure that the grout is completely protected. If this is done meticulously, then you can rest assured that your grout will be protected very well for a long time and will continue looking great also.

If your grout is not protected by a grout sealer, then because of such developments, the grout can get affected by mold and mildew and this may lead to the grout disintegrating which will, in turn, lead to gaps in the grout that will look really bad. Grout sealer will, however, prevent all this from happening and will also be instrumental in preventing the grout from being replaced.

What to look for in your grout sealer

Application type

This is the first thing that you need to decide on in the process of deciding on the grout sealer. There are many ways of applying the grout sealer and you should check them out to see which you will be comfortable with.

You have types that are available in spray bottles. These grout sealers have to be spread using cloth. There are others which you will have to pour into a pot. This has to be applied with a paintbrush.

It is not uncommon for people to use an old toothbrush to apply these grout sealers. This helps the grout sealer to cover the area completely and it also ensures that there is no grout sealer on other areas of the tile which do not need grout sealer.

The following are some of the most commonly used types of applications that you can choose from:

  • Brush
  • Spray
  • Paint pad

Toxic Vs Non toxic

There are two types of grout sealers. Some are water-based and some are not. The ones that are water-based have almost no smell at all. The other types which are made of harmful chemicals may give out fumes that are not at all pleasing.

There are people who are allergic to these smells and may not be able to handle this. If you are such a person or if you are particular about avoiding chemicals in your house you should go in for a sealer that has nothing toxic in it.

Surface compatibility

It may really be a good idea to seal the tiles also along with sealing the grout. If you want to do this, then you should go in for a grout sealer that is consistent with tiles also. There are grout sealers that are perfectly fine to be used on granite, marble, slate, and ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Impregnator or coating

There are some more types of grout sealer that can be classified as impregnator and coating. There is a big difference between the two. Impregnator sealers are the type that will get in to the grout and be soaked up by the grout.

This way, they manage to permeate and pack up even small gaps in the grout and thus stop moisture from going in. However, coating sealers do not get into the gaps. They just create a layer on the top.

So, though their way of functioning is very different, they both work towards the same effect. Out of the two, impregnator sealers are way better because they fill in small gaps and this makes them more effective in stopping mold and mildew.

Product reviews

It is very natural to want the best sealer for your house and the best guide will be a good review of the different types available. Given below is just the right kind of guide that will help you decide on the type of grout sealer you will need.

Miracle sealants 511 PT SG Impregnator sealer

This grout sealer is the kind that goes into the grout and fills in small gaps. It is completely soaked up by the grout and hence, does not allow any bit of moisture into the grout. The color of this sealer is also neutral and it will not turn yellow as the years go by.

Because of the neutral color, the preventive barrier that is formed by the sealer is not visible at all to the eye. This sealer effectively keeps out oil and water also. You can use this over 500 square feet and this comes with a warranty of 20 years.

This can also work equally effectively over ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glazed tile, stucco, travertine, marble, slate, granite, terrazzo. If you use this, you do not have to worry about it being slippery as it is not at all slippery.

So, it can safely be used for tiles underfoot also. Another advantage with this is that you can apply it with a brush, pad, or cloth. The effect will be amazing and it can be entirely cured in just 72 hours.

Those who have used this grout sealer vouch for its effectiveness. There are people who assert that this is easily the best grout sealer available. The people who use it say that applying the sealer is very convenient and there was hardly any cleaning to do after applying the sealer.

They also say that the sealer does not harm or affect the things nearby such as marble and also swear that it gives great effects. Some people also say that the sealer is rather powerful and the smell that it gives is difficult to handle.

Since this sealer is made of strong chemicals, the skin and eyes can be harmed. To prevent this from happening, you must wear protective gear when you work with this sealer.


  • Easy application
  • Lasts well
  • Dries quickly
  • Value for money


  • Strong smell and fumes

Grout and granite penetrating sealer from the floor guys

This sealer is water-based and it goes deep inside the grout and protects it against moisture and getting stained. Application of this sealer is very easy and can be done even with a paintbrush.

The other advantage is that it can be used on sanded or unsanded grout. All you have to do is just apply the formula on the grout and just leave it on for a few minutes. Once it is soaked in completely, then you can wipe off any sealer that is left.

The additional advantage is that this will enhance the life of the grout and affords a lot of safety to the grout and also to natural stone. This is produced by a family in the USA and they assert that this product comes with no attached smell.

Those who use this product are extremely satisfied with it as it has their grout looking like it is brand new. It also prevents any damage due to other things that spill on it. The verdict of many users is that it is easily the best of all the sealers available today.

They are people who have used other sealers before and in comparison, they feel that this sealer was very easy to apply and the cleaning after the application is also very simple. However, there is one disadvantage also that was reported.

Some users reported that they had to apply three coats before they got the protection they wanted. So, this is an alert for people who have surfaces that are porous. It is not recommended for porous surfaces.


  • Easy application
  • Easy cleanup
  • Dries quickly
  • No odor
  • Made in the USA


  • May need several coats

16 oz AQUA-X grout sealer, clear grout sealer, commercial-grade

The application of this grout sealer is also very easy as it is available in a spray bottle that makes it very easy to spray on the required area. After it is sprayed on the area of the grout and tiles, you have to ensure that it reaches all the necessary areas.

To do this, the sealer can be smeared all over using a lint-free cloth. This grout sealer covers the grout completely and thus, even if there are stains, you do not have to worry as they can be removed so effortlessly.

One big worry about applying grout sealer on your own is the kind of chemicals you will be handling and the harm they can cause you. However, with this grout sealer, you do not have to think of all that as it has no smell at all and does not contain any chemicals that will harm you.

Another useful thing about this sealer is that when you apply it, it shows up as a milky white substance. This helps you understand the complete area that it has covered. But, it does not remain the same color for long. After it dries, it is not visible at all.

People who have used this grout sealer talk about its amazing performance. They also observed the ease with which you can apply it, how fast it dries and how it completely protects the grout from ugly stains. Once this has been applied, there is no way for the water to reach the grout.

Hence, water collects as drops on the surface itself. The grout sealer looks great even after being used for a long time. The other advantage noted by users is that the grout did not have any offensive smell compared to some other sealers which smell so much that it is difficult to even use them.

The users also noted some downsides of this sealer. Some complain that they were disappointed with the time taken by the sealer to dry. They opined that it will be much better if it dried quicker.

However, this problem occurs when the sealer is used on the floor of a shower. Because of the high moisture content, it is highly likely to remain pasty and may stick too. There are others who reported that it was difficult to clean the place after using the sealer and also said that if the sealer stuck to the tiles around the area that it is applied in, then, removing it was a hard task.

After using this, the advice that the users give is to make sure to wear a pair of gloves when using it so that there is no direct contact between the skin and the product. This is because if there is contact, you could experience a burning sensation in the skin.


  • Can be sprayed easily
  • Very little smell
  • Very durable


  • Not so easy to clean
  • Could be sticky for sometime

Black diamond stoneworks ultimate grout sealer

This is available in a convenient bottle with a flip-top lid and a tiny spout. In order to spread the sealer, you just have to squeeze the bottle and as you do this, direct the spout along the lines where the grout is.

After this, just let the sealer remain as it is for about 3 minutes. This time is for the sealer to go deep into the grout. After 3 minutes, you can wipe off any surplus sealer that is seen on the grout and tiles.

This is a very effective sealer and can fight against moisture very well. This ensures that there are no stains, mold, or mildew in the grout. The other advantage is that you can use this sealer with all kinds of grout.

The experience of using this sealer differs among different users. Some people swear by its performance and say that they did not have any problems in applying it. They are also very happy with the cleaning procedure which they feel is very easy and they are very pleased with the performance of the sealer.

However, there are some people who observed that they needed to apply many layers of the sealer before it started working effectively. However, even these people are happy with the performance in general.

There are some people who made a very different observation. They were disgruntled with the fact that when they applied the sealer, their grout became completely white. The sealer turned even black grout to white and this was very annoying especially as these colored grouts are rather expensive.

Some others felt that the sealer was not at all durable and within a few months, the protection offered by the grout was gone completely and so the grout was becoming stained or discolored.


  • Easy to apply
  • Cleaning is easy


  • The finish is chalky
  • Can discolour the grout
  • Not durable

Stonetech heavy-duty grout sealer

This is really advantageous as it can be applied over natural stone tiles also. Application is rather easy and all you need to apply it is a paintbrush or a cloth that is free of lint. This is a sealer that will require more than one coat.

You may need to apply it twice or thrice. As you are applying it, you will notice that the sealer is not getting into the grout and is collecting on the surface itself. When you reach this stage, it means that there is no need for further coats of the sealer. It is expected to keep the grout clean without stains, mold, and mildew.

Various kinds of feedback have been received for this sealer. Some people feel that it acts as an efficient sealer after applying a few coats. However, some feel that even after multiple coats, the sealer was not effective in covering the grout completely.

There are others who saw no protection at all to the grout even after multiple applications and said that even after all this effort, moisture was still getting to the grout as it was before applying the sealer.


  • very easy to apply
  • results in an effective barrier


At times does not help to keep moisture away

Seal it green Xtreme impregnating grout sealer

The specialty of this sealer is that it is completely environment friendly and so, people who are concerned about the environment will definitely be impressed by this sealer. As it is eco-friendly, it is not made of unpleasant chemicals or VOCs which ensures the absence of harmful odors and fumes.

It is actually made of plant-based surfactants. It has multiple uses and can be used on grout, natural stone tiles and can be used both inside and outside the house. Since it is not colored, using it will not affect the color of your grout or tiles. It is also UV transparent. The application of this sealer is also very simple as it comes in a handy spray bottle. Using a cloth to apply it in the necessary areas will help smooth and even application.

The feedback for this sealer has been amazing and people who used it have been very happy with it. They feel that the biggest advantage of this sealer is that it has no smell at all and also does not contain VOCs.

The absence of smell is one of the things that make the application so simple and in fact an enjoyable experience. This is mainly because people using it were so sure that they were not exposing themselves or their families to any harmful chemicals by using this sealer. They feel that it is extremely easy to apply and after application, the surplus can be so easily wiped off without any hassles.

There were instances when some people needed two coats and some needed three coats to achieve efficiency. There have been sporadic reports that it is not very effective at preventing mold and mildew but was only successful in slowing down their growth. However, there are people who felt that this is a very durable sealer and was also very happy with how effective it was.

One other important thing to be noted about this sealer is that the container that it comes in is not very big. Some people felt that they did not get their money’s worth as the quantity of the sealer was less. Others, however, feel that it is worth the money they pay for it as it helps to protect the environment by excluding any harmful chemicals in it.


  • easy to apply
  • easy to clean after application
  • no harmful chemicals
  • plant and water based
  • no smell


  • is more costly

Final Words

Everyone who uses a grout sealer wants the best one and the best of the lot is the Grout and Granite Penetrating Sealer from The Floor Guys. This USA-made product has absolutely no smell, is very easy to apply and clean, and is very effective in protecting the grout.

If you don’t mind using chemicals, then the Miracle Sealants 511 PT SG Impregnator Sealer is the ideal choice for you. It is very effective and is very dependable when it comes to stopping moisture and stains from ruining your grout.

It remains effective for as long as two years. However, if you would really love to go green and avoid chemicals, the Seal It Green Xtreme Impregnating Grout Sealer is the best option to go for.

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