What is the Best Time to Buy Carpet?

Are you thinking about adding a new carpet to your home space? Don’t know which is the best time to buy carpet? Then you have caught the right article. A carpet can add a warm, comforting feel to the home space. It can also enhance the value of the property.

Nowadays, carpets are popular in every household. However, carpets can be an expensive item in the house. You can also opt for less expensive carpets. You may be wondering what might be the best time to buy some carpets for your home. You can carry on with this article to find interesting details about carpets.

Best Time to Buy New Carpet

best time to buy carpets

A new carpet can cost homeowners a significant amount. The website name home advisor says that an average homeowner spends a minimum of eight hundred dollars for new adding a new carpet in their room space.

Installing new wood flooring can be more expensive. According to the exact website, it can rise up to two thousand and five hundred dollars. It is essential to decide the time when you can buy the carpet.

Deciding the time to buy your carpet can make the purchase much worth it. You can also make savings while buying it. Buyers know that 3 times is suitable for buying new carpets. You can also watch for the appropriate time for buying the carpets.

First, it is the time of the holidays. You can buy carpets a few weeks prior to Christmas week and also after a new year week. These two times are great for buying new home accessories such as carpets.

This is the time when the homes are decked up to welcome their guests and family members. The retailers know the timing. They add new designs and items, keeping the holiday season in mind. You will get carpets in variety during this time of the year.

Some retailers also add new deals on carpets and other home decors during the holidays. You must look for new carpets during the first week of December onwards. You will find great choices for carpets to add to your space before Christmas arrives.

You can also wait for a few months if you want to buy carpets on bigger deals. You can wait till the springs for bigger deals. Spring will bring more opportunities for you to invest in a new carpet.

Did You know Spring is the Ideal Time to Buy for New Carpets?

Firstly, this time of the year has all the major producers of carpet bring out their brand new additions and arrivals. The international surface even is one of the largest trade shows for floor coverings.

This event takes place in las vegas every year during the early spring month of February. All the brand new carpet additions are displayed on the line during this event. You will be able to see all the brand new collections of the seasons.

You will also find retailers selling off the old models at lesser prices. By the time spring came in, there was a great chance that these carpets could be put up on sale. However, the discounts on the new carpets maybe not be much for your budget.

You can also look for the new carpet deals during the late spring when the schools are over. This stretch will begin from mid-may till June first week. This particular time is famous for fathers day special items.

The retailers stock new carpets from the manufacturers. Fall and summer also denote opportunities for discounts on carpets and other deals. Retailers can be slow during the summer break.

Hence, during the summer break, people are interested in doing outdoors rather than shopping for their interior. Due to this reason, the carpets can be available at lower prices in the retailers during the summer.

When the falls arrive, it is the busiest time for the retailers. The customers show interest in buying new interior products for their home to create a warm cozy atmosphere in their home.

People will look for indoor products for the holiday season during the holiday’s friends and family visit. The October season marks a great time for manufacturers to roll in new arrivals. This is the perfect time for rebates, coupons, and discounts on-spot for the customers offered by the store’s home department that sells carpets.

You can easily take this chance to buy a carpet with interesting deals during this time. Hence, the time of the falls, summer, and the holiday seasons can be the ideal time for you to buy impressive carpets.

Worst Times to Buy New Carpet

It is also important for you to note some essential factors regarding carpets. You must know what not to buy. There will be many carpets in the shops, but you have to choose the ones that will be suitable for you.

There are times when you can avoid buying carpets. You can avoid buying carpets during the tax season and April and February. This time of the year is apt for tax refunds. The customers generally have extra money for shopping.

The retailers are well aware of the financial situation of their customers, which has been the ultimate reason for the new deals during this time. However, the prices are comparatively much high than the other times.

When you visit the retailers during the winter, it is not the busiest time. When the holidays seasons are over, these retailers are comparatively empty. Moreover, new additions and arrivals of carpet lines will be rolled in the retailers in the next few months.

January can be a month when some customers try to add new things to their homes. Still, it is not an ideal time for buying carpets. Even January is not an ideal time for the customers. It is better to wait before trying to look for carpets during this time. You can wait for some time for the carpet price to become low.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Carpet

I hope you have gained the right knowledge about the perfect time to buy this carpet. There are other factors you must observe before buying a new carpet.

Firstly, you must consider the type of carpets you are buying. You can buy a soft plushy soft and thick carpet for your home. But this might add footprints and vacuum tracks to the floor carpet.

So you should avoid these carpets in the busy office rooms. You can also choose a flat and intense carpet like a Berber carpet which is appropriate for the long-term durable quality, which can become difficult for the pet dogs in the house.

Rough claws can damage the soft fiber of this carpet. If you are looking for a different variety, then you can also try a level cut loop carpet. These carpets remain upright all the time, unlike the other ones. These carpets form a unique pattern.

You have the options like a frieze carpet where the fibers are twisted, which can capture dirt very easily. The twisted fibers can also add a soothing feeling to the feet.

You must also count on the density of the carpet fiber. The more near the carpet fibers are, the better the carpet will feel. Denser carpets remain upright for a longer time.

There are three types of fiber you can choose for your carpet. A woolly, soft, and environment-friendly material is a durable choice. These carpets can be costlier than the other types. Wool fiber carpets are more expensive among the lot.

Nylon is another type of carpet that is available in various hues. Nylon has more long-term benefits than woolly fiber. Nylon is also much more affordable than wool. Nylon fiber can be prone to stain.

Hence, if you want to use a different material, then you can choose a polyester fiber for the carpet. Polyester is cheaper than the other materials. However, polyester is not as durable as the other materials.

You can also consider stain-resistant material for the carpet. Durability can be the main issue for carpets. You must choose a carpet from which you can remove the stain or spills easily. You can spoil a beautiful carpet in your home with random spill marks or stains.

For this reason, it is advised for your benefit to check the material before buying a carpet. Some fibers are naturally stain-resistant because they do not absorb liquids. Some carpets also have a built-in stain treatment property.

You must also check the structure of the carpet. The padding of the carpet can be essential to check on. If the carpet padding is solid and strong, then the durability of the carpet is appropriate. A strong carpet pad can make the carpet feel softer and thicker. Firm padding of the carpet is ideal for a high footing area to avoid flattening the carpet.

At last, you can look for the colorful vibes that a carpet can give. Again, a light-shaded carpet can make the room feel bigger. At the same time, a bigger room can be made smaller if you add a darker shade of the carpet. Dark color carpets can become cozier for a larger room.


You can add a new carpet to your home to make it feel more inviting. Carpet flooring is much less pricy than wooden flooring. Moreover, if you carefully watch the time in the calendar before buying the carpet, it will save you money.

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