Blackout Curtains vs Shades – The Definitive Guide

Want to give yourself a challenging task, start with redecorating your home, particularly If you are doing it by yourself, it will be considered as a project with steps and procedures to follow.

Decorating every corner requires unique set of materials so that It can match your aesthetic, and when considering aesthetic, windows comes first,

But the debate has always been taken place, which curtain to use between blackout curtains vs Shades and what to choose? Let’s just quickly jump into the discussion.

What is Blackout Curtains ?

Blackout Curtains vs Blackout Blinds

If choosing designs, privacy and better thermal insulation with a gist of noise reduction, Blackout curtains are going to be the best options available .

While if opting for something which takes up less space , and are better in humid areas, with some cost cutting and with remote control system,

In this case Blackout Blinds will be a perfect fit in such needs.

Not to doubt both the solutions offers you benefits in terms of practicality and matching aesthetics to your living standard. The description can be followed and few answers to common questions to be taken into consideration while selecting a perfectly suitable window treatment solution for homes.

What is Shades ?

Blackout Curtains vs Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds provides a floor touching thick fabric within a cassette. Not like blackout curtains , but blackout blinds also offers inclusion of side channels through which the materials prevents any kind of light entering through edges or seeping at any possible way.

Few blinds do exist which offers an opacity, that’s too of full 100%.Hence be very particular on the features and design if wanting this room darkening solution to be made.

What essential factors to be considered while selecting a Blackout solution For Homes ?

How much space do you have?

Blackout curtains are going to take lot of space, obviously a thick fabric will be involved , besides a curtain box or holder brackets which will be in size larger than the window itself. Also there must be some space left to draw them when not in use.

On the other hand, blackout blinds fits ideally for fit into settings that have minimal space. Because fabric will be rolled into cassette and will get included with the window frame. But comparatively the blinds are less effective in blocking light due to their nature.

This can be taken care of, if roller blinds are used, which also features a fabric retention system. If plastic spline are basically  installed with blinds, it is meant to be ensure that the fabric which is  used and is opaque remains secured while lowering the blinds.

Blackout Curtains vs Shades : The design specifications

Blackout Curtains vs Blackout Blinds

Many reasons to be counted, blinds are being preferred for most contemporary interior, and the buying fashion also shows that curtains are losing flavour slowly

However, if discuss about the variety available, there are lot more options in blackout curtains regarding fabric, color, pattern and texture.

Blackout curtains which are bold makes an inevitable impactful statement to the room decor as compared to blackout blinds, not to question why!

You can get mesmerised to see the beauty that how it looks.

How much privacy do you require ?

Privacy also matters , that what level of privacy is needed by you?

Always in dilemma? Whether to choose blackout solution for bedroom or living room? Choice can be deviated according to your needs. Choice will rest eventually with where and why to install the window solution.

Rooms like kitchen, decorated balcony and living room requires some amount of natural light. Therefore blackout blinds can be used in these parts.

And on the other way curtains turned out to be best when the  need is to achieve maximum  privacy. For rooms of different members in family  as children, study, or the bedroom main.

Room Furnishings

Room furniture must be also taken into consideration while selection of a room darkening solution. Exposed in way much light can  actually damage your belongings, costly furniture. As sofas and few recliners in which viscose fabric is used to make them, they are prone to harm as they can get bleached due to continuous exposure of sunlight.

But on the other hand houseplants also require little bit of exposure to sunlight, So that they can continue with the food making process called photosynthesis. And not giving exposure to the plants will affect their health. Therefore, in such cases blackout bunds will be the ideal solution for such rooms.

Thermal Insulation

Blackout Curtains vs Blackout Blinds

In few regions the period of cold weather is extended , and in such areas cold is experienced utmost. If, the requirement is similar for you , you must use Blackout curtains as window treatment, because it will offer you the best heat maintaining possibility in living quarters.

Which can also help in substantial decrease in energy bill as curtains will be a part of insulation.

On the other hands , blackout blinds are proven highly effective in hot areas where there is humid in air.

The fabric which is used by manufacturers is light enough to so that heat can dissipate through the  windows specifically glass ones.

Or you can think of customised solution if you are in such a place where both weather conditions can be experienced.

Noise Pollution

Blackout Curtains vs Blackout Blinds

Thick fabrics are excellent for noise cancellation, If living in such a place or area where noise is matter of concern due to any possible reasons.

You must better start investing in curtains while redecoration, and for this obviously the nature of the fabric and dilapidated structure of blackout curtains. The extra layers contained in it plays a significant role in reducing noise levels to a great extent.

And still if the solution doesn’t work for you and there is still some noise coming in, you can use those thick fabrics blackout curtains in your room without windows too, it will give a classy look and it will fulfil the need of noise cancellation too.

Installation Costs

Budge defining is crucial in understanding which type of standard window height must be installed. So ask this question to yourself as “ How much money you can afford easily to spend ? ”.

Cheaper Solution: Blackout blinds tends to be cheaper in comparison to blackout curtains,

So if you are living in a humid place with not so sunlight effective furniture.  Looking for an option with tight budget along with some classy transformation to be given, blackout blinds would be the perfect solution for it.

Although there are blackout curtains which are available in market but still their quality can be deteriorated, and you might not feel the same benefits as custom made ones. Ready-made blackout curtains may not provide you the quality and design specification. If you want an ideal solution customised according to your need, you will have to pay a little more.

Upkeep and maintenance

Maintenance will obviously depend on human traffic what a room is observing,

Few curtains are not made for the areas which experience a high volume of human be it adults or children. For example a hall where a lot of people are coming in regular basis, or having children in home which can create a real mess around while playing.

In such cases Blackout curtains must not be used, as some blackout curtains are also not machine washable , consequently they can’t be used .

In some types of blackout curtains we can see that they are not machine washable at all, they only need dry cleaning,

So blackout blinds on the other hands are much easier to maintain. Everything  you need Is only  a wet cloth or even a vacuum cleaner will remove the dust that sticks on the fabric.

Moreover,  you can just take care of mechanisms regular greasing. If regular care is not taken, the mechanism will start failing and the fabric may start to have blisters, they will go a long track only if care is taken, otherwise you will have to change the mechanism way early as expected and hence the duration will be decreased.

Ease of installation

It is way easier to install blackout blinds as compared to blackout curtains, this is because the mounting bracket is installed and attach cassette to them,

They also get fit in the window which makes it super easy to install.

Conversely, blackout curtains is a lot about measuring, fitting, drilling. Its not a single person work at all. Firstly, you will need to install the measure the window size, you will be measuring the length of poles to be kept as few extra inches so that curtains if opened will be covering whole window perfectly.

If you want total opacity, additional length to the width is exceeded to the window frame.

Most interior decorators keep the length of  curtains 3 times the width of windows so that it can be covered and no light or air can pass through at all .


All types of blackout blinds comes with some kind of automation, depending upon from where it has bought,  most common way is they feature a remote that operates the falling down and going supporting rolling mechanism, this automation bears can cause impact on the installation costs as well.

But, Curtains are bulkier due to the amount and nature of fabric they are used to achieve certain functionalities, but automating them is going to cost heavily, as already extra allowances of length and width added with automatic curtains raise and fall a custom feature.

So if you are finding some cheap  but automated window treatment, blackout blinds are the most suitable option.


Customisation of blackout curtains gives you more options as you can select eyelets, rod pockets, tab tops for your curtains, and based on the supplier there is an unlimited variety of designs to chose from them and to give the room your dream look.

There are different accessories specifically for curtains which can give a whole different look to the design finalized, which includes crystal  balls ends and rods in curtain which are extendables.

Blackout blinds are way rigid compared to curtains. We can either have single opaque fabric or in slats, doesn’t matter which way you want it, there is very less room for customisation or giving it different look for blinds.


It is tough to exactly decide which way to go for, Blackout curtains vs. blackout blinds.  However we have made this dilemma not more dilemma , after above discussion, it’s pretty easy to choose what to go for depending on various factors as weather conditions, budget, automation and many more.

Hope this helps to a greater extent, to understand and implement and give your room  that look what you have dreamt of.

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