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Why Join?

We're awesome

We celebrate diversity and each of us brings something unique to the table. We all love shared housing and understand that the core of our business is the people, both in the team and in our community.

Mission driven

Our mission is to solve housing for the world.

This means always push for the best experience for our community, team members, and landlords. It means that we form partnerships with local and international non-profits to also aid housing. It means that being a triple-bottom-line company is a priority.

Make an impact

We are a small startup; no one is a cog in a wheel. You will take over an entire area and it will be yours.

We will support you and handover the reigns to let you creatively problem solve.

Life at HubHaus

Learning Culture

Self-improvement is a priority to us. We urge all our members to spend 16 hours a month dedicated to learning. From linear algebra to 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, we love to see each other grow.

Flexible Hours

Sometimes we work late. Sometimes we work early. Sometimes we take half days or work-from-home days. We get it - life happens. People work differently and we don't pretend to know what's best for you.

Health and Well-Being

We offer multiple options for health, dental and vision insurance. We offer snacks and healthy drinks and are forming a team to provide healthy lunches.

Core Values

Just do it

It is impossible to be sure of things in our business. When faced with an opportunity, have a strong bias for action, and swoop in quickly. We act fearlessly and take bold, calculated risks.

Data-driven decisions

We use experiments to prove ourselves correct instead of arguing over opinions. We run tests and actively and consciously gather data to drive the changes that make our business thrive. We continually iterate on our model and use data to support the evolution of our company.

Member Focused

Our members are our lifeblood. They trust in us, and we in return work to maintain an exceptional experience. We provide the experience of joining our family, and each interaction is an opportunity to showcase our exemplary service and enhance the HubHaus experience.

Communicate Clearly and Often

We recognize that effective communication is the cornerstone to every action and we know the quality of our communication directly impacts the value and growth of our community.

Be Frugal

We choose to invest all our resources, including time and money, wisely, and we extract as much value as possible from our resources to not only make us better as a company, but to create a better, more accessible experience. We recognize that our time and money are precious, and use them judiciously and precisely.

Be Good

While it is impossible to always know the breadth of all our actions, we will follow our moral compass to do our best to create a positive effect with our efforts.

Open Positions

We are in the very early stages of our company, which means there is a great opportunity to grow with us (equity included.) If Andrew Chen's description of a team member matches you, definitely contact us.

Head of Finance & Administration

San Francisco Bay Area

Senior Full-Stack Developer

San Francisco Bay Area

Full-Stack Developer

San Francisco Bay Area

Member Acquisition Associate

San Francisco Bay Area