Carpet vs Laminate in the Bedroom – Which is Best ?

Carpet vs Laminate – People often struggle while selecting appropriate flooring for their bedrooms. There are many options for bedroom flooring, which leads to confusion. Either you can laminate or buy a nice decent carpet to cover the floor. Both options have their good or bad sides. Floor laminates and carpets are both quite popular choices.

Advantages Of Carpet in a Bedroom

Absorbs sound

Carpet vs Laminate

Carpets can indeed absorb sound and maintain a quiet feel in your bedroom. Even if you walk through the carpet, no one will hear a single sound. The floor will not make an unnecessary sound if you cover it with a nice carpet.

Physics has proven that carpet materials can prevent sound waves from renouncing or causing reverberations with the ceiling and the walls. Choosing carpet for the bedroom flooring is a great choice.

It has some effective and useful sides. Carpets are essentially good for light sleepers. Carpet flooring will keep the calm intact. It will prevent irrelevant noise or sound from being created inside the bedroom.

Comfort underfoot

Another good part of carpets is the warm and soft feeling when one walks on them. The comfort of the feet is not the same when you laminate the floor. Hence, carpets are more about comfortable and warm feelings. Carpet floorings are soothing and therapeutic for any bedroom.

Cushioned for sitting on the floor

Children’s bedrooms are crucial areas. A soft cushioning layered carpet on the floor would be amazing for a children’s bedroom. They can play and sit on the soft carpet. It is more comfortable for delicate crawlers. You can be free of worries if you have already installed a deep-cushioned carpet for the flooring.


Carpets are anti-slip. Normal floor surfaces can be smooth and slippery, leading to random accidental falls or disasters alike. To avoid such incidents, carpet flooring is a must. You can freely walk around on your socks on carpet floors.


Adding a heavy woolly carpet material to the bedroom will be more intimate and warm. Moreover, carpet flooring can maintain the warm feel of the room. It can also feel amazing to land your feet on the warm frizzy carpet flooring rather than on some cool or smooth floor during winters.

Energy efficiency

Carpet flooring can also reduce your energy costs. Carpets can keep the bedroom temperature insulated for a long. It is advised to install a wall-to-wall carpet to make this carpet functionality work effectively.

Almost ten percent of energy loss can be reduced with insulating carpets. Carpets can save you from the cool floors. Carpets are natural insulators and will protect the bedroom from the outside cold.

Low maintenance

You need to vacuum the carpet flooring from time to time. To keep a carpet flooring clean regularly to retain its good condition. Bedrooms generally have low foot traffic. Hence you can vacuum bedroom carpets every week. Therefore, a floor carpet is low maintenance and easy to take care of.

Low cost

You can choose a full floor coverage with a carpet flooring option. It will not cost you as much as floor laminations can cost. You can buy carpets depending on your budget scheme. The range of carpets can vary from six dollars to fifteen dollars for every square foot of the floor. It is suggested that carpets are the best options to cover a large bedroom floor area with lower costs.

Quick installation

Installing carpets on the floor can take much less time than other options. Normally it takes an hour to cover the flooring with carpets. This is why people often choose carpet flooring as a quick transformation for their bedroom floor.

Disadvantages of Carpet in a Bedroom

Colors fade

One backdrop of carpets can be its tendency to become dull over time. Carpets can become faded if you place them in a bright room with lots of sunlight entering. The sunlight can cause the carpet color to fade.

Easier to stain

Carpets are always a comfortable choice for floorings. However, stains can become tenacious on carpets. You must be careful while moving around the carpets. Not all stains are easy to remove.

Some stains can become challenging even for an expert to remove. Moreover, if any part of your floor carpet has a stain, you can easily rearrange your furniture to cover the stained carpet. Otherwise, the only option will be to exchange the entire carpet flooring.

Holds onto smells

Another delicate issue regarding carpet flooring can be the sudden smell of the carpet. You must keep your pets and toddlers on a keen watch. If your toddler is on potty training, the carpet can sometimes leave an odor. You can’t leave messy pets on these carpet flooring as well. However, you may have to keep them away from your bedroom floor carpet.

Moreover, you must not spill food items like milk on your carpet as it can leave a hard stain to remove. A carpet has a high absorbent characteristic. This is why you will observe that one cannot avoid the smell of cigarettes and similar stuff off their carpets.

The microfibers of a floor carpet can easily attract dirt, germs, and pollens, which can hover for a long time, causing infestation of unwanted odors and bacterial growth. Whereas a bare floor laminate can be a better option, it can be easier to clean wet floors than a carpet. An unclean carpet can invite health hazards in the house.

Pros of Laminate Flooring in a Bedroom

Carpet vs Laminate

Easy installation

Floor laminates are an interesting option for DIY enthusiasts. Installing a laminate can be quicker than other choices such as tiles. However, laminate flooring can take longer than the carpet flooring process.

Low cost

You can choose between five dollars to twenty-five dollars for bedroom floors on floor lamination per square foot. The quality of the laminations will guide their values.

Easy to clean

Laminated floorings are easier to maintain cleanliness. You can sweep it with household implements like brooms or other mops. People also wipe their bedroom doors daily to maintain hygiene. You can even have floor laminates for your child’s bedroom so that you can easily clean the spills and dirt brought by the kids.

Laminate is incredibly easy to keep clean. Occasionally, you need to sweep the laminate floor with any broom; people can do this every day or get away with sweeping once a week. You can mop the floor to eliminate the spills in a child’s bedroom.

Low maintenance

Laminate flooring is different from hardwood flooring. The former flooring involves low maintenance. The laminates don’t require the flooring’s routine sealing, staining, and sanding.  The maintenance is much less hectic.

There are many antibacterial cleansers on the market. You can easily get one to wipe off all the surface dirt from your floor laminate. Maintaining cleanliness can avoid a diet harbor on the floor that becomes hazardous for pets, children who generally play on these floors.


Floor laminates can have a considerable thickness that adds a rough and sturdy look to the room. The roughness can be appropriate for pets and their claws. The hardy lamination will prevent any marks on the flooring, and it can stay the same for a long time.

Looks like real hardwood

You can make your hardwood flooring appear by applying any laminate floor. The market has many options for a high-end floor laminate look that appears almost the same as hardwood floorings. It is popular to create the same hardwood effect with laminates.

Cons of Laminate Flooring in a Bedroom

Poor reputation

There are various qualities of laminates available in the market. Initially, people objected to the plastic-like appearance of these floor laminates. The reputation of these floor laminates can be low because of the less expensive finish look. 

The cost of floor laminate depends on its low quality. Moreover, expensive laminate flooring is also available in the market. However, you can also go for other choices to avoid your bedroom’s basic and low-grade appearance.


Floor Lamination is noisy. They are not absorbers of sound or noise. On laminated flooring, every footstep will be heard. In comparison, a carpet can absorb sound excellently.

No cushioning

Cushioning and soft feet landing can only be possible with carpet flooring, but your choice is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring can be uneasy about using for many people. It is not used for any children playing area as the surface of a laminate floor can easily hurt them.  The tough flooring can cause pain or hurt if one falls on these laminated floorings.

Cold on feet

It can be difficult to place your feet on the cool laminated flooring. It is a disadvantage of a laminated floor. During the winter months, one can feel a sudden cold shock right after getting out of bed due to the cold laminate flooring of the bedroom.

Susceptible to water damage and UV damage

Laminate flooring requires care from water spillage. Spilled water can cause sudden absorption, resulting in swelling. Therefore, wiping, mopping, and cleaning on time can be useful for the anti-slip floor. To avoid further accidents or incidents, you must immediately clean any mess created on the laminate flooring. UV rays can also damage lamination.


Bedroom floorings are tricky to decide. Laminate flooring and floor carpet both have benefits and flaws. You can opt for one of the options depending on your priorities. People often choose carpet flooring for their kid’s bedrooms.

It is safe for toddlers as they are prone to tripping and falling. Floor carpets in the bedroom can provide a good cushion for children to sit and play. However, you must also consider the smelling side effect and bacterial growth on your carpet fiber.

First, you can highlight the real benefits of Laminate Flooring and carpet flooring. After that, you can decide the appropriate one that will fit your bedroom.

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