What Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors ?

What Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors ?

You may have an idea already in your head when it comes to designing a new kitchen. For countless individuals, the strategy and processes can vary. Generally, the procedure of designing starts off by choosing a single element and setting the rest of the room around it.

You will want to find the perfect color of the kitchen cabinet first and then find the matching accessories for the kitchen. Or you have to sit on the surface of the floor and then find kitchen cabinets that will be fit for it.

But if you have a keen interest in gray kitchen floors, then you will have a wide range of options to choose fir colored kitchen cabinets. As we all know that grey is a neutral color that is incredibly flexible, it will go nicely with any colored kitchen cabinets. In this article, we will discuss a wide list of color kitchen cabinets that will perfectly go with the grey flooring.


white Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors

White kitchen cabinets can well be stylish as well as contemporary. They work fantastic with the style of decoration like minimalist, industrial, traditional and contemporary. Kitchen cabinets painted with white color give a feeling of openness. This kind of kitchen cabinet fits perfectly in small kitchens because it will virtually create a space in our minds.

White color is an inexpensive color because it is a common choice for people. So white kitchen cabinets are also the inexpensive color of kitchen cabinets to buy. According to a number of people, the white color of the kitchen cabinet is simple and boring, but you can lift their style by selecting top-notch hardware for their handles.

White kitchen cabinets will go well with gray flooring and will also give you a chance to add colors to other areas of the kitchen which are semi-permanent. You can always color the walls in bright and attractive colors.

You can also repaint them to change the color scheme at a certain time in the future. Fluctuating the color of your kitchen cupboards is a very challenging task. So we can always prefer a neutral color like white, and you can be assured that it never goes out of style.


off-white Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors

If you feel that the actual white color would look sharp as compared to the gray floor, then the off-white color is perfect for your kitchen cabinets. The off-white color has an amount of dusky shade mixed into them. Thus, offers a simple and softer option for the bright white color. Off-white colors like cotton and ivory are legendary, and with age, will provide a blank canvas in the kitchen, which we can paint with any color.


black Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors

For page gray flooring, the black kitchen cabinets are a perfect match and will add a stylish and dramatic effect to the room. A small kitchen will also look awesome with black kitchen cabinets. And if you add a gloss finish to it, then it will reflect light and will also not allow the place to become all dark and gloomy.

Mid-gray floors will also be a perfect match for black kitchen cabinets, with a little effect of white color like a white granite countertop and white walls for a monotonous effect. This color scheme is also suitable for a number of styles like mid-century modern, art deco, minimalistic and retro.


blue Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors

There are numerous shades of blue that will be perfect for gray color. So considering you have a gray floor, then don’t hesitate to consider the whole range of blue shades. A light-gray or mid-gray floor will be perfect for the kitchen cabinets and will help to add disparity and detail to the room.

This color scheme would make a sophisticated and smooth kitchen style, along with gray-colored marble countertops and a white subway tile backsplash. You could also include neutral beige color with this color arrangement if you are ready to add some warmth to the room. A perfect specimen would be with the stone wall tiles or beige marble countertops.

Another popular shade for kitchen cabinets is duck-egg blue which will be perfect for gray flooring in a French village or countryside interior design. A pale gray floor will look dreamy and airy with duck egg blue kitchen cabinets, whereas a dark gray floor will take over the room and will also add a bold disparity.

To achieve a nautical or coastal design, you should go for gray flooring and blue kitchen cabinets. But if you are looking for a casual beachy style, then a light or mid-gray floor will be a perfect fit with matte blue kitchen cabinets.

You should choose a door that is homely and simple. But if you want to go for a more enhanced nautical vibe, then you have to choose a dark shade of blue and a formal style of the kitchen cabinet door.


red Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors

To brighten up the kitchen, the color red is just what you need. Red is a type of color that will look very substantial next to gray color. A red-based wood can be selected for your kitchen cabinets, such as mahogany or cherry wood.

This will create a natural and warming interior that can be compared with red gloss laminate kitchen cabinets which will bend towards a more cosmopolitan and modern style.

If you go for a brown-toned red or dark red, you can select the touches of this color in other parts of the room, compromising the intensity. We can take the example of a mahogany dining table that will match the mahogany kitchen cabinets.

The warm color of red can even out the cool tones in gray flooring and would make a kitchen feel more welcoming.

If you think that the red color is too overwhelming and strong for all the kitchen cabinets, you could go for a two-tone kitchen and have gray wall units and red base units to level out the color palette.


orange Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors

Gray color and orange color are special type of color that makes each other pop. If you want a bright and fun space, then you have to contemplate on orange kitchen cabinets, which would be flawless for your gray floor.

When accompanied with dark shades of gray, the orange color looks the strongest. So, you may select slate gray laminate flooring or charcoal-colored floor tiles for your gray floor.

The pale gray tones can appear washed out when standing next to dark or bright orange color. On the other hand, the peachy orange color will be perfect for this floor color.


green Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors

It is often a good choice to have dark fern green matte kitchen cabinets with that gray floors. This combination of colors looks smooth and high-end while keeping a calmness and depth similar to the wilderness.

To pick out the gray color, you should use Carrera marble countertops. And to get a tonal and textural contrast, you should select shiny rose gold handles. Walls of charcoal color will complete this look perfectly, also creating a personal and dark space suitable for enjoying a cup of coffee.


pink Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors

If you want a playful and feminine kitchen, then you must choose pink kitchen cabinets, which will go with pale gray flooring. Many hard surfaces occupy the kitchen, but you could add soft patterns to highlight the fragile décor style. Here we can take the examples of orchid house plants, silk window blinds, velvet orange baskets, or a faux fur rug.

If you go for a pink kitchen, then you must select a gray color which is ideal to go with it as it grounds the space and gives a modern and cool vibe, and prevents the pink color to look old. The warmth of pale pink evens out the cool tones in gray, and the colors will mix together to create an even and soothing environment.


purple Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors

Purple is the color that compliments gray. Lavender kitchen cabinets would be a perfect match for gray flooring. A darker eggplant purple color will look dramatic and regal.

Purple is a suitable color that compliments the feminine tones rejecting the obvious choice of pink color. This is a wasted color that is used in kitchens, but it will work well with modern styles if you select flat slab cabinet doors with industrial-style hardware.


wood Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors

The finesse of woods on the kitchen cabinets is a popular choice because they work in harmony with a wide range of colors bringing a warm feeling to the atmosphere of the room that has a knack of getting cold due to the absence of soft furnishings.

If you want a homely and welcoming kitchen, then you must select a wooden finish along with a rich-toned grain that evens out the cool hues on the gray flooring. On the other hand, cooled wood finishes will be a perfect fit for gray floors, which will look modern.

Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors : Gray

gray Color Kitchen Cabinets with Gray Floors

We have to handpick gray kitchen cabinets with gray floorings to generate a coated style.

We should go for contrasting grays like dark gray floor, which will complement soft gray kitchen cabinets. You can match the cabinet color to the flooring color to make a more immersive experience, which in turn will make the space feel more expansive.

If you want to break up the gray, then you have to select different colors for your countertops, wall paint, and backsplash. You can also select a minimal style by using various shades of gray with white and black. You can also use the cabinets and gray flooring as the empty canvas backdrop and then select a starting color for your backsplash, like lime green tiles.

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