What Color Rug Goes with a Brown Couch?

What Color Rug Goes with a Brown Couch – The most attractive piece of furniture that anyone could buy is a brown couch. It looks even more majestic if is made of suede or leather. The best part of this couch is that it fits perfectly into an antique or a fashion house and the beauty of the furniture has brought about an undying love for it. The whole room assumes a new, different look when a lavish sofa like this decorates the room.

The most important things as far as a beauty of a room are concerned are the rug and the couch and they complement each other a lot. So, the first thing that comes to our mind after acquiring a brown couch is the color of the rug that will match the couch.

And surprisingly, this is nothing to worry about as there are many shades that you can make your choice out of. This article lists out some really helpful tips which will help you make the right choice for your brown couch. It also gives you a peek into the best rugs available to buy now.

How To Choose Best Rug Color and Size for Brown Couches

Color of Rug Goes with A Brown Couch

A light color is always a good choice for a brown leather couch since the couch is a dark shade. Apart from the necessary contrast that the rug provides, the light shade of the rug brightens up the whole room.

The color that you choose for the rug could also be made to complement the visual interest of the couch. Though there are numerous colors available for you to choose from, the ideal choice for a brown couch will be a natural shade.

If you are a person who loves multi-colored rugs, then you can go ahead and buy one too. The only thing to remember is to make sure that the colors in the rug match the secondary colors and the decorations in the room.

If you are wondering what the secondary color is, then here is the explanation: A tastefully decorated living room has two types of colors. The brown couch makes the primary color while the other things in the room such as pillows or throw blankets make up the secondary colors. In order to maintain consistency, you should buy a rug that agrees with the secondary colors.

The color of the rug is not the only thing to take into account. The size of the rug is also very important and this relates directly to the size of the room. A rug that is big makes the room look cozier and seems to bring the seating space closer than it actually is. The big rug could also be the right thing to go with the furniture in the room.

If your room is not that big, then the considerations are also different. In this case, the rug should be narrow or shaggy. This will not fill the room fully and so, the room will not look overcrowded.

Brown couches are very adaptable and so they give us the liberty to choose from rugs of various colors. The color you choose is very important as it will contribute a lot to the look of the room and also add to the beauty of the brown couch.

The following are some ideas that will help you decide on the color of your rug.

8 Best Rug Colors That Go With Brown Couches

White Rug Paired with Brown Couch

Color of Rug Goes with A Brown Couch

The easiest choice is to go for a neutral pastel shade for your rug as this color will definitely go with any color. However, if you wish to make your living room look roomy and bright, then the best option will be to go for white.

These white rugs go superbly well with a lot of furniture colors. This is not the only reason to go for a white rug. They also do a great job of complementing the brown couch and increasing the richness of the brown. These two colors provide a desirable contrast.

Imagine a room with a woolly white rug and a rich leather couch pairing with each other to create aesthetic magic! The whole room will look snug and comfortable as the two powerful colors combine. This also allows you a lot of freedom to match material finishes.

The velvety white rug in the picture looks so fashionable. The material used for the rug is a high-density sponge which imparts a soft feel to the rug. The other amazing feature about this rug is that it has numerous PVC non-slip dots. These dots stop the rug from moving on slippery laminate or tile floors. Moreover, the size of the rug is big and so it is sufficient to coat a reasonably big living room.

Brown Area Rug with Brown Couch

Color of Rug Goes with A Brown Couch

A completely different strategy will be to get a brown rug for a brown couch. This will be a combination that looks congruous yet contrasting. It is quite usual to overlook this option. However, when you think of the numerous shades that brown comes in, then this option will look different and more appealing. The number of brown shades gives us the confidence that there is absolutely no need to go for a brown that is exactly the same as the brown of the couch. 

For instance, if you have a couch that is medium brown, then a rug that is also brown but of a lighter shade will be the best choice. This gives the room a friendly ambiance and makes the whole room look alluring.

If you have a brown couch that is of a dark shade, then there are other options for you. You could go for a very light brown rug. This will bring in a lot of intensity and a lovely balance to the room.

The picture here gives you a good idea of how this will work out. In the picture is a light brown rug. The material used for the rug is polypropylene. The rectangular shape of the rug is a major advantage as it makes it very convenient to clean.

Actually, this kind of rug will complement your sofa whether it is dark or light brown. Another major benefit of the rug is the underlay it has. This actually stops it from moving.

Pink Fluffy Rug with Brown Couch

Color of Rug Goes with A Brown Couch

If you want to make your room really inviting and friendly, the best way to do it is to get a rug that is lovely as the one in the picture. Bright pink is one of the best colors that you could choose for your brown couch. The pink color highlights the beauty of the brown couch and makes it look more excellent. These effects are heightened if you choose a pink rug that is big and soft also.

The rug in the picture is made of fake fur and is a really soft one. This softness of the rug has a lot of physical benefits also. Walking on such soft material gets rid of tiredness in the leg and also maintains the warmth of the feet. There is no doubt about the attention that this rug will draw upon itself if it is used.

Beige rug with brown leather couch

Color of Rug Goes with A Brown Couch

It goes without saying that brown leather couches are among the best and the most fashionable couches that you can get. They overshadow all other items in the room and sway everybody’s attention towards them.

If you decide to get a beige rug to go with your brown leather couch, it will add to the looks. However, the couch will still hog the attention of the people in the room. The picture given is an example of the explanation above. The combination of the sofa and the beige rug is a lavish one. The rug brings in a comfortable and warm look to the room.

Multi-coloured rug with brown couch

Color of Rug Goes with A Brown Couch

If you are a person who loves multi-colored items, then you could always think of pairing your couch with a multi-colored rug for an agreeable look. The contrast that it provides to the couch is admirable.

Such a rug will add to the looks of the other furniture in the room and will also accentuate the artistic value of the room and impart an extraordinary look. Rugs with patterns will also have the same effect as long as they also are multi-colored. If you are fond of such rugs, then you can play around with a lot of colors for extraordinary effects.

The handmade rug in the picture that sports a lot of colors will suit all kinds of brown couches. The lavish colors that decorate the rug make it a flawless choice. Since the material used to make the rug is only polypropylene, cleaning it is not at all difficult.

Green rug with suede brown couch

Color of Rug Goes with A Brown Couch

A brown couch that is made of suede is highlighted very well by lighter colors such as light green. There are a lot of different kinds of couch materials to choose from but, it is better to choose suede as this material goes with pretty much most colors.

So, you will not have to think too hard when you try to match the sofa with a rug. In fact, a classic combination of a green rug with a suede couch improves the look of an old-fashioned room to a large extent.

The rug in the picture is a light green classic from the Del Mar collection. The rectangular, attractive rug is sure to bring a magical fashionable look to your living room.

Grey rug with brown couch

The color combination that is gaining immense popularity with interior designers is grey and brown. The visual appeal that these two colors create together is stunning. The down-to-earth, natural feel that the brown brings in resonates with the cool, clean grey. So the best way to uplift your brown couch will be to pair it with a grey rug.

The gorgeous, soft rug in the picture is a product of YOH and this rug promises to go amazingly well with any brown couch. This super-soft, soothing rug makes your floor resilient and definitely does not add any pressure to your feet, thus making it extremely comfortable to walk on. The 6 x 9 feet rug can be used in any kind of room, be it informal, fashionable, or a changing style. And needless to say, it is an impeccable match for a brown couch.

Red and blue Persian rug with brown couch

Color of Rug Goes with A Brown Couch

How does a Persian rug go with a brown couch? Well, it goes wonderfully well and so does any eastern-style rug. The striking colors that these rugs boast of will surely uplift the looks of a brown couch far beyond our comprehension.

If you have chosen to decorate most of your room in brown, then a gorgeous, alluring Persian rug will be the best choice for the center of the room. Various colors of brown splashed in the different furniture of the room will never fail to emphasize the looks of the rug. In the given picture, the Persian rug that displays dark blue and red plays a major role in making the room look marvelous.

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