We understand that housing is not only the structure
but also those you live with.

HubHaus Solves Housing for the World

Community Starts With You

Whether you are hosting a bbq or sharing a playlist, community is founded on the gifts and actions of its members. Bring what you have to the table and participate.

Leave It Better Than You Found It

Whether it's the kitchen counter, the weeds in the backyard, or your hausmate's bad day, strive to improve everything you touch.

Invite People In

Whether it's a dinner hosted at your haus, or an invitation to chat, connect with people by inviting them into your world, and choosing to step into theirs.

Create, Encourage, Thrive

We choose community so we have a network of interesting, engaged people to help us be our best selves. Choose to thrive and help those around you thrive also.

Make Your Haus a Home

Make dinner, hang art, start a garden, bake some cookies, and have friends over. Add a little love so your Haus is the place you want to come home to.

Find Your Common Ground

At heart, we are all more alike than we are different. Find your common ground and use that to build the foundation of your relationships and community.