Curtain Rod Lengths – 9 Facts About Their Lengths

Curtain Rod Lengths – Whether windows are small or large, they look stylish and complete only with beautiful curtains. Apart from the style that the curtains give a room, they serve another very important function.

They give us as much privacy as we want and do not allow curious people to get a peek into our houses without our permission. If you are in the mood for a bright day, open your curtains to let the light stream in.

If you are in the mood for a day with less lighting, simply draw your curtains. Apart from the various advantages that they give us, there is a huge range of colours and textures we can choose for our curtains. A well matched curtain brings in an invaluable and artistic quality to the whole room.

The choice of curtains is extremely important. However, the decision of the correct size for the rods to put up the curtains is equally crucial.

Curtain Rod Lengths : Standard Curtain Rod Lengths

Since windows are usually made in the  size, curtain sizes are also made to suit the window sizes. These rods are usually available in measurements mentioned below.

Curtain rod lengths

Charts like these will be very helpful when you decide to buy curtains. A major advantage of these rods is that their lengths can be altered to suit our requirements. A rod that is just 66 inches can be drawn out to a length of 120 inches. These limits are not fixed and so, these rods can be shortened or lengthened according to our requirements.

The windows in bathrooms are not very large and so rods that are about 28” to 48” are suitable for such windows. Lengthy rods are usually over 60” long and we also have extra lengthy rods which extend up to 120”.

It pays to be extra sure of the length when we buy curtain rods. So, always subtract 6 inches from either side of the rods. For instance, a 120 inch – 170 inch rod will actually be appropriate for a window that is 158 inches long.

Curtain Rod Lengths : What Size Curtain Rod do i Need

Correct measurements of your doors and windows are of utmost importance to decide the length of your curtain rods. The length also depends largely on how you want to position your curtains.

Curtain rod lengths

For example, to make the room appear larger and radiant, your curtain rods should extend about 5” more than the window frame on either side. This will make the curtains look wider and also make the whole room appear more airy and roomy.

These cautious steps are indispensable as ignoring them will lead to ill fitting curtains.

Curtain Rod Lengths : How to Measure Windows for Curtains

The following set of instructions will guide you well through the process of measuring your windows.

Curtain rod lengths
  • Remember to utilise tapes made of metal and not the ones made of fabric. This is because metal tapes are much more dependable than the fabric ones.
  • To be doubly sure, it pays to measure the whole thing two times. This helps to avoid mistakes.
  • Your measurements should not be between casing and frame or from frame to casing. Measuring like this will result in uneven curtains. To avoid this problem, always measure from the frame to frame or from casing to casing.

It is always advisable to increase the measurements of your window by a couple of inches to arrive at the length of the rod that you will need. About 6” to 20” extra should provide the requirement for what is called stackback. This refers to the area that the curtains take up when they are moved to the end of the rods.

Curtain Rod Lengths : How Much Long a Curtain Rod is

Curtain rod lengths

The maximum length that readymade curtain rods are available in is 120”-170”. But, do not worry if you need rods longer than that. The good news is that they can be made at home by you. The home made ones can be as long as 240”.

Curtain Rod Lengths : Curtain Rods Without Support

Curtains need something to uphold them without drooping. Of course, some of them can by put up without any support and still look good. This is not true with all curtains. Though they look fine, the curtains start sagging after sometime. When the sag develops over time, it is called creep.

Curtain rod lengths

True to its name, a creep sneaks up on us and we notice it only when our rods get detached from the wall. The things that decide how long a creep takes to develop are the texture of the curtains and the rods themselves. So, it is always advisable to bolster the rod from the center when the rods are fixed itself. This is also true with lengthy rods or curtains that weigh a lot.

Curtain Rod Lengths : How Can i Make My Curtain Rods Longer

Very often, the readymade curtain rods are shorter than the required length or they are not within your budget. Don’t worry if this is happening to you. It is possible to make rods as long as you want right at home. The process is a very simple one in which two curtain rods are attached to form a new, longer rod. Here is the process for you to use:

When you buy a curtain rod, get another one that is exactly the same as the first one. The only other thing that you need is a joining splice. The first thing to do is to take off the finial from one end of both the rods.

The next step is to insert the open end of the first rod into the second rod. As explained earlier, such lengthy rods do need to be bolstered. So right in the beginning itself, secure the center brackets.

Curtain Rod Lengths : What Curtains Should Match in House

It is not at all necessary for all the curtain rods in the house to look alike. Nevertheless, having similar curtain rods in all rooms of the house will definitely add up to the theme that is followed throughout the house.

Curtain Rod Lengths : What Are The Best Curtain Rods

Though curtain rods are not as big as most of the other parts used for interior decoration, they are definitely not lesser in importance. The significance of these rods can never be overlooked.

The fact that the wrong choice of curtain rods can ruin the entire interior decoration is proof of their importance. There are some essential things to take care of when you decide on your curtain rods.

Before you decide on the rod that you need, you should be sure of the type of material you would like to use for your curtains. Thick curtains, which are not light weight, will need a rod made of a sturdy metal which can bear the weight of the curtains.

If the rod chosen for a thick curtain is not sturdy, it will definitely collapse due to the strain of holding up the curtain.  Similarly, lighter curtains will need rods that are not too heavy.

Apart from this, you will need the exact dimensions of the window for which the rod will be used. If the curtain is either too large or way too small will ruin the appearance of the room as a whole. For more articles, you can check

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