Can You Put a Door at top of Stairs – 7 Critical Points

Is it a good idea to put a door at top of stairs? We must consider our safety and building standards before adding anything to our home infrastructure. It is a good choice to build a door at the end of a staircase. This idea can be attractive for any multistorey building or property for many reasons. You can absolutely try these ideas to bring new changes to your home structure.

This article discusses all the necessary details about the idea as mentioned above. You might need to learn about some essential information before trying to put a door at the top end of the staircase.

Benefits of Installing a Door at the Top of Stairs

Pet Boundary

Door at top of Stairs

These doors are useful if you have pets in your home. These doors will form a boundary for the pet, and it will keep him away from climbing up. People having pets are used to such problems in their day-to-day life.

There are many reasons: pet cats trying to wake you up, pet cats jumping around your children, dogs rummaging the bathroom floor, and the recycle bin. Moreover, you can also prevent your pet’s hair from all over your bedroom with a diving door at the top of the stairs.

You can have your own personal reasons to keep your pet within boundaries. A shut door at the end of the stairs will not let them enter your top-floor rooms. In this way, you do not even need to keep all the doors shut on the top floor. The doors will automatically keep your pets away from entering.

Keep Children Safe

Keep Children Safe

Another important reason to add a door near the stairs is for toddlers. For toddlers who have just learned to crawl, it is risky to go near an open stairway. You can easily install a small door near the stairs to keep your child safe. A door at the stairs will prevent many other serious accidents.

You can also add a stairgate at the stairs as an alternative choice. However, a stairgate can appear a bit unsightly. If your family has many young members intending on more children, you can opt for a permanent solution. A stairgate is a temporary solution, not a permanent one. They don’t look as good as a door near the top end of a stair.

Reduce Noise

A closed-door can also cancel out noises from entering the space. People who want to block the noises from the ground floor with a staircase door. This idea is good for light sleepers as well. The door of the staircase will shut out all the noise coming from downstairs.

There are many students who are more likely to study at night or workers who work on a shift basis and others. They require this kind of privacy and some rest during the daytime. A sound sleep is necessary for every human being. If you live in a loud cheering family, this is a great option.



Privacy is an essential factor in every house. From teenagers to mature members of the family required certain privacy in a household. If you install a door near the stairs, it can separate your master bedrooms from the rest of the house.

This idea works excellent with someone who has a whole floor as a master suite. You can separate the other family members like elderly parents, teenagers, guests, etc., with a door at the top of your stair.

Reduce Energy Costs

You can apply a door at the top of the stair to separate any section of the house from the other. You also shut off any unused part of the house. Many people don’t use their upstairs bedroom in the daytime. You can also heat only the living area and spend time there.

The door at the stair will keep the upstairs rooms closed off, and the heat will not escape. This idea can easily save your electricity bill and energy loss while heating. Alternatively, if you put the upstairs door closed during summer, you can easily keep the room air-conditioned.

Rules Regarding Doors at the top of Stairs

Rules Regarding Doors at the top of Stairs

If you have already decided to install a door at the top of your staircase, then you will require to consult local legislation for your building purpose. There are various codes of a building that vary from place to place.

In the following paragraph, we have mentioned some guidelines of the international residential code or IRC that are accepted across the US or other western countries. The guidelines are necessary for the correct construction of the staircase door.

These guidelines are for safety purposes and other requirements. Double-check with the local authorities before proceeding with the building of the door. If the authority gives consent, then only you should proceed with the building process. The following requirements are needed to be fulfilled before building a door at the top end of your staircase.

If the door opens towards the stairs, then you must have a landing area as a safety requirement. Otherwise, anyone can face an accident by chance after opening the door. A door opening towards the stair can become risky for anyone climbing up the stair as well.

In order to open this type of door, you might have to step back or may result in losing your footing. There must be a gap of thirty-six inches between the stairs and the door at the end. The space will provide room for the open to be opened without obstructing the stairways.

Again, the door opens towards the landing or the corridor or any room that does not stay hanging out. In this order, you do not require any additional space for the landing of the door. This is a much safer option to consider than the previous one. The door opening inward will be a great choice to avoid accidents on stairs.

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