22+ Best DIY Dresser Alternatives – When You’re Running out of Space

Dresser Alternatives – I’m sure people in the past couldn’t imagine living without a dresser, after-all they’re pretty and useful.  Yes, with their built-in drawers you have all your clothes nicely folded within reach, you can store personal items, like jewellery and most come with a mirror so you can get ready on the spot.

They’re the most common traditional clothing storage solution in the bedroom for decades and we can’t argue that they add some style. 

But are you sure you wan’t to invest in one? 

Look, let’s be honest, not only they come with a high price tag but they take a lot of space. While furnishing your bedroom you want a mixture of style and functionality that doesnt take too much floor area. 

So, what to use instead of dressers?

If you are running out of clothing storage ideas don’t worry. You’re in luck today as I prepared this article for you with 21 space saving alternatives to dressers. 

This comprehensive guide of space saving alternatives to dressers will help you choose the perfect one that will meet your bedrrom storage needs while also adding a touch of style in your room. Let’s find out! 

Dressers Alternatives For Small Rooms

I want to help you find  a solution to an everyday problem – how to store your clothes. We decided to share what we found with you because this information could save you money, space and help you add some personality to your room.

In case you’re wondering why you need an alternative to a dreeser:

  • Space,space, space… Dressers take up a lot of real estate around your bedroom. If you are looking to keep things minimal or short on space, It’s time to consider an alternative
  • They’re just messy. The more items you have in your dresser, the harder it is to find what you need. 
  • Opening and closing can get annoying, specially if you are in a hurry. 

There are lots of different ways to store your clothes that would be much cheaper than buying a dresser, even if they don’t look as chic or stylish at first glance. 

Here are some ideas…

1. Dresser Alternatives : Under-bed Storage

There are two major obstacles to good organization. The first is that there isn’t enough storage space in most homes, and the second is that people don’t know how to organize their belongings.

Dresser Alternatives

The solution for both problems is under-bed storage! Under-bed storage gives you a lot of extra space without taking up valuable floor space. It also means you can keep all your stuff organized easily – especially useful if you tend to buy a lot of things and then forget about them. (i’m included in this category). 

This can also be done by getting a bed with side drawers on each side. This will help you organize all your stuff and keep the room tidy at the same time.

2. Dresser Alternatives : Above Bed Shelving

This is where functinaliy meets style. If you have enough space above your bed you should definetaly consider this alternative.

Dresser Alternatives

Above Bed Shelving are designed to store items above your bed. They are made to hang on the wall, under your existing bed frame, or over the ceiling of your room.

They come in different sizes, shapes and color. Most importantly they have very useful features that will help you organize anything you have lying around. These shelves can be placed anywhere in your home just like kitchen cabinets.

3. Dresser Alternatives : Closet

Dresser Alternatives

Closets are a household classic. They can be a great storage place for clothes.They come with with drawers or cabinites, and sometimes both. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and designs. There’s always one that compliment your decor.

4. Dresser Alternatives : Bookshelves

Dresser Alternatives

Yes, In case you didn’t think about it, they can be used to store clothes as well. You The shelves fit perfectly into the room decor and don’t take up any extra floor space.  Who said Clothes really need a specific place to live?

5. Dresser Alternatives : Bedside Tables

Bedside tables can be used to store more than books, pictures, alarm clock etc. They can also becomen a efficient place for storing clothes. It keeps the clothes out of sight and it your room tidy. 

If you are looking for storage space in your bedroom, this can be an excellent solution. Apart from keeping clothes neat and tidy, you can buy small bins to keep socks and underwear or other stuff that you need to access quickly during the day. You can also buy baskets that would allow you to organize your clothes by type or color so that you maximize your productivity.

6. Dresser Alternatives : Custom-made Clothes Organizer

This option is for those with a little the extra space. You can always get a clothe organizer that suits your needs with as many shelves, drawers, and racks that accomodate your storage needs.

7. Dresser Alternatives : Decorative Wall Hooks

Not the closet type? It’s all good. Decorative Wall Hooks are a great alternative as well. Hooks make it easy to store the clothes away when they are not used. This also saves space in the house, as you can hang your clothes anywhere in your home.

Just don’t over do it in places where it can make the house look too messy.

8. Dresser Alternatives : Wooden Crates

Do you have a lot of clothes but hate to see them on the floor or crammed onto shelves? You are not alone. This  solution is simple, yet elegant.

Wooden crates are one of the best ways to store your clothes and finally  create some order in your life. When stacked together they create sort of a wall for all your items and keep everything tidy, neat and organized at the same time! They do not take much space, but they will fit plenty of clothes, shoes and other belongings!

9. Dresser Alternatives : Vintage Suitcases

Vintage suitcases  are an excellent alternative to the traditional wardrobe. They can be used not only as storage units but also as decorative elements of the bedroom or living room.

Here’s a secret: You can have a look at local thrift shops for second-hand items. If you’re looking for something specific, like a vintage suitcase, you’ll find plenty of options!

10. Dresser Alternatives : Armoire

One of the most common storage solutions for any clothing that you want to keep organized are armoires.

An armoire is not just a piece of furniture that stores your clothes; it’s also a part of interior design. A properly placed armoire made of fine wood can help upgrade the aesthetics of your room. If you’re aiming for a rustic feel, that is. 

11. Dresser Alternatives : Trunks

Vintage trunks are not just decorations anymore; you can actually use them as storage containers for your belongings They’re an excellent storage solution for any space. 

The best part is that there are so many ways to customize trunks to fit your style and tastes. And they’re not just for looks! Trunks can be used to create unique seating areas in your home. From coffee tables to ottomans, trunks make the perfect platform because they’re sturdy enough to hold weight, but also serve as great decor items when not in use.

12. Dresser Alternatives : Cubicles

Cubicles are a great option for small spaces. They are versatile, affordable and can be adjusted to accommodate your stuff while keeping it organized. 

If you have a lot of things but not much room, this is the way to go. They come in different sizes so you can find one that fits perfectly into whatever space you have available.

The best part about these cubicles is that they can be customized according to our needs and preferences too. 

13. Dresser Alternatives : Hanging Wire Baskets

Hanging wire baskets are the best storage solution for the stuff that tends to pile up in any small bedroom.

These baskets are great for storing anything from bottles, household products, and clothes! They help keep the clutter out of sight and your room looking nice and neat.

14. Dresser Alternatives : Wall-mounted Open Shelves

Wall-mounted open shelves are one of the best ways for you to store your clothes, shoes and accessories. They can also be great for home decor. While there are definitely some disadvantages to them, especially when it comes to durability and strength, they do have plenty of upsides that will make most people want to go out and find a suitable wall in their house.

I mean, wall-mounted open shelves are visually appealing. If done right, they look like something straight out of a magazine ad or an architectural drawing. They’re very modern looking when perhaps compared with other options we’ve mentioned.

15. Dresser Alternatives : Stackable Plastic Boxes

Want to save time? 

These tall storage containers are available in different shapes and sizes so you can easily match them to your needs. They can be stacked up to four high, which not only maximizes space but also your time as you can check what’s inside without opening each box

16. Dresser Alternatives : Ottomans

Ottomans are the perfect storage solution for your bedroom. They’re also a great place to sit down and put on shoes or even an extra seat when you have guests over.

It’s not just the practical uses that make ottomans popular though. They can be stylish, too! And they come in lots of different styles so there are plenty to choose from. Whether you want something traditional, contemporary or modern, there is an ottoman out there for you!

17. Dresser Alternatives : Wicker Laundry Baskets

Wicker Laundry Baskets provide an excellent storage solution for your bedroom that is inexpensive and stylish. They can be used as bedside tables, or in the closet for extra storage. 

You can even use them to keep dirty clothes off the floor of the bathroom! The posibilities are endless.

18. Dresser Alternatives : Tall Baskets with Lids

If you’re looking for storage space, then tall baskets with lids are a great way to go. Why? Because they can be stacked and stored vertically so they take up less room on the floor or on a shelf.

19. Dresser Alternatives : Racks

Clothing rack are perfect for storing all your clothes and accessories so they don’t get wrinkled or damaged. A clothes rack is also great for storing seasonal clothes, like swimsuits, sportswear, winter coats and so on.

20. Dresser Alternatives : Chest of Drawers

Another vintage piece. Chest of drawers are available in different sizes and shapes. Chest of drawers are so handy that they can be used to store all types of things like shoes, books, clothes etc.

Basically they offer enough space to keep things organized. Drawers help you to easily look for whatever you need. 

21. Dresser Alternatives : Multi-level Stacked Wooden Drawers

Stacked wooden drawers are a another storage solution that allows you to keep your clothes and other belongings in order, without taking up too much space.

This drawer system has been around for some time now and its popularity is on the rise. The main advantage of these stacked wooden drawers is that they can help you get organized with the minimum amount of effort. They’re also great for saving space, which is particularly useful if you live in an apartment or a small house.

Final Thoughts

We can’t argue that dressers are timeless piece but if you are looking to maximize your room space, have a more minimalistic or cozier feel, there are plenty alternatives to choose from! 

Hopefully this article has given you some helpful ideas about how to find space for all of your clothing. Let us know what other dresser alternatives you’ve used to organize your outfits in the comments section below!


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