Engineered Wood in the Kitchen – Everything You Need To Know

Do you need engineered wood in the kitchen? Engineered wood is one of the trends that you have heard. You can also call it composite wood or manufactured wood. These wooden products are artificial. Do not get confused about the name.

This wood is not synthetic. Sometimes you get a plastic product that looks like a wooden product. But engineered wood will give you a fantastic wooden look. It is not like cheap plastic. 

You must know how to make engineered wood. They collect various types of natural wood-like veneers, fibers, particles, or strands. Then they mix all these particles. They make a thin layer of these things. Here they use high-quality plywood.

Then stick the thin layer with plywood. You get a strong base with this plywood. There are three to twelve thin layers of plywood. This plywood gives you the support. This plywood will help to maintain its shape.

You do not need to worry. The plywood will not allow the product to bend. Engineered wood is different from the natural wood that you get from trees. The layer of plywood makes the difference. 

They use many types of wood to make the top layer. They use Fir, Oak, Cedar, or Maple wood for the top layer of engineered wood. You can also use some foreign wood at the top layer. Tigerwood, Brazilian Walnut, or Australian hardwoods are foreign woods.

Engineering wood planks are about a half-inch thick. You can also get a three-eighth-inch thickness. The width of the engineering wood is between three inches and seven inches. You can get these planks from twelve inches to sixty inches long.

Advantages of Engineered Wood Floor

Engineering wood will give you some advantages. Also, the engineered wood will look good in your kitchen. You can use the engineering wood as the ideal floor of your kitchen.

It Looks Same As Good As Solid Wood

Engineered Wood in the Kitchen

Good quality wood looks like genuine wood. You will get comfortable flooring in your kitchen. The engineering wood is not the usual material for the kitchen floor. Your kitchen can look unique. It will raise the value of your house in time.

Very Easy To Install

Engineered Wood in the Kitchen

You can buy an engineering wood plank and set it on the floor of your kitchen. You can also use the plank on top of a wooden subfloor. You cannot use a natural wood plank on a wooden subfloor. For the natural wood plank, you need to use nails and staples.

You can not use a natural wood plank if you have one level of concrete base. Setting up an engineering wood plank is very easy. You only have to apply gum and stick it. You can use engineering wood planks even if you do not have a basement.

You can also use the engineering wood planks temporarily. You can place the engineering wood plank on a plastic base. If you want, you can remove the engineering wooden plank. You do not have to put much effort to take out the plank. You can easily change the decor of your kitchen.

Very Easy To Maintain

Your biggest headache must have been cleaning the kitchen. The engineering wood floor is super easy to clean. You only need to sweep and wipe with a wet cloth. You can use some floor cleaner in a few months.

You must follow the advice of the makers regarding floor cleaners. You can stick some soft pads on the legs of your furniture. It will keep your floor safe from scratches.

Very Stable

Natural wood is delicate in heat. Due to heat, there will be some gaps in the wooden floor. Finally, it will damage your kitchen floor. They make the engineered wood in multiple layers. There are many pieces of wood.

So the engineered wood plank does not get damaged in heat. The engineered wood plank also has some gaps. But it will not shrink as much as the natural wood plank. The changes of damage are lower than the natural wood plank. You can consider engineered wood planks more stable than natural wood planks.

Moisture Resistant

You have to use water in your kitchen. You may spill water on the floor. The engineered wood floor will promise lesser damage to you. The engineered wood floor is not waterproof. You have to wipe the water instantly.

Else it will damage your floor. But the engineered wood is made with different layers. So it resists moisture better than the natural wood planks. You can use engineered wood planks on the kitchen floor or basement. You can not use natural wood planks in these areas.

Disadvantages of Engineered Wood Floor

This engineered wood has some disadvantages which require concerns as well.

Most Engineered Wood Floors Can’t Be Refinished

You might get some scratches on the engineered wood floor. Then you need to change the color of the wood plank. But you can not paint the engineering wood plank. You have to buy a new plank.

The natural wood has a better glaze. But the top layer of engineered wood is much thinner than the natural wood. You may not polish the engineered wood in the same way. You can buy the engineered wood plank with the thickest top layer. You may paint it once. But you will not have a guarantee of it.  

Not Every Engineered Wood Is Equal

You can not get the same quality for every engineered wood. There are some engineered woods with bad quality. The bad-quality engineered wood will fade quickly. It will go thin and get cracks. Some makers of engineering wood use gum that contains chemicals.

The chemicals create a bad smell after setting up the engineering wood plank. These chemicals are also unhealthy for you. You must check the quality before buying an engineered wood plank.

Do You Need Engineered Wood Floors In Your Kitchen?

You might think that it is not useful to set up engineered wood flooring in your kitchen. But you must keep in mind that you cannot maintain solid wood planks in your kitchen. You will see damage to solid wood due to heat and moisture. The engineered wood planks also get damaged. But the chances of damage are lesser than the natural wood planks.

Do you want an answer to the above question? The answer is YES. The engineered wood planks look stylish. It is also easy to maintain. The engineered wood flooring is easily removable. You can change the decor of your kitchen anytime. 

You can use engineered wood planks in any size of the kitchen. You will get different styles and colors of engineered wood planks. Your kitchen will look fantastic.

Do you have a small kitchen? Not to worry because you can fix this issue. You can use long engineered wood planks with medium width. This will make your kitchen look large. You have to set up the plank at a 45-degree angle parallel to the longest wall in your kitchen. It will make your kitchen look clean and tidy.

You can decorate your large kitchen with engineered wood planks. If you want a modern, stylish look, you can use slim and long planks. You can also use smaller planks. You can arrange the planks in your favorite patterns.

You use the kitchen a lot. So you must decorate it. You may discuss this with your family before decorating the kitchen. You should remember your kitchen habits also. You make the final decision based on your habits.

Best Place to Buy Engineered Wood Flooring

You can set up the engineered wood planks by yourself. You have to go to any home decor shop and buy engineered wood planks. You can also find these engineered planks at hardware shops. The staff will help you at the shop. They will tell you how to set up the engineered wood planks.

They will give you advice about how to look after these planks. Some professionals set up the engineered wood planks. You should check their reputation and references. You can contact them. They will set up the engineered wood planks.

You can find many brands of engineered wood. These brands have the best quality engineered wood products. You can choose your favorite color, wood type, and finishing. You will find some of the best-engineered wood brands below.    

What is the Cost of Installing Engineered Wood Floors

You may face the problem of budget to set up engineered wood planks. You might think it is low cost than natural wood. But this is not always correct. There are many parts to set up an engineered wood plank.

You have to think of the size of your project. After that, the quality of the engineered wood. The method of setting up the plank is also another part. All these parts have different costs. You can get the final price after adding all the costs. You can look below for the details of the price for different parts. 

Quality: You have to choose the quality of your engineered wood plank. They make some planks of foreign wood particles. Different planks have different thicknesses, so they have separate prices. In general, the price starts from $3 and ends at $9 for every square foot. For better quality, the price is slightly higher. It costs $9 to $16 for every square foot.

Installation Method: You can set up the planks by yourself. You only have to buy the materials. You will use gum, underlay, and boards. If you want to have a professional set-up, you have to spend more. This cost depends on your location and the professional. Normally, you have to spend $3 to $8 for every square foot.

Size of your Project: The cost of set-up depends on the size of your kitchen. The kitchen size should be around 161 square feet. If you want to have a professional set-up, you have to spend about $1000. You can do the job by yourself. You can have a lower budget if you set it up by yourself.    

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