5 Best Feng Shui Colors for the Front Door

Feng Shui colors for the front door– Feng Shui, which actually means “the way of wind and water”, originated in China and is an ancient art. Though we have advanced rapidly in the field of science and technology, this art still remains in use and is highly respected. It has spread rapidly from China and is now popular even in Western cultures.

The popularity of Feng Shui is not at all surprising considering the fact that it can bring a lot of good luck, wealth, and wonderful health to those who practice it. Wanting all these in life is not true only for the Chinese but for everyone and so even the non-Chinese believe in Feng Shui.

According to this popular science, “Qi” indicates the universal life force energy. And the front door in a house is the part of the house that lets this energy in. Due to this fact, the front door is named the “mouth of qi” in Feng Shui. 

If you are a person who has collected a lot of information about Feng Shui, you should know that this ancient art gives a lot of importance to the front door as it is a very significant part of the house.

There are three areas in any house that are earmarked as the most critical portions that generate good feng shui in the house. These are the bedroom, the kitchen, and the front door.

Since the front door is so important according to this ancient art, it goes without saying that the color of the front door is also equally significant. If you are really interested in knowing which colors to use for the front door, then this is the right article to read.


red Feng Shui Colors for the Front Door

Red is a color that is famous with the Chinese because they firmly believe that it brings them a lot of good fortune and enjoyment. It is linked to a lot of other desirable things such as positive energy, liveliness, and security. Hence, it is no wonder that red is one of the basic colors that Feng Shui advises.

According to this ancient art, if you have a front door that is red in color, you will gain a number of good things. People who specialize in Feng Shui believe that red is a color that indicates love and energy. The color of blood that is so all-important and the color of fire, which is fiery, is also red.

Based on Feng Shui principles, red is a color that is both lively and energetic. Using this color ensures a lot of positivity in your house. If you look at it from a realistic point of view too, it has its own benefits. Since red is a bright and conspicuous color, it is bound to draw people’s attention and make your house more obvious from the street.

Feng Shui also talks about another very desirable quality of this bright color. According to them, this color also helps if you are looking for a good turn in your romantic life. It can also help greatly if you are expecting to restore a relationship that has ended or if you just want to fill your life with a lot of delight, mirth, and affection to your house.

This color is also credited with the fact that it can aid in improving the way you convey your feeling, in making your personality and your achievements more conspicuous.

But beware!! Red has its own limitations too. If there is a lot of unrest and turmoil in your relationship, then red is not the color for you. In such conditions, red is not advisable for your front door, or, in fact, for any portion of your house.

There are other colors that can help with such circumstances. More pleasing colors such as green or yellow can halt all the squabbles, disputes, and clashes in relationships and smoothen it out.

There are two other conditions that do not warrant a red front door. If any member of the family has issues relating to the heart or any issue regarding blood, then red should be avoided. Also, if anyone who lives in the house is fighting some kind of addiction or is not able to concentrate on anything for long, then, do not use red.

Another important feature to notice is the direction in which your front door is facing. This also helps in deciding if your door should be painted red or not. If your door faces north, east, or west, then it is not at all advisable to paint it red. However, if your door faces south, then, red is a good color to be used.


orange Feng Shui Colors for the Front Door

Another color recommended by Feng Shui is orange. It is important in the social context as it provides the energy that is essential to develop amazing social skills. It helps to build up interesting conversations at home too. To top it all, orange is an extremely lively and inspiring color too.

Masters of the Feng Shui art point out that there are colors that are related to the element of fire. Examples of such colors are red and orange which are related shades. These kinds of colors, such as orange, which are connected to the fire element, can stimulate the required chi energy which enhances the potential of all living organisms.

Orange is significant in other ways too. It is not related only to red. It is connected to gold too. And gold is a color that predominantly signifies wealth and luxury. So, when you use orange in your house, you are bound to draw in a lot of good luck and affluence.

Just like with red, orange also can be used only with doors that are facing certain directions. Doors facing east, southwest, or northeast are ideal for painting orange. This does not mean that orange is a color that can be used only for the front door. It is a versatile color that can be used in other areas of the house also like the kitchen, dining area, and living room.


Turquoise Feng Shui Colors for the Front Door

Turquoise is a lovely color that is made by mixing blue and green. It spreads the feeling of complete composure and faith. According to Feng Shui, this cool color is invariably linked to water, and so, masters of this art recommend this color to bring in a lot of affluence, fitness, and prosperity.

Turquoise has the capacity to soothe and inspire good moods in people and is a popular option for the front door because of this. This is definitely not the only place that such a color can be used.

It can be used in all places where we need its effect. Due to the amazing effects that it has, it is an ideal choice for rooms used by children and young adults. This effect is welcome in places such as offices, living rooms, and family rooms, and hence this color can be used in these places too.

In order to draw in a lot of positive energy, this color should ideally be used on front doors that look towards the north. Doors painted with this color look cordial and appealing. It is recommended by Feng Shui masters to add a diamond-shaped design on such doors so that you can also benefit from the fire element that is stimulated.

Since turquoise is a combination of two colors, it has the advantage of being able to gel with both colors. So, your turquoise front door can be the pivotal point of the theme you use to decorate your house.

You can match this door with either a green-based theme or a blue-based theme. If you are specific about health and avoiding illnesses, then, opt for the blue-based theme. The green-based theme, on the other hand, contributes to enhancing and reinforcing the immune system of everyone who lives in the house.


Feng Shui Colors for the Front Door

According to the Feng Shui custom, there are a lot of similarities between yellow and orange. Both these colors are known to boost and vitalize people. Yellow also helps people live in agreement with each other, builds up well-being, and also draws in wealth. All this is testimony to the fact that it is a great idea to paint the front door in this color.

Yellow is also recognized as the color that builds up intelligence. Very often, we find school buses that are yellow. People who aim for amicable relationships should opt for this color as this color is also known to promote healthy relationships among people.

Another important quality of this color is its capacity to increase the fortune of people who use it. Citrine is a stone that is often recommended in Feng Shui art. People who wear this stone will soon see an increase in wealth and fortune.

As far as directions are concerned, this color can be used for doors that face northeast and southwest. The northeast direction agrees with the earth element. So, colors that are based on this earth element such as yellow, brown, and clay should be used for doors that face this direction. It is perfectly fine if a hint of red or orange is mixed in with this yellow.

The other areas of the house that will benefit from this color are the kitchen, living room, and the rooms used by children. We are lucky as we have varieties of yellow which we can consider for our houses.


Feng Shui Colors for the Front Door

This color is synonymous with wood energy going by Feng Shui. This is a very positive color that promotes benevolence and resilience. If you use this color, it fills your house with a lot of energy and also boosts the mood of the residents.

A lot of growth also happens if you use this color. The energy that this color brings in will result in your business developing well. Apart from all this, your friend’s circle is bound to expand with the use of this color. Hence, considering all these points, it is a wonderful idea to paint your front door green.

We also need to consider the direction that the door faces before we decide to paint it green. This color is ideal for doors that face the east and southeast. The usage of this color also relates to your favorite feng shui elements.

The best way to find out about your favorable feng shui element is to consult a feng shui master. If you get to know that your favorable elements are fire and metal, then you can use green for your front door.

Feng Shui colors for the front door: Conclusion

Compared to all the windows and doors in a house, the front door is the most important. It allows entry for many positive and important things that we need in our lives such as great good luck, wealth, and health too. Hence, if you are a person who trusts the feng shui art, then you should focus a lot on how your front door looks and what color it is.

Apart from all these benefits, the front door is also the most important doorway for us to leave and enter the house and this happens quite a number of times in a day. For a door that is used so often, it is always better to paint it in a color that raises our mood and also improves the whole appearance of our houses. If you are repainting your front door, then do use the pointers provided in this article.

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