9 Smart Floor and Wall Color Combination Ideas

Floor and Wall Color Combination – Looking for a change from the monotonous symbol of your house? Well, what could be better than applying a new color to the walls? New flooring with the smell of fresh paint can be a cherry on top. If you are planning the same, the best is to begin within the walls.

The wall color will help you to choose the different textures and patterns around the room. If you intend to go for a wooden floor, it is best to select it as per the wall color. There are various types of wooden floors, like dark or light hues with variant textures.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose a floor texture that harmonizes with the wall color. It will bring a balance and warmth to the eyes of anyone who steps into your house. Here, we have a few ideas to help you choose the best wall colors that coordinate with different floor textures and colors.

Wall Colors for Light Wooden Floors

Whites for a Modern Feel

Floor and Wall Color Combination

If you are looking for a classy color, what could be better than White? A survey shows that White is the most used color for interior decoration of walls. Even if you are not planning a floor change, the white wall color matches perfectly with any wooden floor.

A high gloss or semi-gloss finish will forge an attractive look for your room if you have a light hue flooring. However, if you are not into white color walls, you can always go for off-white colors. The assortment of light walls and wooden floor shade will produce a fresh and bright environment for your residence.

Greys for Depth

Floor and Wall Color Combination

Besides White, Grey is a great match with light shade wooden floors. You can choose from different warm hues of Grey color for your walls.

Counting on the color of your wooden floors, you can choose any shade of Grey from light to medium. If you are a fan of Charcoal grey, it can be a great match for Grey or white wood floors. Selecting a softer shade for the same color palette of walls and floor will make the room bright and appealing.

However, note that the wall color shines bright if the room receives direct sunlight. Similarly, the rooms that reveal the northern side will have darker walls. In such cases, a light grey tone is best to harmonize with cool wooden floors, and medium shades of Grey combine best with warm hues of light wooden floors.

Dark Brown for Contrast

Floor and Wall Color Combination

Add a dimension to your small living room with a spectacular effect. Contrast the wall and light shade floor with neutral and dark colors like chocolate or brown. The duo of earn and cool colors will create a striking impact in any room. Oak brown or walnut wall colors can also brighten your room with light shade wooden floors.

Wall Colors for Dark Wooden Floors

Bright Yellow

Floor and Wall Color Combination

If you have dark wooden flooring, it can look unjust for a large area. However, if the room receives enough sunlight, dark floor colors can be soothing and easy to our eyes. In reality, a room with dark color clear design floors feels a lot more comfortable to live in.

If you choose a bright yellow with the floor, the combination completely stands out. However, before delving yourself into any color, it’s important to check the shade of the color. Warm yellow shades look best with dark brown color wooden floors. Therefore, it’s best to try out different shades of yellow to check the best match with your choice of flooring.

Beige for Contrast

Floor and Wall Color Combination

If you are looking for a common wall color that creates a disparity with dark wooden floors, go for Beige. White is a great color for dark floors. However, it can appear dull at times. On the other hand, Beige is a perfect choice if you have a rosy tinge to your dark wooden floors.

Bridge color can efficiently transform blank walls into gorgeous innards of your house. If you want to develop a warm eye-catchy environment, Beige with dark wooden floors must be on top of your consideration list. Beige has the power to balance the warm wall color with the richness of dark floors. It also brightens up the shades of beige and dark brown to make the floor appealing.

If you have a rustic or contemporary interior, beige walls with dark brown floors are the best combination for any room in the house.

Cool Colors

Floor and Wall Color Combination

Don’t overthink while choosing the best color to match your dark wooden floors. Cool colors like violets, greens, icy blue, purples, etc., combine well with dark colors. While choosing a cool color with your floor, always focus on the shade of the wood.

If you have a red tinge on your wood, the blue wall color can be a great combination. Similarly, for chocolate brown floors, dark violet is perfect. If you plan for orange wooden floors, a medium shade of aqua can give an elegant look. These colors are a perfect blend to match your wooden floors.

Bluish Grey and greyish green are the two other cool colors that give a different and refreshing look to brighten up your room. You can also try jewel shades as wall colors to match with dark floors.

If you have a traditional interior, dark purple walls can be. A perfect match with dark brown floors to create a formal yet rich look. Bright blue color with dark brown wooden floor can be a perfect combo for bedrooms with enough natural light.

Wall Colors for Cherry Wood Floors

Bold and Bright

Floor and Wall Color Combination

What could be better than a modern kitchen if you are looking for a perfect area to apply cherry wood floors? Choosing the right wall color for your cherry wood floor can be difficult as most colors clash with the shade.

However, pastel green shade can make your kitchen look vibrant and create a contrast. The combination of pastel green and cherry wood is the best opportunity for an elegant look that pleases your eyes.

Harmonious Brown

Floor and Wall Color Combination

If you want to create a monochromatic effect with cherry wood floors, brown is the best wall color choice. The role of monochromatic colors is to reduce the brightness of darker shades. It is one of the best interior design tricks as it helps you go for a shade darker or a shade lighter.

For example, If there is a tinge of red color in your cherry wood floors, a medium shade of brown colors for walls will make the living room look spacious, inviting, and appealing. Choosing the right colors can change the warmth of a room and make it receptive for guests. Such is the combination of brown walls and cherry color wooden floors.

Should Walls Be Darker or Lighter Than Floors?

Interior designing is not easy. However, with the correct knowledge of colors and a good set of eyes, anyone can create a vibrant ambiance in their house. If you hire a professional, they would suggest always choosing a lighter shade of walls to match dark wood floors.

However, such a combination only applies when you want to make the room look large and spacious. Most people want to make their house look big with their interiors, and the color combination is perfect for those houses.

The contrast of light walls and dark floors create a visual effect. Beige, white or neutral colors make the room look bright and create a new environment.

The different colors of floors and walls create a variant combination that makes the room appealing and becomes the center of attraction. Light color walls make the room loom bigger.

However, dark walls can make the ceiling height look small and make the room look smaller. The choice of wall color entirely depends on you, if you want the room to look spacious or comfortable.

Dark or light floor shades show dust easily than medium shades of wooden floors. Finally, you get to decide whether you want your walls to look light or dark next to your wooden floors.

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