11 Beautiful Front Door Colors for a White House

Looking for the best front door colors for a white house? The charm that a white house has is definitely worth appreciating.  You will be really happy to know that there are many ways to further enhance this charm and make it look more appealing.

One of these ways is sprucing up your front door. There is no doubt that a cobblestone driveway and a landscaped garden out in the front will add to the beauty of the house. But, the effect that a gorgeous front door has is bound to be exceptional.

The very first thing that strikes a person who comes into a house is the front door. So, when it comes to planning your front door, pay a lot of attention. It definitely pays to have an artistically designed front door.

It is a good idea to try both dark and light colors for your door in order to work towards the result you desire. This article will give you some ideas about the colors for your front door.

Top 11 Best Front Door Colors for a White House

Ruby Red

front door colors for white house

Red is a very versatile color that adds beauty to various colors used outside the house. This works the same way with neutral colors also. A front door that is red in color is bound to be striking and outstanding.

An artistic white house will benefit from a ruby red front door as the color brings in a stylish ambiance. No wonder it is our favorite color! It attracts everybody’s attention towards the door and makes it look exceptional.

For a friendly ambiance, use a bright red color for the front door. This color scheme is the one used in the picture. The door has further been adorned using metal that is brushed with gold.

This makes the door look really trendy. Undoubtedly, the door looks magnificent and is the perfect match for the white brick siding. The white trims and sash windows add a touch of charm to the already fashionable door.

Soft yellow

front door colors for white house

Yellow has always been linked to happiness. Since it has such a positive connotation, it is a great color to use for the front door. It is a great choice if your house is white too. A mild, beautiful yellow-colored front door will revitalize the whole atmosphere and be the center of attraction also.

Other shades such as bright ones, soft or fun colors cannot compete with this outstanding color. It is obvious why this color is loved by most people. It is not only one shade of yellow that has this quality. All shades of yellow, whether light or dark, look terrific when used with neutral colors used outside the house. This applies to door trims and metal hardware also.

Have you ever wondered whether soft colors go with conventional houses? Well, this picture clears all doubts about this. The picture has a beautiful mild yellow and this bold color goes perfectly well with the house that is conventional.

The yellow that is used here is a brilliant yellow. This coupled with a suggestion of blue enhances the predominant white on the outside of the house. The window with identical colors only serves to complement the door.

The conventionally fashioned exterior of the house gains a lot of sophistication and grace because of the contrasting color combination. The natural green added by the plants and hedges enriches the appearance to a large extent.

Wooden door

front door colors for white house

There are factors other than the color that make a door look great. One of the most important factors is the material that the door is made of. It has a substantial effect on the appearance and ambiance of the house.

Natural materials such as wood bring in the warmth that is also very natural. The picture features a brown door in the front of the house. It is aptly decorated with brushed metal hardware.

The posh lights on the wall and the glass panel bring in a lot of elegance too. The rural look that the door boasts of is a perfect fit for the white house. The black shutter is in perfect harmony with the brown and white outside.

Jet black

front door colors for white house

Black and white have always been a spectacular combination and black works perfectly well for the front door in a white house. Though it is a very sturdy color, it is made for some houses in particular.

There are houses that have a vintage style on the outside and for such houses, black is the ultimate choice. Shutters that are painted black match the door and make it look much more elegant.

It is no secret that black and white contrast each other perfectly well and so the combination lends a bold look. This color combination gives us a free hand to select any color for the porch flooring without worrying about whether it will match with the exterior.

The picture features a fashionable house that is made breathtaking by the black front door and shutters of the same color. The glass panels on either side of the door and the porch flooring that is dark brown add their own beauty to the appearance.

Creamy pink

front door colors for white house

Is pink the right choice for front doors? Yes, absolutely. This lively, vivid color can spice up the looks of the front door to a surprising extent. The perks that we get for using this color is that it lightens up the exterior that is white and the kind of decoration ideas that suit this color are endless.

And you do not really need to worry about which shade of this pleasant color to choose. You can confidently choose any shade for they all agree absolutely well with landscaping and trims in any house that is painted white on the outside. This color has the distinction of looking its best even with simple decoration such as metal hardware or a simple wreath. 

In the picture is a creamy pink door and it definitely looks trendy paired with a white exterior and checkered flooring. This amazing color also indicates that the owner of the house is a cheerful and entertaining person with enjoyable wit.

Violet purple

Purple is an extraordinary color with an exhilarating look. Needless to say, it is one of the best striking choices for a front door and looks particularly stylish with a white house. This cordial and peppy color looks its best when used against neutral colors such as white or beige.

In the picture is a white house built in the Georgian style. The front door is a brilliant violet that looks outstanding with the gold hardware used on it. The elaborately styled door looks fabulously extraordinary.

Spring green

front door colors for white house

Another favorite color is a very natural color – green. It thus qualifies extremely well for the front door. The beauty of a front door this color along with an exterior that is white reigns irrespective of whether the material of the siding is stone, brick, or wood. Since these colors enhance the look of the entire scene, choose a shining vivid shade of green.

The door in the picture is a spring green door and this looks extraordinary since it is contrasted with the simple white that decorates the outside of the house. This is because the green used for the door is spunky and not subdued. To add further to the look of the entrance of the house, more details such as the black metal hardware and overhead lighting have been brought in.

Tiger orange

front door colors for white house

A bold choice for a front door will be an orange color, especially in a white house. If you are wondering if this will look nice, then be assured that it adds a lot of novelty to the house. This color choice will definitely pay off since the door will look outstanding and brilliant dressed in this color. Though people hesitate to use this shade for the front door as it is a very intense color, it is a sure winner and will attract people instantly.

Orange is actually a very friendly color that spreads a lot of warmth. It is capable of altering the whole look of the front door and the given picture confirms this. The owners of the house who selected this color should be people who are adventurous.

Navy Blue

front door colors for white house

Among all the multipurpose colors that are available, blue is the color that blends in perfectly with any color used for the outside of a house. Without exception, all the different hues of blue are chic and smart notably the deeper shades such as navy and peacock blue.

Vintage shades of blue such as navy blue help to make your white house outstandingly beautiful. This is a ‘forever’ color that is very enduring and looks incredibly beautiful used with white brick, wood, or stucco siding.

In the picture is a house that has an entrance with a naval design. It sports a navy blue door and windows. This sure looks inviting.

Royal Blue

front door colors for white house

An unforgettable shade of blue that has to be mentioned is royal blue. The soothing effect of this bright shade is amazing. The best part is that it can be used with any other color that is used for your house.

It has the capacity to accentuate the bright white exterior of the house. It is a color that suits any season. If you want to add to the beauty of the door, all you have to do is just hang a wreath or attach some gold hardware.

The picture stands as proof of the kind of charm that this color brings into the white brick house. The white, blue, and reddish-orange play together beautifully to make a unique entrance. If there is natural green beauty surrounding it, then the entrance becomes much more delightful.

Soft Gray

front door colors for white house

There are shades for people who do not want to opt for vivid colors. One such classic choice is a soft gray. This looks extremely refined and is a neutral color that blends very well with white house siding. This is particularly true for fashionable exteriors.

Gray is a delicate color that combines smoothly and flawlessly with any sophisticated fashionable white house. The house in the picture gains a vacation feel because of the subdued gray. This color is the ideal choice for those who want a subdued look for their front door. Irrespective of your color choice, this color will enhance a white exterior tremendously well.


If you are the proud owner of a house whose exterior is breezy and fresh, then there are many options that you can think of for your front door. It is not right to only consider whether the color you choose will blend in well with the white of the outside. It is worth it to spend time thinking of the trims, landscaping, porch, shutters, and roof when you choose the color for your front door.

If all these aspects are considered, then the door will be a stunning fit. White is a color that does not limit the colors that can be used with it. It, in fact, gives us the option of choosing from a wide variety of colors. We are hopeful that our suggestions will help you choose a color that will further enhance the beauty of your house.

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