Top 10 Front Door Colors for Gray House

Front Door Colors for Gray House – While choosing the color for your house’s front door may sound like a random, trivial thing, its importance is often missed. The front door is people’s first impression of your house, and its color can strongly reflect the mood the house conveys. Is it inviting or not? Is it too bright and thus a bit disturbing? These are all important things to consider. And of course, the color the rest of your house is painted with matters a lot, as you’ll need to find a color that matches it.

Gray siding is extremely common nowadays, due to its neutral tone and calmness, but what color door goes good on gray? In this article, we’ll discuss just that – colors for front doors that look good on gray.

10 Beautiful Front Door Colors for Gray House

  • Pretty Pink
  • Vibrant Red
  • Pumpkin Orange
  • Tropical Blue
  • Woody Brown
  • Dreamy Purple
  • Canary Yellow
  • Graceful Gray
  • Elegant Black
  • Bright White

Pretty Pink

front door colors for gray house

Pink is an attractive, bold color, perfect if you want people to notice your house. When surrounded by gray it does its job even more, as it stands out perfectly, especially when the gray undertone is slightly bluish. The result is an inviting, cheerful entrance.

Vibrant Red

front door colors for gray house

Red is a very powerful color, emitting an aura of authority and strength. When backed by gray, it stands out, making a very bold statement and providing a very passionate welcome to the dwelling. It especially goes good with a brass doorknob or knocker, which further strengthens the powerful vibe red emits.

Pumpkin Orange

front door colors for gray house

Most people don’t want to go with the combination of orange color to their front door. But, to be honest, it’s a pretty decent color combination that makes your home look astonishing. that Orange is a jolly, positive color, very inviting and pleasing to the eyes. When backed with gray, it stands out even more colorful. Gives your house a pleasant, upbeat entrance.

However, you have different options to choose from in themselves. This means you don’t need to go with the bright bold pumpkin orange color. Rather, go with the subtle lighted orange shade color, that will enhance your front door more authentic.

Tropical Blue

front door colors for gray house

Blue and gray remind us of the beach because blue represents water and gray represents sand. Together, they give your house a chill, tropical feel. Aqua blue is usually the best, but azure or even navy can make a great match as well.

Woody Brown

front door colors for gray house

Brown is a great color for a front door, regardless of the siding. And yet, with gray it looks spectacular because the two colors are different enough for you to spot the difference, and yet similar enough that they complement one another and merge perfectly. You may choose to get a plain wooden door for brown, or maybe paint your door brown or use a wood texture.

Dreamy Purple

front door colors for gray house

Purple is not a color usually used for the front door, but with gray, it looks spectacular. Purple is a calm, yet eye-catching color, which on a gray background stands out perfectly, bringing attention not only to itself but also complimenting the gray around it.

Canary Yellow

front door colors for gray house

Yellow is a color filled with energy and joy; it promotes movement and action. On a gray house, this can be very important, as gray is a neutral, calming color, which can sometimes feel a bit lethargic. However, when contrasted with yellow, the vibes can be very bold and upbeat, bringing an invitation of joy to anyone who enters your house.

Graceful Gray

front door colors for gray house

A slightly darker shade of gray is great for the front door, as it is sure to bring a truly classy look to your house, an ageless color, sober yet inviting. It looks elegant and intelligent, and the perfect combination of gray shades for the door and siding can create a very good balance that eliminates the usual gloomy vibes of gray.

Elegant Black

front door colors for gray house

Black is a color of importance, and gray perfectly complements that. A black door on a gray backdrop creates a perfect balance, giving your house a rich, regal inviting look.

Bright White

White and gray are a perfect match, timeless and classy. The two colors are so similar that they go hand in hand pretty much anywhere. Also what best colors that go with beige.


There are so many options for the front door of a gray house – the question is, what do you need? What are you looking for? With this article in hand, you should now be able to find a perfect front door that matches your gray house.

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