Top 10 Front Door Colors for Gray House

When we take the whole home’s exterior, the front door is the most appealing part that gives the impression to anyone who walks to your house. If your house is painted with a gray color, adding the perfect front door color will make the house look more authentic and astonishing. Nowadays you get a lot of houses going with magnolia and white paint. But still, most of the homeowners prefer gray color because it matches perfectly with everything.

Does your house hold a gray sliding? try the bold front door color to pair this color scheme. To be honest, finding the perfect front door color for your gray house needs some time. You need to do some experiments with various color palettes so that they don’t look odd right next to each other.

When you’re opting for the best front door colors, try to go with the gray sliding undertones. Near to your front door, if there is any gray color is coming, then you need to be very careful with your front door color as it will make a lot of difference.

To give you the full understandings, we are going to showcase to you some of the best front door colors that will go with gray sliding. Eventually, you can take the call according to your needs.

10 Beautiful Front Door Colors for Gray House

  • Pretty Pink
  • Vibrant Red
  • Pumpkin Orange
  • Tropical Blue
  • Woody Brown
  • Dreamy Purple
  • Canary Yellow
  • Graceful Gray
  • Elegant Black
  • Bright White

Pretty Pink

front door colors for gray house

Pink can become an excellent color for your front door. It has a bright and bold vibe. Pink is one such color that can be noticed immediately if anyone passes from your house.

The pink color looks beautiful with light and dark gray color. To give more boost to it, combine it with a gray sliding as you can see in the image how wonderful the overall house’s exterior is looking. If you want to give some fresh organic feel to the pink color, Just add some green plants near to it and you will see the magic. The above image is the best example to say yes to the pink color for your front door.

Vibrant Red

front door colors for gray house

In the world of china, red color stands for welcoming. This is the perfect reason to choose red color for your front door. Ancient china people believe that red color is a very auspicious and energetic color to have. It is definitely worth watching for your house’s front door color.

Currently, we are living in the modern generation where people may or may not believe in the ancient feng shui. But this traditional color gives bold vibes when you combine it with the neutral sliding exterior as it falls under the category of passion and intensity. Red also can be said as the perfect color for your front door.

Starting from the marron till cherry, red goes perfectly with the muted neutrals but they don’t create the attention. If you can just decorate it with brass hardware, then the red color for your front door will give a charming look. Just like the one is shown in the above image.

Pumpkin Orange

front door colors for gray house

Most people don’t want to go with the combination of orange color to their front door. But, to be honest, it’s a pretty decent color combination that makes your home look astonishing. that Orange is a jolly, positive color, very inviting and pleasing to the eyes. When backed with gray, it stands out even more colorful. Gives your house a pleasant, upbeat entrance.

However, you have different options to choose from in themselves. This means you don’t need to go with the bright bold pumpkin orange color. Rather, go with the subtle lighted orange shade color, that will enhance your front door more authentic.

Tropical Blue

front door colors for gray house

If you are thinking about the blue color, especially the tropical blue, aren’t you getting the feel of fresh palm trees and full sand beaches? The all-around blue color can be said as the perfect choice for your front door. Just try to combine it with gray sidling and you will love the outcome. We are pretty sure that combining the blue and light gray will get the feel of you’re living in a coastal area. You can also consider the other variations of the blue color like teal, navy, azure for the gray siding.

Woody Brown

front door colors for gray house

Brown can be said as the most fascinating color for your front door. Brown color slightly mix up with wood color, this means, it works excellent whether you have light or dark gray siding. You should definitely give a try to this all-around champ – the brown color.

If you want, you can also go with the real wood for your front door. Real wood doors can be the best option to choose with the latest or classic exteriors of the house. If you are living in a contemporary house, you can use the wooden doors in brown color that will eventually give you positive vibes.

Let’s say your front door is not built with solid wood or you don’t want to add wood to your exterior, you can just paint it with brown color to your door. Brown is an earthy, warm, and neutral color, if you pair it, your front door will look like anything. It will give you a monochromatic vibe as you can see in the above image, how beautiful the brown front door is looking next to the light gray siding.

Dreamy Purple

front door colors for gray house

You won’t see the purple color very often to a front door in the modern era. But that doesn’t mean that you should skip purple. It actually goes perfectly with the muted gray siding as seen in the above image. Adding the purple color to your front door will make a bold and dashing statement right from the front.

If your house has a gray brick, vinyl, stone brick then going with the purple front door color will look more authentic.

In China, the purple color deals with prosperity and peace. So if you are going with purple color, you will be benefiting from all the ways right from the exterior of the home.

Keep in mind that, purple color is also associated with spirituality. We can say that it is the best color for your front door as you can use it in any direction you want. It straight away gives the bold statement. So all we can say is to try out this color with various shades before opting for the next color.

Canary Yellow

front door colors for gray house

Canary yellow is always a joyful color. If your house’s exterior is loaded with grey walls then the yellow color will look stunning. This highly voted color will give you the shining vibe to your front door. As most of the colors create a peaceful atmosphere but not with the yellow color, it will shine your day.

Carnary yellow color is one such shade that will rock with the gray siding. You need to have some ideas to see it properly if you haven’t used this bold color for your front door in the past. Although, you can create a beautiful mood and tone with a dark bright yellow color for your gray outerior.

In the end, yellow deals with amusement, gentleness, humor. All we can say is, it gives you an energetic feel and can become the best front door color for your gray home.

Graceful Gray

front door colors for gray house

Gray can be said as the version of black. So don’t you think that it should match with the gray siding to give us a cohesive look? If you get the perfect shade of gray, it will create a warm vibe and enlighten your front door with the beauty it has.

Gray is the traditional, flexible color that fits with any color you want. It also gives a bold statement to your house’s exterior.

No matter, if you are going with toned gray color or muted hue, this beautiful and charming color is going to be the top shade for your front door. Most people also get confused to use the gray color to their front door as it may look more gloomy.

The above image tells you all the story of a gray color. You can see the dark gray front door color has created a smart and sleek look at the overall exterior of the house. Surrounded by some green plants and gray brick walls is definitely making the day.

Elegant Black

front door colors for gray house

Black color is always connected to prestige and glamor. If you really want to create an attention atmosphere to your front door, just go with the black-colored front door.

The black color works fine with the gray siding. The musted backdrop as gray will give you the black vibe. You have a plethora of benefits if you paint your front door with black color. Like, you can produce different shades of black and give colorful appeal to your home’s exterior.

You can also use some shades like glossy or matte black to your front door. With this, the gray color of your exterior will look like a luxurious stop.

Just have a look at the above image, how cool the black front door is looking in combination with the white exterior.

Bright White

The white color is associated with purity and innocence. You may think that white is not a good choice for a gray house. But this is not the case, This light, goddess heavenly color has never got out of the competition when it comes to styling the front door color.

Combining the white color with a gray exterior will make a bold statement about purity. In the above picture, you can see that the gray wall exterior has created the best-supporting color next to the white front door. Overall everything looks simple with the white color yet elegant in terms of design.

Now, increasing the home’s overall value and looks is your priority, go with the bright white front door color. It will set the tone of gray and will eventually look more authentic for anyone who walks towards the front door. You cannot skip the white color from the list if you are looking for the best one.


Here end’s the list of colors. We have showcased you different colors for your gray house front door. We hope that you have caught the right color from the list. The images that we have added to the above list have given you an idea of how the colors go in with the front doors. If you have anything more to say, don’t hesitate to check out the comment box.

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