Full Vs Half Dummy Doorknobs – The Definitive Guide

Full Vs Half Dummy Doorknobs – Door knobs are important parts of any door. They have practical uses apart from the beauty that they bring in. However, we do not really pay too much importance to doorknobs unless it is really essential.

Once we have to replace or buy a new one, we are surprised by the number of varieties that are available in the market. There is a specific doorknob called a dummy doorknob. As the name indicates, it does not really serve any purpose.

It only adds to the looks of the door and the house. Even these dummy knobs have two different types. One is the full dummy doorknob and the other is the half dummy doorknobs. This article will give you information about these dummy doorknobs.

What is a Dummy Doorknob ?

Full Vs Half Dummy Doorknobs

Doorknobs are so helpful in helping us open doors and close them easily. They are the ones which really make a room very secure. We can use doorknobs to make sure that doors cannot be opened. However, a dummy doorknob is something that is very different. It is not functional at all. But, it has other functions. It adds a lot to the beauty of the door. In fact, it can upgrade the looks of the whole room it is in.

Uses of dummy doorknobs

For French and double doors

Uses of dummy doorknobs

Among the different kinds of doors that are available, double and French doors are very special because they can make the whole house very attractive. This is because of the beautiful design value they carry.

These are doors that are placed at points that are openings to the building they are in. Hence, these doors definitely need doorknobs that work and keep the place secure. The drawback here is that there is only one doorknob on these doors.

The general feeling that we get is that they will look much better with two doorknobs instead of one. To set this right, all we need is to set up a dummy doorknob. There are various types of dummy doorknobs that you can choose from. These fashionable accessories are not a burden on your wallet also.

For The Closets, Cabinets, and Pantry Doors

In places such as closets, cabinets, and pantry doors, the basic function of the doorknob is to make the door look more stylish and also to make the opening of the door very comfortable. These doors really do not need a doorknob that really works. So, dummy doorknobs are ideal for such doors. And without any doubt, these doorknobs can improve the looks of the door to a great extent.

Types of Dummy Doorknobs

Full Dummy Doorknobs

Types of Dummy Doorknobs

Full dummy doorknobs also have the same functions described above. They mainly serve to increase the beauty of the doors they are fixed in. There are two types of these doorknobs. The full dummy doorknobs are actually handled that are full-sized.

They are not fitted with a mechanical latch as they do not function like regular doorknobs. Since they do not have the fittings required for a regular doorknob, they are capable of being fixed very easily on doors because a big hole is not required to do the fitting in. This kind of doorknob is conveniently available along with a door handle, knob, and false locking machinery.

The biggest advantage of this type of full dummy door knob is that it is very difficult to distinguish between the real doorknob that works and the dummy doorknob that does not really function. So, if you want to make your house look stylish, you can go right ahead and choose this kind of doorknob.


Fixing this kind of doorknob is one of the easiest things to do. Since it does not have the mechanism needed to function, you do not need to worry about making holes to fix this doorknob. The next advantage is that this is a one-sided doorknob and is fixed on one side of the door only. Hence, you will not require special tools to fix it. All you will need are a few simple things for fixing.


The disadvantage with this knob is that since it is not fitted with a mechanical latch, it cannot be depended upon for safety. It is only a means of improving the looks of the room it is in. The absence of a mechanical latch is a problem in a way because this means it cannot be fitted onto all doors that serve as entrance points. The whole thing becomes different if you have a French or a double door. In such cases, these knobs can be fitted in even if there is a doorknob that is fully functional.

Half dummy doorknob

Half dummy doorknob

Though the full and the half dummy doorknobs are very similar in many aspects, there is a basic difference between the two. The half dummy doorknobs come with only a single handle. This makes them ideal for closet or cabinet doors.


These fashionable doorknobs can really add an aesthetic look to your cabinet and closet doors. Apart from this major value that it comes with, it can also be fitted rather effortlessly as there is only one handle to fix.


Since this is not a functional doorknob, this also cannot be depended on for safety as the door in which it is fitted cannot be locked using this. So, if there are expensive items that need to be kept really safe, it is a good idea to opt for a lock that can ensure safety.

Full Vs Half Dummy Doorknobs : Steps to Install a Dummy Doorknob

Steps to Install a Dummy Doorknob

If you are faced with the task of fitting in a dummy doorknob and you really don’t have prior experience doing it, then there is really nothing to worry about as it can be done without any problems. All you need are a few simple regularly used tools to fix it. Follow the following steps to fix it perfectly well.

Step 1:

To begin with, ensure that you have all the required tools to fit the dummy doorknob. You will need a tape measure, drill, screwdriver, and marker. Then, look at the screws that come with the doorknob. You will have to have some drill bits that are as big as the screws.

Step 2:

As the second step, mark the areas which need to be drilled. For this, the best method to follow is to use your tape measure and measure about 36 inches above the floor. After you have positioned the point correctly, mark it with the marker. Generally, a dummy doorknob will need at least two points where you will have to drill holes. However, when you are marking the points, make sure that you have all the necessary points covered.

Step 3:

After marking all the necessary points, begin the drilling process. You should exercise caution when drilling as you may drill right through to the other side of the door. Ensure that this does not happen.

Step 4:

The next step is to keep the cover plate of the doorknob on the holes. After this, use the screws that come with the doorknob. You can also substitute the drill bit with the screws. At this stage, just ensure that are the screws are fixed tightly and safely.

Step 5:

This is the last step in fixing the doorknob. To complete this step and make sure that the doorknob is fixed well, locate a hole near the knob. You will have to use a specific type of screw in the hole. If the doorknob set has two holes, you will need two screws to fix them.

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