Futon vs Couch – 9 Critical Points

Futon vs Couch – What one needs while coming back to the room after a hectic day? A glass of water and a place to layover that gives comfort. Perfect furniture helps us to achieve nirvana which we want to. Perfect furniture and comfort are what we want to get rid of all the problems.

Without taking much space and not emptying our pockets too. It is very important to understand the needs of homes and ourselves and to find an intersection between to suit the best. But how would you decide you actually want a couch or a futon?

Let’s understand these

What is a Futon ?

Futon vs Couch

We really need to bow down our heads over the Japanese for giving us a revolutionary product. As they were the first to think and design about it. To have a thought of this versatile piece of furniture is already a thing to be proud of.

They initiated with some mattresses to be put on the floor that can be rolled up when not in use. So an extension of this idea some models with metal frames and padded cushions were also available. And were easily managed to use them for sleeping as well as sitting, here comes the idea of the versatility of Futon.

You can see the transformation of a couch to a bed (and the other way too) with just a blink. Back to the time when Futon was in trend and mass production was started, you would have to pay around $10,000 for a futon, but now you can get it for even $100, without deteriorating the quality.

We Will talk about the details later, we can count these benefits when buying a futon:

  • Effortless transition, from bed to sofa and the other way.
  • Economical and low-cost
  • Adaptive and Versatile
  • With the price of one you can get the benefits of two

Besides all the good things, it comes up with some minor issues which are faced while using futon :

  • Not as durable as couches.
  • The mattress is not very much comfortable and thick.
  • Few Futons along with some twists it also requires assembly

What must be considered the most when using a futon ?

We will be discussing about futon and will get a close perspective of it.


Having a futon is like having a bed and a sofa that’s too in a range of just a sofa. Futons are way affordable and their nature of versatility makes them a great fit for space issues.  It’s the perfect choice to install a couch that can be transformed if any unannounced guests are there.

The futon is preferred only because it turns into a bed whenever needed and the rest of the time it just is a couch. Saving space and money altogether.

Space Saver

In the previous paragraph we talked about space-saving, let us discuss it in detail.

People often deal with space and storage issues, here comes the Futon to the rescue. It can be seen as a perfect alternative to a traditional, space saver things are always in trend although being fit for less available spaces it could be the perfect solution.

Whether you are using it as a bed ever or not it’s your personal choice. One thing is perfectly sure to have something to rest even if you don’t have enough space when other spaces in other rooms are taken by beds.

It could be used as a couch during the day and as a bed overnight. If by any way your flat is a little tiny, it is the perfect one-piece furniture which you will be needing.

Attractive deals and prices

Most Futons are already coming at pocket-friendly prices, even if you choose the elemental metal frame, it would hardly cost a little less or more than $100. If you are ready to throw another $50 to $75 you will be getting a bunk type bed that works well even for extra guests and for children as well.

One thing is for sure, it gives you choices among various options. A plethora of designs, colors, sizes, and materials.  You can get it with a wooden finish, metallic finish, or everything that you can’t expect with beds. 

Needed extra padding you can always make one for yourself as separate mattress padding for more comfort. Either way, there are plenty of choices you can opt for.

When should you go for a couch ?

Generally, couches are supposed to last for decades. That’s why they are famous. Couch aka sofa is such an investment for which you will take a vow in any case. You can also read the comparission between Loveseat vs Sofa.

It is possible that promising. Usually, we see the one which is matching home aesthetics and we select the same. There are many criteria we must see before finalizing the deal. The colors and material and functionality are something to take care of. But one must refrain from buying a leather couch if you have pets especially cats in your house. And obviously, size is a must to be mentioned.

Let’s list down all the points which we can list down as advantages of the couch:

  • It is awesome for sitting purpose
  • It is already assembled, and you need not to assemble it.
  • The varieties it gives are impressive in sort of shapes, sizes and colors and styles, not to forget to mention.

Despite having way many reasons to pick them up. There will always be some other disadvantages of anything, so it is applicable here as well.

  • It can cost you way much.
  • Sleeping on it can be very uncomfortable.
  • It is near too immovable, moving even from one room to another can cost you a few bones.

Seeing all these aspects, lets us see now why we must go for couches.

Why do we need couches ?

We are trying to give you perfect criteria to go for either one in special tailor-made conditions, Let’s just have a closer look over these.


Back to the time when we were young to get fit on the couch, we loved to sleep on it. Now that we have grown up, we don’t want to sleep on the couch as It is very uncomfortable to sleep, and on the top, no one wants to take the back pain, stiff neck, and sore muscle. 

Even if you wish to have some nostalgic moments on the couch, your body will straight deny going with this idea.

Does Space-saving is in the context or not?

If you are going to use it as a bed, a lot of space can be saved. No folding and unfolding are required if it comes already installed.

And if you are putting it in the guest room, considering the comfort of guests. You might be going beyond your limit of expense but It will be a suggestion to not to compromise for a couple of inches.

Moreover if bought, it will be surely going to give more space at least as a king-size bed would. But Futons width aren’t that much, But the length will be expected when opened as a bed. It would be the best option if you figure out prior which is suitable as per your needs.

Price is Complementing or not ?

Unfortunately, Price handling is not something which is advised while buying Sofas because if we find something low in budget, the design will be switching to a love seat and not the sofa.

We have another discussion written here as a comparison of the love seat and couch (hyperlink for the previous article). But still, we can find something good in the mid-range, neither too pricey nor very cheap,

But this can hamper the durability of the couch as well. As it will be made of low-quality materials which obviously you would not like it.

Futon vs Couch : Conclusion

The futon is different from the couch on so many levels,

A basic sofa is always great if you are looking for durable and good-looking furniture only for sitting purposes. And you are having a huge space to keep a big sized Sofa, then the suggestion would be to go with a sofa or couch.

But in any case, if you are looking for something which is affordable, and can be shifted even with low space, and your demands are not in the direction of much comfort. Then you can perfectly go with Futon.

Can we use a futon as a Couch ?

We can experiment with the looks and materials to get what we want, Let’s see how it can go if we do so?


See your room with a different perspective and keep the futon where you might be keeping the couch, Don’t think to keep it somewhere on the side, this could be the biggest mistake you might do, It would be better to keep it where you would be keeping couch, its look will be more like a couch and less like a Futon.


If you are determined to have your futon look like a couch. You must try your best to make it work as a couch.

For instance, Futons may slip out easily being able to convert to a bed so it may be slip from edges, It would be stable if we attach a couple of grippers to the frame. This will restrict the joints or legs to slip away.

Mattresses can also be a problem if it is slipping, Even if you find plenty of designs or forms, a few problems do exist with every Futon. We can use a glued stick or adhesive so that it sticks on with its place.

Bu this way it will not slip at all. Few arm pillows can be added to complete the look, and it will be an add on for the comfort level, Don’t forget to add extra padding in seats to make it look like a sofa and not to look like a Futon.


We can use a couch near the light so that it could be used in regular activities. Like reading, writing, or anything suitable, Installing a standing lamp near Futon can make it more accessible. And if you are using overhead lighting, please add it as it will be complementing the Futon.


The couch is rarely placed alone in the room, so a complementary side table or center table can be added. Even a coffee table would do.


The best accessories for a futon would be covers, The same way you would be decorating a sofa, you can decorate a Futon. Buy a fitted cover and add some pillows to complete the look. If it looks like a couch with all the small changes we have done, Enjoy! We completed the task already.

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