What is High Pile Carpet – The Definitive Guide

You can choose a high pile carpet for your home. A high pile carpet will add a nice luxurious effect to your home.  Let us discover the various high pile carpet in this article.

Carpet Height

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The carpet fibers stick up the base of the carpet. this type of carpet is known as high pile carpet. There are three types of piles. Such as a slow, medium, and high pile. The low pile is .25 inches or less; the medium piles are .25 to .5 inches, whereas the final pile is .5 to .75 inches.

The ones that have long fibers are known as the high pile carpet. High pile carpet is more cushiony and softer to walk on.

You can choose a plushy or shaggy carpet if the fibers are longer than .75 inches. These belong to a more luxurious variety of carpets. The ones with thicker fibers are difficult to tackle and clean at home. Still provide a smoother and softer look. This can be considered as a special high pile carpet.

We can benefit from these carpets in many ways. Mainly these varieties of carpets can cancel noise and provide a soothing soft feel under your feet. These dense carpets are good for heating the floor and providing great padding for the feet. The long fibers are good for the cushioning effect.

You can choose taller and thicker threads for the carpets. The taller the threads can act, the better the sound absorber. You will also find no echo in the same room of the carpet. You can install solid doors and double-paned glass or thick walls. All of these will make the room more soundproof.

Carpet Density

The high pile has the densest threading for the carpet. The dense threading will require more area for the carpets.

A low pile carpet is much easier to handle. The low piles are woven low and close to each other. The pile is woven flat and thinner than a high pile. You can easily install a low pile carpet as it is easier to clean and wash them. The below piles do not allow dirt or dust to enter the low pie carpet. This carpet is hard at the bottom and does not have enough fabric to clean.

A high pile carpet is different from a low pile carpet. The dirt and dust do not enter inside within the threads. The dirt only stays on top layers. You can also vacuum the top layers.

A medium-layer carpet has both qualities. They both have decent cleaning abilities. This carpet is soft and easy to maintain in a home environment. You can use this carpet if you have pets or children.

Different Types of the Pile- Cut and Loop

The carpets are made from yarns. The only thing that varies depends on the way these yarns are cut.

Cut carpet

The cutting is done as fibers come up from the base. This carpet is cut according to length. This is a softer carpet, and the loop carpet has more strength than this carpet.

There are two types of cut carpets, namely, velvety and Saxony. This carpet has a wider surface area than a base. Saxony and velvety are different from each other. The velvety has thicker fibers, whereas the Saxony variety has more thin strings of fibers.

The other two types are frieze cut carpet and Random shear carpet. The shear carpet is cut in angular directions rather than straight cuts. The frieze carpet is cut into different lengths, hiding the footprint.

Velvety has the best comforting quality of the carpet, and it also has the highest quality of pile.

Loop carpet

These carpets have fibers arranged in loops instead of being cut as it rises from the base. One fiber can appear like two fibers. These carpets are denser than a cut carpet. The softness might not be the same. This is due to the double threads. These carpets are softer and more durable than other types.

Nowadays you can also find the two kinds of carpet in one. The loop carpet will provide strength, whereas the cut carpet will provide softness.

Berber is a variety of loop carpet that has the thickest fibers. The thick fibers of a Berber carpet make it the best among the loop carpet. There are various loop carpets, such as a double-layer single layer or multiple layer loop carpet. The multi-layer loop carpet has a soft pile and also forms the most durable carpet. They also hide the indentations.

You can also choose the combination of a loop carpet and a cut carpet to get the benefits of them both.

Choosing Between a High and Low Pile

Now you know about the kind of cuts you want for your house. The high and low piles are both different types of carpets. The high pile is for the soft, soothing feel. And the low piles are mainly for the hard support and are easy to clean. Velvety has a softer and smoother combination, whereas frieze is more textured. Multiple levels of loop carpet can be stronger than the others.

Low piles are suitable for people who are sensitive to pollen and dust. People who are prone to allergies and pollen low piles are appropriate for them. These carpets are easy to clean and vacuum regularly.

How to maintain a high pile carpet

Here are some of the steps you can follow to keep high pile carpet clean.

No shoes on the carpet! You have to keep away dirty shoes from this carpet. The dirt is easily attracted to this carpet. The dirt on the carpet cannot be easily removed. Hence, you have to maintain certain cleanliness rules.

Keep eating and drinking to a minimum.

People often enjoy and have fun in the living area with their family and friends. In such cases, the high pile carpet is not suitable for spillage of food or drinks on them. It is not easy to clean this type of carpet. Hence, it will be easier if you maintain good habits for this carpet. Some of the carpets are stain-resistant but not all.

Brush pets daily-  like dirt and dust, the pet hairs can sink into this carpet, causing a deposit of the dirt inside the carpet. You must brush the pets daily and make them suitable for freely roaming around the carpet.

Shift furniture weekly- you must use the furniture away from the fibers of the high pile carpet. It is advised to avoid keeping the furniture intact for a long time. This will cause the weight of the furniture to be distributed evenly all over the carpet.

Consider color

Remember that light shades of any color can show dirt and stains sooner than other darker shades. There is an exception that it would be a good idea if your pet is light-haired. In that situation, the light-colored furs of the pet will be seen clearly on a carpet with a darker background. You can choose a carpet color that matches the fur color of your pet.

Vacuum high pile carpet

You have to vacuum once every week. However, using a vacuum on a carpet can become the reason for the wear and tear of the carpet in the long run.  You have to compromise this and go for the daily cleaning of the carpet.

You must set the vacuum to its limited adjustment. The fibers must not suck in the fibers. For carpet cleaning, the setting must be kept at the tall end. These actions are necessary for a shag carpet.

Roomba is a powerful robot cleaner. These gadgets can easily clean the bushy and heavy carpets. However, not suitable for all heavy carpets. You have to use the extra fibers out of the way in order to clean the deeper ends.

Shampooing and steaming the high pile

It is not always possible to clean these carpets using vacuums or dusters. You require a thorough shampooing of the furry carpets. There are many dry shampoos and other steaming methods to clean the high pile carpets. You must not worry about getting the carpet ruined with moisture.

Steaming is a better option than dry shampooing. The steaming process involves cleaning the fibers. The dry shampoo involves brushing the fibers of the carpet from the very ends. The shampooing of the carpet also involves vacuuming the extra dirt from the thick fiber roots.

The steam cleaner uses shampoo along with the water. This will deep clean the fibers of the carpet, and later you can easily suck up all the dirt from the carpet fiber using a strong steam cleaner. It almost works like rain as a natural cleanser.

Removing stains from high-pile carpet

Immediately if you notice stains, you can opt for using a paper towel to blot the stain in order to make it easily removable.

Next, you can apply a half and half solution of white vinegar and water on the stain and let it soak for some time. Soon you will notice the stain getting off the carpet fiber. You can use the same solution to scrub it further. This will secure the carpet from getting ruined.

How to Remove Odors from High-Pile Carpet

To remove odor, you can apply a sprinkle of baking powder.

Before vacuuming after the steaming process, the longer the fiber, the most dirtier it can get. The long fibers can absorb more odor and dirt. Often a regular vacuum cannot remove the odor.

You can apply the baking powder hack with the dry shampoo. You can apply the baking powder along with the dry shampoo and keep it resting for half an hour. After that, you can easily vacuum all the dirt and the odor leaving the room clean and fresh. These are also useful if you have pets in your home.

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