How Much Do French doors cost ? – The Definitive Guide

It is quite natural for us to focus on style and appeal when we build a house or refurbish existing houses. The best way to achieve what we want to focus on is to incorporate stylish French doors in our house building plans. But how much do french doors cost ?

In fact, they should be an important part of your plans. These doors are elegant and flamboyant and are the perfect fashion statement. Though they are flashy, they are nowhere near dominating.

The French door was originally used as early as the Renaissance period in France in the 16th century. France is a place that is very well known for its innovative ideas in architecture. The French door is one of these ideas that has become immensely popular globally.

These doors are multi-taskers and can be used both inside and outside the house. When they are used outside, they gracefully divide the inside of the house from the patio or backyard. They can serve as wonderful dividers inside houses that have open floor plans.

They can also function as room dividers. So, if you want to separate the living room area from the dining room area or the dining room area from the kitchen, then think of these doors. They are great dividers between rooms.

Additionally, they also allow a great amount of light into the house because they are equipped with a number of window panes right from the top to the bottom. These do not provide too much privacy at night and so, you might require curtains to provide you the required privacy.

Factors That Influence the Price of French Doors

When we decide to buy something, the first thing that comes to our minds is the price that we will have to pay to buy what we want. The same goes for these doors too. However, the pricing of these doors always depends on some external factors such as location, materials, and the size of the door. Let us look at these factors in detail.


It may be surprising to know that all French doors do not cost the same. Their prices are different based on things such as the labor rates and also the cost incurred in producing the doors in the place that it is produced. Hence, their rates are different in different places such as the USA, UK, and South Africa.


The other important factor that decides the cost of these doors is the materials that are used. The price depends heavily on how easily these materials are available. Materials such as wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl are used for these doors.

Among these materials, wood is very strong and also attractive. So, French doors made of wood are much more costly than doors made of PVC or aluminum. Just like wood, each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, when you decide on the door, choosing the correct material will play an important role in deciding on the price of the door.

Size of the door

The cost of the door also depends a lot on the size of the door. If the door is big, the price will be higher. This is because if the door is big, the material used will also be more. This also means that the number of panes of glass will also be more and this will lead to the door being more expensive. It is also true that the number of glass panes in some doors is more than the ones in other doors. The ones with more glass panes will cost more.

Fitting doors

The next significant thing that decides the price of these doors is the fixing of the doors. It is rather difficult to fix these doors yourself unless you are an expert at this job. In most cases, you will have to get help from professional contractors to install these doors.

Based on this factor, there are two ways these doors are priced. They are priced separately if all they need to do is to supply these doors. If they have to fix the door also for you, then the price is different.

Hence, you also have two options. You could either buy the doors from the shop and hire your own person to come and fix them for you. If this is not possible or difficult, then you can pay a higher price and buy a door that will be fixed by the people in the store itself.

How Much Do French doors Cost ?

The cost of these doors listed in the article is average prices that are normally used in furniture stores. They are not very exact prices. But, it is important to remember that the factors explained above do influence the prices largely.

The cost of these doors in the UK can be cheap as 300 pounds or as expensive as 2000 pounds. In the USA, the same could be as cheap as 350 pounds or as expensive as 2000 pounds.

Types of French Doors

How Much Do French doors cost

There are different types of doors that are available to buy these days. You have to consider the type that will be the best for your house and then buy accordingly. The different types of doors are discussed below to help you decide.

Swing-in/Swing-out French doors

Swing-in/Swing-out French doors

As the name indicates, these doors move in and out. There are different types that have either one door or two doors. These doors can swing easily because they are fixed using door hinges.

It is obvious that the ones with two doors are much more expensive. If you like these doors and decide to buy them, then there is something that you should remember to check before buying. These doors swing on both sides.

So, before buying and fixing these doors, you should remember to check for clearance. Some of the French doors that have only one door come equipped with sidelights that are fixed in one place.

These sidelights give the appearance of a double door. If there is not enough place for the double door or if you are not able to afford one, then this sidelight will be a good choice for you.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors

These doors are the best suited for the patio. They are typically doors that can be used outside. This is because they slide across and this type is suited for the outside.

The doors that are used outside have to invariably be stronger than the ones inside as these doors double up as safety measures too. To make it possible for these doors to slide from one end to another, they are attached to a track.

Pocket French doors

Pocket French doors

These doors are exceptionally stylish and they are the best bet if you really want a striking pattern for your door. There is a pocket that is inbuilt into the wall and these doors fit perfectly into these pockets when they are open. They are not available very freely. They also have a sliding mechanism. They are ideally used in the interior only.

Bifold French doors

Bifold French doors

These doors are completely different from the others. They, in fact, combine the functions of two types of doors. They are equipped with both the hinge and the track which help them open and close. You can also use the different types of door locks for these french doors.

They also have 2 or 3 doors on both sides and the big advantage with these doors is that they can be folded one on top of the other and then moved to a side in order to open the door. Since it has this major advantage, it is typically used with closets. However, it also finds good use in houses that are massive.

Benefits of French Doors

French doors are cherished by many people and used in houses as they are fascinating and appealing. Apart from their charming looks, they are an added advantage to the house as they are big and hence, allow a lot of wonderful natural light and fresh air into the house. Thus, both their looks and their use make the house a lot more worthy when it is sold or bought.

Disadvantages of French Doors

Apart from all these terrific advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. The glass in these doors looks amazing but does not work well as far as safety is concerned. Since they are made predominantly of glass, thieves can easily break the glass and rob your things.

To solve this problem, there are locks that can be fitted at the top, middle, and bottom. If this is done, the door can provide a lot more protection. An alarm that goes off when the door is broken into should also be fitted in the door for extra safety.

Another disadvantage is that these doors, especially the ones with the two doors that swing both sides occupy too much of place. So, if you feel the house is too small for these doors, then do not fret. You can always opt for sliding doors if this happens.

The third disadvantage with these doors is that since they are made completely of glass, there is hardly any privacy for the people in the house. This can be fixed by using curtains that provided the needed privacy. 

Though this article is short, it is thorough and can really help you decide on the right door if you want to fix a new door or renovate. It is good that many of these doors come with ready-made frames made of wood.

So, if you are comfortable fixing them on your own, it is not a very difficult task. However, if you are not very confident, it is not a good idea to try as you might increase your expenses by damaging the door. Instead, you could always engage a contractor who will do a good job for you.

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