How to Clean Bamboo Floors ( Engineered )

Floors that are made of bamboo are among the most beautiful floors. Since they are made of wood, they have the essence of nature in them. And needless to say, these floors do not harm the world in any way since the material is natural. These fashionable and stylish floors are becoming the favorite all over the Western world.

Though these floors are extremely attractive, they do need a lot of maintenance. Without care, they will get damaged pretty soon. What damages them most is the dirt and dust that collect on them. A lot of dirt and dust can damage the floor and dent or scratch it. If this happens, the floor loses its good looks.

This article gives you valuable, easy, and cost-effective methods to maintain your bamboo floors and keep them looking as good as new. It also lists out the things you should do and things you should avoid to achieve this effect.

Let us first look at the things you will need to keep your bamboo floor neat and clean.

  • A broom with soft bristles
  • A microfiber mop
  • Mop bucket
  • Dry towel
  • Waste bin
  • A sponge or clean, soft cloth
  • Non-abrasive, wax-free hardwood floor cleaner (optional)

Step 1 – clean the spills

Even if we are very careful, at times, we do spill things on the floor and these things tend to stain or dirty the floor. If this happens, simply use a semi-wet microfiber cloth and clean the spill. After the area is clean, it is important to dry the area using a soft towel.

Step 2 – Sweep the floor with a broom:

It is imperative to sweep the floor with a broom regularly. The best kind of broom for this will be a soft-bristled broom. Using this, make sure that you remove all the dirt. The dirt that is collected should be put into a waste bin.

Step 3 – clean the dried stains

After removing the material that is spilt on the floor, you may still notice the stain that it has caused. If there are stains, all you have to do is just dampen the microfiber cloth using water and run it over the affected area.

If the stain is stubborn and refuses to leave, then, the best option is to use a non-alkaline hardwood floor cleaning solution. Just put the liquid on the cloth and rub it on the stain. Remember that the cleaning solution should also not be left on the floor.

So, after the stain is gone, remove the cleaning solution also with a clean, damp cloth. The final step here is to use a soft towel and ensure that the whole area is dry.

Step 4 – Mop the floor

You can either dry or wet mop your bamboo floor. However, mopping it with a wet mop is the best way to get it absolutely clean. The kind of mop that is used is also important. Always go for a soft one like a microfiber mop. The other type with strings is really not suitable for cleaning bamboo floors.

Usually, wet mops contain a flat head and microfiber strings. In this way, they are a lot like the conventional string mops. All of these can get the floor very clean. The flat head option has some advantages over the others though. The part of the floor covered with just one wipe is much larger with this mop. Also, compared to the other mops, the amount of moisture it removes with one movement is much more than the others.

When you buy a mop, it is always advisable to buy one with a strong handle and a head that can be easily washed clean. Using such a mop on the bamboo floor will make it absolutely neat and clean and it will be a pleasure to walk on such a clean floor after it has dried well.

How Often to Clean Bamboo Flooring

how to clean Bamboo Floors

If the room in which the bamboo floor is is used regularly by a lot of people,  then the floor has to be cleaned very consistently to maintain it well and keep it looking neat and clean. Typical rooms like the hallway, kitchen, or children’s room are examples of such places where routine cleaning is necessary.

In spite of being careful, if something spills on the floor, be quick to clean it promptly. Do not delay the cleaning unnecessarily. The cleaning must be done when the material that spilt on the floor is still wet. For routine weekly cleaning, the best mop to be used is a damp microfiber cloth or mop.

There is no standard cleaning routine that can be followed for all bamboo floors. The frequency of cleaning required depends on the usage of the floor. If the usage is more, then, it needs to be cleaned very frequently. If it is not used a lot, then it need not be cleaned so frequently.

For rooms where there is really not much of use such as study room and guest bedrooms, cleaning even once a month is more than enough to keep the floors keep looking good.

How to Maintain Your Bamboo Flooring

A great bamboo floor is a pride for the owner and if you own one, you will surely want to know the best methods to preserve its beauty and maintain its looks for a long time to come. The following points will help you do this successfully.

  • The nails of animals can scratch the bamboo floor and damage them. So, if you have pets living with you, it is a good idea to cut their nails periodically and maintain them so that they do not scratch the floor.
  • Scratches are caused not only by nails of animals. Even the soles of our shoes can cause the same effect. Additionally, shoes can also bring in dirt on to the bamboo floor. So, it is always advisable for anyone who comes into the room with the bamboo floor to leave their footwear outside so that the floor does not become dirty or get scratched.
  • It is a very good practice to have a doormat at all entry points. You should also think of covering the bamboo floor with rugs. This should be done in areas where the floor is used very heavily. The kind of rug that you use should also be selected well. A breathable mesh rug is the best option. Never choose a mesh or rubber or vinyl rug as the floor can be ruined as a result of using them. These rugs must be moved periodically in order to keep shadows away.
  • The other things that could scratch the floor are the furniture in the room. In order to avoid this, the legs of all the furniture in the room should be fitted with soft pads.
  • Moving the furniture in the room from one place to another is inevitable. However,if you drag the furniture around, you are sure to damage your bamboo floor. Instead, always make it a point to carry your furniture around so that there are no scratches on the floor.
  • Another major factor affecting the looks of the bamboo floor is the humidity that is maintained in the room. Too much of humidity that too for prolonged periods can cause your floor to expand. On the other hand, if humidity is not sufficient, then cracks appear on the floor. To prevent both these situations, it is always better to sustain the humidity in the room at 30 to 50 percent.
  • Since bamboo is made of wood, it is easily damaged by water. Wood absorbs water and so can easily damage the floor. This explains why it is so important to wipe spills promptly without any delay. The best mop to use for this is a microfiber cloth or mop.

Things You Should Not Do

It is absolutely important to know how to preserve your bamboo floor and what you should avoid keeping it looking great. If you are careful about the things listed below, then you can avoid a lot of expenditure, a lot of waste of time, and trouble also.

  • A vacuum is a definite no to using on your bamboo floor. It has a nozzle that is very capable of scratching the floor. The only way to vacuum without scratching the floor is to attach a soft bristled brush to the cleaner.
  • Do not use excess water to clean the floor. Only a mildly moist mop or cloth is the ideal way to clean the floor.
  • Never use harsh scrubbing wires to clean the bamboo floor. These harsh bristles are meant to clean only vessels in the kitchen. These can never be used on the floor. In the same way, harsh bristled brooms and scrubbers should not be used on the floor.
  • The cleaning material that you use is also very important. It is not at all advisable to use strong chemical to mop the floor. The list of things that should definitely be avoided are bleach, ammonia, abrasive cleaning solutions, furniture polish, oil soap, pure undiluted soap, baking soda, rubbing alcohol and any other harsh chemical which is only to be used in the bathroom or to clean the oven. Using these on the floor can make it dangerously slippery leading to accidents. You should also avoid cleaning materials with wax. This kind of a material is likely to leave back a milky residue on the floor. The marks that this creates will be very difficult to remove. The best thing to use for cleaning the floor is a pH neutral hardwood floor cleaning product that is wax free and non alkaline. This will not leave any streaks on the floor.
  • Glue or paint that spills on the floor can get really dry and have to be removed. Once it has dried, it should never be removed with a knife. Instead, the dry material has to be made soft using a heat gun or hair dryer. After it becomes soft, it should be removed using a soft cloth.
  • Using a steam mop on such a floor is a bad idea as the heat will only make the moisture go deeper into the bamboo floor. If water seeps in like this, there will be a lot of damage to the floor.
  • Remember to cut the nails of your pets so that they do not scratch the floor.
  • Our own footwear like high heeled shoes and sneakers can also damage these floors to a large extent. In fact, they are capable of causing dents in the floor. This is more possible with floors that are made of completely natural bamboo. This is because these kinds of floors are 30 percent softer than the other kinds of floors.


Shall I use vinegar For cleaning my bamboo floors?

A little bit of vinegar is quite good to use to clean bamboo floors. You can make a combination of a quarter cup of distilled white vinegar and a quarter of cold water. You can use a sponge or cloth to clean the floor.

This must be dipped in the solution and then wrung well so that there is no surplus liquid that will spoil the floor. After ensuring this, the floor can be cleaned of stains with a cloth or sponge. This process should be used only on very adamant stains. However, this should not be repeated too often as vinegar is too strong for the bamboo floor. It may even strip away the floor.

Which is the best bamboo floor cleaning product?

There are many hardwood floor cleaners available and as long as they are not made of harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach, they are suitable for cleaning bamboo floors. Just ensure that the cleaning agent that you use is neither too acidic nor alkaline.

Either way, the bamboo floor will be ruined. How do we decide whether a particular cleaning agent is good for the floor? By looking at the label and seeing if it has pH-neutral ingredients. If it contains these ingredients, then you can confidently use it to clean the floor. 

The other safe products that can be used are the eco-friendly products that are available. They are equally good at cleaning the floor and making it free of stains and dirt. If you are a little doubtful, the cleaning agent can always be mixed with water and then used to clean the floor. 

How long do bamboo floors last?

Bamboo floors are extremely durable and can be really strong and good for as long as 50 years also. But for them to last so long, they should be maintained very well. These floors do not get damaged so easily due to use. However, if the floor is made of soft bamboo, the floor may be good to use only for 20 to 30 years.


how to clean Bamboo Floors

If bamboo floors are not cleaned as and when required, then it will lead to a situation where you will have to do major cleaning to maintain your floor. So, it is always better to clean your floors whenever required.

This is more true for rooms where there is a lot of usage of the floor and where there are a lot of people walking around. In houses where there are pets or little kids, more cleaning will be necessary in order to ensure that the floor is in great condition. You do not have to worry about what to do and what not to do as this article lists out all that you need to know about maintaining bamboo floors.

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