How to Fix Gaps in Hardwood Floors – A Comprehensive Guide

How to Fix Gaps in Hardwood Floors – Hardwood is one of the classic choices for flooring. It is the most common choice for homeowners. It adds subtle intimacy and warmth to the room space. Unlike now, people are also buying newly tiled floors. 

No doubt, they are really strong and low maintenance for floorings. However, wooden flooring makes the space more fantastic and beautiful. Moreover, this is applicable for any other flooring item. Hardwood is a phenomenal choice for an entire durable and strong home. Especially for the flooring choice.

These wood floors are a good choice for a living area. Although the planks become warped and begin to show gaps as time passes.

Due to the seasonal changes, like, temperature and humidity often- flooring comes under several changes in the size and texture of the planks. Due to heat, the flooring expands, and when it is cold, the planks shrink, causing gaps. However, during monsoon, the humidity causes them to swell up, whereas a dry winter causes them to shrink. 

Hence, installing hardwood floors involves certain measures to be taken due to the seasonal changes. When the gaps become too big, we can apply various fixes depending on the condition.

Here are some of the techniques;

Narrow Gaps and Temporary Solutions

It is possible to prevent the narrow gaps from being highlighted. Although, you can hide these gaps with the following measures;

Wood Filler

Fix Gaps in Hardwood Floors

You can apply wooden fillers as a short-term fix for the gaps in between the hardwood floor planks. The planks of the floor keep altering due to the seasonal influences resulting in cracking and crumbling of the fillers eventually.

However, wood fillers are cost-friendly and recommended for minimally damaged hardwood. You can apply these filters for a short period till you find a long-lasting solution. You have to fill the floor gaps with the mixture using a caulk gun. 

First, you have to vacuum all the gaps to clear the space. However, the vacuum needs to be attached with a hose to avoid any mess. You have to apply the adhesive in small portions at every 5 cm and then rub it nicely so that it blends in. You have to be careful to fill the gaps with the required amount of wooden fillers as the floor planks may expand back during summer.

Large Gaps

There are several other long-lasting solutions to feel larger floor gaps for long-term benefit, and they can be expansive. Here are some of the methods;

Wood strips

Fix Gaps in Hardwood Floors

This method involves using small strips of wood of the same hardwood as the floor to fill the gaps. However, you need to check the gap sizes. Moreover, then cut fine strips of the same material.

Then you can fix the strips on their position using glue and a bit of hammering. However, you can use a damp rag to wipe off the excess glue after placing the wood strips. Then after you have to be sure that the hardwood strip is nicely fixed without any spot to peek.  Even though they installed new wood strips. You may have to sand the place to complete the fix.


Fix Gaps in Hardwood Floors

For this fix, you will require a rope made of cotton or jute. You cannot use a rope made of synthetic material like plastic as it might not give you the best long-lasting result. Moreover, fixing floor gaps with rope is one of the oldest techniques of fixing hardwood floor gaps.

Firstly, you have to clear the gaps nicely with a vacuum to remove the debris within. The next step involves staining the rope with the same color as the hardwood flooring. However, the rope has to be a bit thicker than the gaps. After the rope is ready, tuck it nicely inside the gaps. Well, you can trim the extra part of the rope with any sharp knife.

Using sawdust and resin

Fix Gaps in Hardwood Floors

Another useful method to fill the gaps on the hardwood floor is using sawdusts. The sawdusts can perfectly repair the flooring and make it look pristine clean. This is a guaranteed fix.

Firstly you have to mix the sawdust with some transparent resins. You can use a bucket. Then you have to apply the fix in the gaps of the flooring carefully.  Resins are very sensitive to the atmosphere because they can harden very quickly.

You have to apply the resin mix quickly to the gaps, especially on a summer day. You have to apply the mix carefully two or three times to make sure it sticks nicely inside. You have to be quick and minute while doing the work.

Leveling out the humidity 

The gaps between the hardwood flooring can happen due to the weather changes such as humidity and bad weather levels; too much moisture in the air can cause damage to the wooden plank.

Therefore, it is compulsory to find an equilibrium in the relative humidity of the room. You have to maintain the humidity between 35%-55% to protect the hardwood from shrinking, cracking, expanding, etc.

A humidifier can easily element these issues and balance proper moisture in the room. However, a humidifier can be expensive. However, a humidifier can be really useful to fix wood damage if carefully bought.

You have to make sure that the machine is enough for the entire flooring space. The humidifier also balances the temperature. It is better to have the humidity balancing machine installed in your house by an expert professional. 

Replacing the entire floor with new wood

Fix Gaps in Hardwood Floors

It can be the case that the gaps in between your wooden flooring are too big to be filled up by small wooden strips. It can be difficult to fix a damaged hardwood floor. In such a case, you need to re-furnish the whole flooring with a new batch of hardwood. 

You need to take care of your house from time to time. Suppose you have left the house unchecked and soaked for any reason, then the hardwood floor can easily get ruined and swollen. In such severe cases, you have to take professional help to fix your house.

Fix Gaps in Hardwood Floors : Final Thoughts

It is best to check the hardwood flooring of your house from time to time. If you notice gaps, then it is required to fix them immediately. You need to fix the openings instantly to avoid any glitches in the long run.

You have to call professional flooring experts to fix the issues. Carpenters can fix the floor gaps with many methods depending on the condition of the damage. They will tell you which gaps can be filled up so that they can expand back to normal size during summer or which gaps are hard to fix. 

The positioning of the crawl space is important. If the flooring is over the crawl space, you need to seal the space perfectly from dust or humid air entering. You can seal the space with poly sheets of 6 mils to prevent the hardwood floor from future damage. You can apply any of the methods from the above guideline to cure the gaps in your hardwood flooring.

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