How to Get Ants Out of Carpet – 4 Proven Ways

How to Get Ants Out of Carpet – You cannot leave a group of ants or a train of ants alone in your house carpets. If you think these grouped insects will go away on their own, then you are wrong. When ants enter your house, they will keep coming from time to time, even if you wipe the train or the clutter off your carpet surface.

You can understand these ants nesting in your carpet when you can feel small bites while sitting on it. If your carpet is dark, the ants will not be visible. The ant infest needs a quick remedy to prevent further spreading of the ants into the carpet fibers.

It is essential to look for the main source or the colony of the ants to cease their incoming. If you follow the guidelines or suggestions below, you can easily prevent ant-infest from your floor carpet, without any worries.

Possible Reasons for Ants Invading Your Carpet

Food Spillage

Ant-infest is a common problem for every household with carpets. You have to know how to keep the carpet in your living space clean and tidy. People often gather around in the comfy areas of the room, and it is obvious to have a carpet in these areas of the rooms.

Once these carpets are left unclean or untidy, the ants or other insects begin to infest quickly. They can infest a definite portion of the carpet overnight. Insects are attracted to moisture or food.

It is common to spill drinks or liquid on the floor or near the carpet when people enjoy their time at home. These little accidents can lead to major ant infest later on. Moreover, it is advised to enjoy food or drinks away from the carpet area.

If you are unable to clean the carpets regularly, you should avoid spillage of food on them. It can be any food such a small bits of chookies or cakes, chips, or a sprinkle of cold drinks. From now onwards, let’s avoid leaving crumbs of food on the carpets and start using a bowl or a covered food plate to avoid food spillage.

Moreover, you cannot have children eating without spillage on the carpets. Hence, it is a better option to arrange food away from the carpet.

Dirty Carpet

Ants are considered one of the fastest-moving insect groups. You will not know when these insects will slowly enter your space and build their own nest. Ants or other insects are mainly attracted to food crumbs or residue of food that gets stuck in your carpet.

Therefore, you must clean the carpet of your space regularly. However, it can become hard to clean the carpet daily. In that case, the carpets can be cleaned weekly and following rigorous methods and vacuums.

If such cleanliness is maintained, then the ants will not be able to enter your living space. Moreover, you should avoid snacking on the couches to avoid spills on the carpets as it can be difficult to remove tiny bits of food stuck between the carpet fiber.

If your carpet is of a darker shade, then it can be difficult for you to trace the insects traveling. Hence, it is vital to keep the carpets clean.

Rotten Floorboards

Floorboards are beneath the flooring of a room and below your floor carpet. It is common that over time these boards can get ruined. The main cause of these floorboards getting spoiled is moisture. Floorboards can be as old as the house.

Therefore, your floorboard can have cracks and spoiled parts. The little groups of ants will begin to infest the area quickly. Sometimes it isn’t easy to understand the entry point of the ant-infested.

The ants can hide inside these damp floorboards and come out for food hunting through various cracks on the floor or the wall. Moreover, the carpets can be easily accessed by these ants.

How to Get Ants Out of Carpet

Method 1: Use Ant Bait

This method works well if the ants have not yet reached your carpet fibers. You have to place a food bait near the carpet and let the ants take it to their colony. These carrier ants will then deliver the food bait to the queen ant. When the queen ant is killed, the other ants will not carry on. You cannot put the food bait on the carpets to avoid the ant from entering the fabric.

Method 2: Boric Acid Powder

How to Get Ants Out of Carpet

You can get rid of the ant infest by applying boric powder all over the carpets. This method is very much effective and will yield you a good result. First, you have to spread the boric powder in every corner of the carpets to sip inside the fiber.

The boric acid will enter the corners and perish the ant groups. This method is required when the ant has spread into the fabric of the carpet. The acidic boric powder kills the insects overnight, and the next morning you have to vacuum the carpet to get rid of the excess powder. You can easily buy boric powder from any market.

Method 3: High-Powered Vacuum

How to Get Ants Out of Carpet

If you don’t have boric powder, you can easily get vacuum the carpets regularly. Vacuum the carpet regularly before the ant spreads all over the fiber. A powerful vacuum can surely remove all the ants.

There are special carpet vacuums with HEPA filters that can entirely clean the dirt from the carpet fiber. You have to buy one such vacuum machine.

It is a good habit to clean the carpet regularly. You are advised to clean it thrice a week with this vacuum to keep the ants or other pests away.

Method 4: Carpet Disinfectant

How to Get Ants Out of Carpet

In the market, you may find various disinfectants to remove ants from your carpets. You have to be careful before applying the insecticide or the disinfectant on your precious carpets. You better go through the caution and the labels in the container.

You might have to use the disinfectant along with water. In such a situation, it is advised to dry the carpets afterward to prevent dampness completely. As it is clear to us that ants nest near damp areas.

Method 5: If All Else Fails, Call a Pest Control Service

How to Get Ants Out of Carpet

Sometimes self-help methods do not work at all. If you cannot follow the DIY methods, then it is better to call pest control.

These experts will carefully examine your carpet. They will find out the main source of the ant lines. These professionals will hunt down the actual colony, which will help destroy any further ant infest. Only cleaning the top part will remove the surface ants. However, the ants can remain hidden between the thread fibers.

The carpets will be first cleaned and dried thoroughly, and then they will apply disinfection in every corner of the carpet.

This method will fetch you a long-term solution. Professional pest control will entirely remove the infest of ants. Moreover, you will have to continue maintaining the cleanliness.

How to Prevent Ant Infestation in Carpet

Keep Your Carpet Clean

It is essential to keep house carpets clean, maintained, and presentable. You have to clean food spills or random dirt from attracting ants near your carpets. It is best to vacuum the carpet regularly to avoid dry specks of dirt.

However, you should also check on damp or water leakage from walls or near the carpets. Ants can easily settle down near damp areas. Moreover, ants can also travel from different cracks on the wall of the house as well.

Do Regular Checks of Your Attic and Floorboards

You have to carry out a routine check for leakages in your attic. Similarly, you also have to check the floorboard. If the floorboard becomes rotten or damped, then it attracts ants for nesting. Ants love any damped area.

Do Ants Nest in Carpets?

Ants usually cannot build homes inside floor carpets. Hence, you must check the floorboard as a rotten or damp floorboard can easily attract ants to form their nests.

Can I Spray Raid on My Carpet?

You are not advised to apply a spray to get rid of ants because sprays can be even more harmful to the odor particles and the harmful gas. It is better to use powdered medicine on the carpet, to get rid of the ants.

However, you must be careful while using pesticides and must read the caution label. Toxic pesticide sprays can harm the respiratory tract; therefore, it is not suitable for a home environment.

Moreover, you can powder medicines all over the carpet to remove the ants. You have to vacuum the extra powder the next day and apply the process several times before seeing the result. It will surely clear the dirt off your carpets.


If you have a beautiful carpet in your living space, then this is for you. When you notice a small group of ants lining your carpet, do not worry. It is best if you quickly take measures to remove furniture from over the carpet.

Then carefully examine the ant lining and trace the main cause of the ant-infest on your carpet. It is common to have ant-infest due to food or moisture left unchecked near the carpet.

The above DIY methods can give you effective results. If you have any cracks on the wall or near the carpet floor, you know where the ants are entering. Take measures to fix the ruined floorboards or gaps on the floor to avoid the ants from entering.

However, it is alright if you cannot prevent the ant-infest. Then it is appropriate to call for pest control to help you.

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