How to Measure For a storm door ( with drawings and Sizes )

Storm doors are important components in a house. How to Measure For a storm door, How many sizes are they available in? How do we measure them properly? These are questions that arise in our minds when we think of fitting in a new storm door.

The good news is that these doors come in standard sizes. So, we really do not need to worry too much about measurements when it comes to fitting in a new storm door. This article will discuss the different storm door sizes and also the dimensions required for a perfect fit.

These storm doors usually come in standard sizes of 30 inches, 32 inches, 34 inches, and 36 inches. The maximum available height is 96 inches and the minimum height is 75 inches. The usual height is normally 75 inches. The most preferred sizes for these storm doors are 32 inches and 36 inches.

Modern residences usually have storm doors that are 36 inches in width. However, if you have to replace your existing storm door or if you have to fix a new one, you have to ensure that you measure all the dimensions properly before you decide on the new door. It is not advisable to suppose that your door follows the same standard measurements.

Though the storm doors behind the house are usually 32 inches in width, some modern houses have a 36 inch wide back storm door.

A storm door this size is designed for doors that are 29 and 7/8 inches and 30 inches. It can also fit a door with a width of 30 and 1/6 inches and 30 and 3/8 inches. However, for this kind of fit, you will need to use a shim to ensure that the fit is perfect.

Storm Door Dimensions

How to Measure For a storm door

Storm Door Width Sizes

How to Measure For a storm door

30 inch Strom Door Size

A storm door this size will be ideal for a door that is between 31 and 7/8 inches and 32 inches wide. If your door is 32 and 1/6 inches and 32 and 3/8 inches, then do not worry. This door can be shimmed to fit into a door this size.

32 inch Strom Door Size

These storm doors are perfect fits for doors that are 33 and7/8 inches to 34 inches wide. However, if your door is 34 and1/6 inches and 34 and 3/8 inches wide, it will still fit in. You will just need to shim to decrease the dimensions of the opening by a little bit.

34 inch Strom Door Size

A storm door this size will be suitable for door openings that are 33 and 7/8inches to 34 inches wide. They are also a perfect fit for doors that are between 34 and 1/6 inches and 34 and 3/8 inches. However, for these sizes, the dimensions have to be decreased a little for a perfect fit.

36 inch Strom Door Size

This is ideal for openings that are between 35 and 7/8 inches and 36 inches in width. With some help from shims, they can also be fitted into doors that are between 36 and 1/6 inches and 36 and 3/8 inches also.

Storm door height sizes

75 inch Strom Door

For this to be a perfect fit, fix it in doors that are between 74 and ½ and 75 and ½  inches in height.

81 inch Strom Door

This is made for door openings that are between 80 and 81 inches high.

96 inch Strom Door

These storm doors are best suited for door openings that are between 95 and 96 inches high.

Measuring Your Storm Door

There are some important directions to remember when you have to measure the dimensions for a new storm door. To get a door that fits in exactly, please remember the following pointers:


When you are deciding on a new storm door, it is important to measure the dimensions of your door properly. One such important dimension is the height of the door. You will need a tape measure for this. Hold one end of the tape at the floor end and extend it all the way up to the upper door frame.

It will be difficult for one person to hold the tape at both ends and so, you will need to have another person to help you out. Make sure that you take measurements in three places. One on the left side, right side, and in the middle. Out of these, the least measurement will be the actual measurement that you will use for the storm door.


Just as you take 3 measurements for the height of the door, you will have to take 3 measurements for the width of the door also. The only difference is that this measurement is to be taken horizontally. One measurement should be in the upper section of the doorway, one in the middle and the other one and the bottom.

Do not be surprised if you find inconsistency in these dimensions. The least of these measurements is the exact measurement for the storm door. If there are tiny gaps in any area of the frame, it they can always be fixed using shims.


Storm doors are slightly different from normal doors. This is because they open outside in contrast to the other doors that open inwards. So, it is important to consider if the storm door can open outwards easily.

For instance, if there is something that is in the way of the door, it will not be able to open outside smoothly. Hence, before fixing the storm door, you will have to free the space outside the storm door so that it can open easily.

Sometimes, there are obstructions that cannot be removed easily. For example, there may be eaves or siding that come in the way of storm doors and stop it from opening easily. In such cases, it becomes difficult to solve the problem.

Solving the problem may require major modifications to the outside of the house. Very often, the porch light is the obstruction that prevents a storm door from opening easily. This is a problem that can be rectified easily. All you have to do is to fix a light fitting that will not stand in the way of the storm door.


A mounting surface is absolutely important when you fix a storm door. It needs minimum dimensions of 1 inch in width and 1 inch in depth. This is to ensure that there is enough place for the door. If this is done, the frame of the door will not stick out. It is very possible that you will have to use shims when you fix a storm door. This will make sure that the door fits in tightly and very safely.

Though shims are regularly required, they are not normally supplied with standard storm doors. However, small pieces of wood that you may find in your garden or shed will come in handy as shims.

Even if you do not have small pieces of wood, you can use something as simple as wooden ice lolly sticks or paint mixers also as shims. Even offcuts from wood projects that you made earlier are good as shims.

Custom sizing

Some types of houses have storm door openings that do not conform to the standard dimensions that are used. In such cases, you cannot buy standard-sized storm doors. You will have to get the door made to the size of your door.

There are many options for this as there are many companies that offer such services. Unfortunately, these custom-made doors are more expensive than the standard ones.

Even in such circumstances, you can reduce the cost of the storm door. The best way to do this is to measure the dimensions for the storm door and then place the order. This will cut out the cost of asking a door specialist to come to measure the door in your house.

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