How to Steam Clean Carpet With Steam Mop – 5 Key Points

Carpeting can add beauty and comfort to a home. However, it is more susceptible to dirt and stains than laminate or hardwood flooring. A professional carpet cleaning company is best for deep cleaning. Although, renting a steamer or hiring one is a better option. What about refreshing your carpet between deep cleanings?

These are the times when you need to know how to steam clean carpets with a steam mop.

How To Steam Clean Carpet with a Steam Mop

Steam Clean Carpet With Steam Mop

Steam Clean Carpet With Steam Mop – It is important to determine the carpet’s material before you decide whether to use a steam mop. High heat can cause damage to man-made fibers and woven Berber carpets. Before you use a steam mop, make sure to read any instructions that were given when the carpet was installed.

Steam mops don’t usually produce the same high heat as commercial steamers, so a low setting with a light touch is sufficient for most carpet materials.

How to Use A Powered Mop

Before you steam mop the entire carpet, we recommend that you first test a small area of the hidden carpet.

  • Fill up the steam mop reservoir.
  • Attach the Carpet Glider to your steam mop. The steam can quickly start to come out of your mop, so make sure you attach the glider or carpet attachment before you turn on the steam mop.
  • Clear away any clutter and move the light furniture. Wrap heavy furniture with waterproof tape or plastic bags or foil. The legs of wood and other materials can be damaged by steam.
  • Clean surrounding baseboards. Because steam can cause a lot humidity, water can collect on the baseboards. They can also cause water to drip down onto your carpet and seep into the edges if they are dirty.
  • Vacuum your carpet. The vacuum feature on steam mop is not available. Any loose dirt, hair or other small objects can be pulled by the mop.
  • Use a carpet cleaner to remove any spot stains Some stains can be set permanently by steam.

Steam Clean Carpet with a Steam Mop

Because a steam mop is not equipped with a vacuum attachment, it’s not the same thing as using a steamer to clean carpets. These mops are not meant to be used in conjunction with a scrubbing motion.

  1. Turn on the steam mop to the right setting. To ensure that your carpet is at the right temperature, refer to the manual.
  2. Steam setting is recommended.
  3. Turn on your steam mop. The steam mop heats quickly so don’t leave it on the stove for too long.
  4. Start in a corner closest to the door/exit of the room. You should follow a consistent cleaning pattern so that you can exit the room after cleaning is complete.
  5. Apply a light touch to the carpet. Move your steam mop backwards and forwards. Don’t scrub the carpet, let the steam do all the work.
  6. Do NOT saturate your carpet To prevent water from accumulating in one place, keep the steam mop moving. While steam mops have a vacuum, steam cleaners do not.
  7. Keep track of the things you’ve cleaned by putting them in a grid

Steam Clean Your Carpet With A Steam Mop

Steam Clean Carpet With Steam Mop

There are important steps you can take to ensure your carpet and steam mop last as long as possible after cleaning is done.

  • Before moving furniture, let the carpet dry completely. This will take between 3-9 hours, depending on the carpet material and how much moisture was used, airflow, other factors, etc.
  • If you have to cross the floor of a carpeted area before it is dry you can use clean socks or shoe covers to prevent dirt from getting on the carpet.
  • While towels can be used to walk on the carpet, don’t leave them in the way of walkways as they will slow down drying.
  • The carpet fibers can become stiff after it has dried. To make the carpet softer and easier to walk on, vacuum it again.
  • Reposition the furniture and take off any protective covers.
  • Take out the cleaning pad. Wash it in the washing machine or by hand if it’s reusable. For specific instructions, refer to the owner’s manual.
  • Disconnect the carpet glider, or any attachment that was used to clean carpet.
  • Drain the water reservoir from the steam mop in order to prevent mildew accumulation between uses.
  • Keep the steam mop.

What’s a Steam Mop?

Steam Clean Carpet With Steam Mop

A steam mower is a household appliance that does light-duty work and is somewhere between a regular mop and a steam cleaner. Although they are heavier than regular mops due to the steaming mechanism, they aren’t nearly as bulky as full-sized steamers. This allows for portability and easy use.

A steam mop does not replace professional carpet cleaning. Carpet steamers are commercial steam cleaners that saturate carpet with hot water, steam, and chemical cleaning products, then vacuum it out using an attachment. A steam mop can keep your carpet clean and prolong the time between deep cleanings. However, they are still required.

Instead of using chemicals to clean your floors, a steam mop is designed to only use heat and moisture to clean and disinfect floors. There are some models that can use chemical cleaners, but we don’t recommend using them to clean carpets. These cleaners are designed for use on hard surfaces. Carpet cleaning chemicals should be used with full-sized steamers.

Steam mops are designed for hard floors, particularly linoleum or other non-porous materials. If you need to clean carpets, an additional attachment might be required. However, most steam mop models already include this attachment. To clean your carpet with the carpet glider and other attachments, make sure you read the instructions.

A steam mop can destroy bacteria and germs that love carpet fibers. Steam can kill dust mites which are found in almost all homes and hide in carpets or bedding. Regular removal of dust mites will improve your family’s health.

Also, fleas cannot withstand steam above 100F. Unfortunately, flea eggs can be saved by a steam mop. It is a good idea to vacuum after steam cleaning in order to get rid of dead fleas, eggs, and dust mites.

Final Words

A steam mop is an excellent way to keep your carpet clean and germ-free between deep cleanings. Although vacuuming is important for carpet health and cleanliness, steam mopping can also kill microorganisms like dust mites and fleas.

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