Kitchen Drawers vs Cabinets – 9 Critical Points

Kitchen Drawers vs Cabinets – We all love organized homes and drawers are the perfect thing to pick up! We choose that for clear and concise organization, But the decision is always not easy, for obvious reasons, right?

Doesn’t matter if cabinets are there with defined advantages, still we will be needing base cupboards for better kitchen organization, which looks stylish.

But drawers plays an important role in saving kitchen space, people are switching to drawers for minimalistic things from pots and pans to coffee mugs, dishes, containers to save kitchen space.

The main reason to switch to drawers is their ability to pile up and save kitchen space.  By that, it doesn’t take space on floor or less space than other cabinets since they there are no doors in it as other cabinets. But there could be a possibility that items kept inside may or may not be seen easily. It depends on the need and space whether this makeover is worth it?

Kitchen Drawers vs Cabinets – What’s Inside ?

  1. Pros and cons of Drawers
  2. Pros and cons of Cabinets
  3. How to make and keep Drawers Organized?
  4. Pocket friendly ways to style drawers and cabinets
  5. FAQ

Kitchen Drawers vs Cabinets : Pros of Drawers

Kitchen Drawers vs Cabinets

Reason why people prefer drawers in their cabinets is because of space. Customized cabinets from mid-sized to high-end fully furnished may have storage with drawers but a built in rack will not extend to all items which makes the use of elements less accessible. A dedicated space for different cutlery, plates, bowls and spices will decrease mess and will give each section some space of their own.

Drawers comes for best use for kitchen  space and to keep items in place, not only the items will restrict falling over but also they can be pulled out in possible ways making things inside accessible, But it is needed to be emptied regularly.

Drawers are comfortable and easy to use  in kitchen  than cabinets since only one hand is needed to reach out to your favorite cup of Coffee, while with cabinets you need two or a staircase along with two hands.

Drawers are easier to use than cabinets because of the reachability which they provide one advantages that you don’t have to reach for something on an upper cabinet or stretch for something in the back cabinet everything would be near to you and is accessible

Drawers offers more convenience to draw as we can keep items such as coffee mugs and utensils in kitchen. They also have a variety of inserts and different organized items can be kept. There are many benefits of drawers, they offer less traffic flow in the kitchen due to accessibility provided and it’s easier to gain adequate access to them without opening an entire door instead of pulling out a shelf which we need to.

Drawers are comparatively better for organizing kitchen space. We can put dividers in the drawer and plates, bowls pans and lids can be stacked. This makes the drawer much easier and settled to organise each item and the separation will result in to not get jumbled together, making it easier to find what is being looked for in drawers compatible to cabinets as they allow customization and organization even if we want to divide the piece of cabinet it can cause all the dishes to fall over.

Drawers use space in a better way, if we count the advantages of drawers over cabinets it will not stop in few points drawers are obviously better than cabinets because they are stackable and the usable space is maximised which means anything can be replaced with two shelf of cabinet space and wherever we are putting two shelves of cabinets even in small kitchen spaces, in that space multiple drawers could be inserted.

Drawer also comes with a track at the bottom which makes organizing in kitchen so easy just pull up and find. You need not to insert your hands on the sack of just coated objects for years just to find something that you need.

Drawers are scalable as per the need hence it can be a more modern option with better planning end designing visually appealing drawers. And can be achieved which would be great in work comparatively to lower cabinets do.

Different trendy designs of drawers Will give you an updated feel which will help you to break designs monotony to keep traditional taller upper cabinets or open settings to fill in for the extra space left at the top all according to the plan.

Kitchen Drawers vs Cabinets : Pros of Cabinets

Cabinets with doors are mainly used to store pots and pans majorly but shadow shelves present over there suits small appliances as mixers juicers in blenders.

if such kitchen items are being stored which don’t fit well into a drawer, then rolling shells is the perfect bet for the design and needs. According to the structure cabinets have deeper containers compared to drawers making them better to store such equipment which can’t fit on surface core in horizontal drawers.

Cabinets are great and open shelves are preferred for easier access for storage.

Drawers which are shallow cannot store large things pots and pans can be kept stacking but it isn’t easy to find them in this case the cabinets are much better to store large items as pans and pots.

Few more advantages of cabinets over drawers is when storing containers packages and tins cupboards with shelves are better than drawers because there is more room there draws have four sides which makes it a bit congested while cupboards have only two making it lot easier to leave more room to put hands and find the needed things.

Comparing durability cabinets far more durable run drawers because drawers can often get tucked and to take off sometimes it is needed to be broken after that a whole new drawer would be needed on the other hand with cabinets IKEA also sales different units of cabinets to repair if needed but to find materials for one drawer it could be a tough work so a practical customization can be done since  in drawers doors are used.

There could be many reasons why people choose cabinets over drawers, but one main reason is cost cutting, they are cheaper than drawers and there is less work done for them, because for drawers a whole rack would be installed which will cost a lot.

Kitchen Drawers vs Cabinets : Which is For You ?

So, Suggestion would be to note down all your needs, what are the equipment you are having and how frequently they ae accessed,

For plates and similar utensils in kitchen, you can choose drawers, and in above portion you can choose cabinets for keeping big pots which are less accessible.

The lower cabinet would be cheaper and worth for equipment which are big in size and frequent while accessing.

So, few points can be noted:

1) For more frequent utensils, use drawers

2) For boxes which gets messed up, use drawers

3) For big and large equipment and utensils too use the Cabinets.

Here your pocket friendly and visually appealing solution is thrown!

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Kitchen Drawers vs Cabinets : FAQ

Are kitchen drawers very expensive than cabinets ?

Kitchen drawers are not very expensive , but yes comparatively they are , because they use more expensive hardware to function.

How many drawers and cabinets should a kitchen have ?

There is no hard and fast rule for that, you can always customize according to your needs and budget.

Can kitchen cupboards be turned into drawers ?

Yes, It can be done, only subsequent changes in infrastructure will be needed to be done.

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