38 Beautiful Kitchens With Dark Floors

Do you want to give a zing, a special touch to your kitchen? Do you want your kitchen to look spacious, lavish, warm, or outlandish? Then, think of dark colors. These colors are vital in deciding the look of any kitchen.

This article will delve into various exciting ideas of doing up kitchens with dark floors.

To facilitate a better understanding, the floors are categorized into wooden and non-wooden.

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Kitchens with Wooden Floor

Brown Kitchen For a Natural Feel

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The idea behind this kind of kitchen and guest room is built on the perception of a flat condominium. The floor of this appealing kitchen is made of natural hardwood. The fact that the floor is in perfect harmony with the color of the cabinet and furniture adds to its beauty.

The walls that are of a light shade make for a good contrast. The huge glass doors fill the room with a lot of light, highlighting the dark brown color of the kitchen. The wooden floor continues into the living room too but without destructing the peaceful ambiance of the whole layout.

Kitchen Island as a Focal Point

Kitchens With Dark Floors

This sophisticated kitchen that is annexed to the large guest room is fitted with a granite island countertop that makes it look very classy. The dark hardwood flooring adds an aesthetic touch to the kitchen. The dark flooring and the light-colored ceiling stand out distinctively from each other. The striking purple on the island unmistakably adds to the beauty of the room.

The cabinets in a deep brown along with the wooden floor look alluring, to say the least. The huge windows in the kitchen allow more than the requisite bright light to stream in and also afford a delightful view of the different shades of green of nature outside.

White Kitchen With Dark Wooden Flooring

Kitchens With Dark Floors

This layout looks rather comforting thanks to the color coordination. The hardwood floor is on the darker side and perfectly merges with the colors on the chairs that are there. The lighter shades of the shaker cabinets, ceiling, and the bottom of the island offset the dark colors.

The stainless steel used in the equipment around boosts the look of the whole layout. On the whole, the combination of these different shades lends an amicable ambiance for anyone who comes in.

Textured Features

Kitchens With Dark Floors

There are two places to dine in this kitchen – a lengthy black bench and a table. The play of colors in the hardwood, the walls, and the cabinets bestow a delicate suggestion of style. The deep shade of the floor blends perfectly well with the dark bench, which is also a dark shade, and the table.

There is a purpose behind the selection of the dark brown shade of the floor. It helps to sustain the friendly and breezy ambiance of the kitchen.

Dark Brown and White for a Luxurious

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The island in this kitchen is made of white granite and stands on a spotlessly white wooden base. The opulence suggests that this is a kitchen in a lavish household. The two accompanying chairs bring in a fine style that provides a delicate style to the kitchen. The colors of the kitchen floor and the chairs complement each other to perfect the expression of opulence in the kitchen.

Other objects such as the hanger and the free-form plate hanger also blend in amazingly well with the color of the floor for a great look.

Different Materials for a Poised Look

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The wooden part of the island and the floor are colored so similarly that the wood on the island looks like the continuation of the hardwood floor itself. The flooring, island, and cabinets work together harmoniously. All of these put together heightens the significance but do not in any way hamper the classy look.

In order to further heighten the appearance, the granite countertop of the island and the walls are decorated in the same way in this advanced swanky kitchen. Of course, the sparse use of stainless steel equipment helps substantially.

Mixing the Old with the New

Kitchens With Dark Floors

This is a kitchen equipped with islands, sinks, cabinets and pendant light fittings, and a hardwood floor.

The elegance brought in by the various colors and textures used in the kitchen is further enhanced by the remarkable wooden floor. The floor is designed in such a way that it merges very well with the cabinets on the left lower side, but at the same time, differs gently from the rest of the cabinets. The bare wooden beams in the ceiling do their part in providing a very different look. This avoids anything repetitive and uninteresting and also ensures that the kitchen maintains its exquisite charm.

Less is Always Much

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The dark wood floor in this lovely kitchen endows a cool feel. The whole setup accentuates the brilliance. This is achieved by making the floor and the other parts of the room distinctly different. The floor is made dark as it is an intense shade of brown while the walls, island, and ceiling are of a brighter shade. The decoration of the ceiling is detailed and this is followed through by the off-beat shape of the cabinets and superbly organized vent.

Not having too many cabinets is an advantage in this kitchen as our interest is diverted to the ceiling and walls that are beautifully done up.

Same Countertop Color with the Floor

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The enchanting color combination of the hardwood floor and the huge breakfast table makes the whole kitchen look very fascinating. The wooden floor is in a deep hue and the island countertop is of the same color. The difference between this color and the lighter color of the wall highlights the splendor as they are distinctly different colors. The countertop, chair, and floor are synchronized well. The mild lighting in the room adds to the synchronization.

Industrial-design Kitchen with a Unified Color Scheme

Kitchens With Dark Floors

There are many things that contribute to the overall distinguished look of the kitchen. These include the artistic setup of things, the neatness of the kitchen, and the multitude of colors and textures. There is a centralized color scheme for the floor, cabinets, and chairs.

This color scheme sweeps through the kitchen, the chairs, the walls, and the floor. The chosen color, a deep brown, is really attractive.

The final choice of the precise color for this scheme needs the guidance of an expert professional. However, this example is all yours to replicate and amaze all your visitors.

Stained Wooden Flooring for a New Look

Kitchens With Dark Floors

This huge kitchen has a striking monochromatic scheme for the hardwood floor, cabinets, and walls. The ceiling, however, stands out as it is painted in a light shade.

This contrast lends a prominent look to the kitchen. A larger entrance will make a view into the outside greenery possible. However, due to space constraints, this is not possible here. A kitchen island made of a red granite countertop in the center will add a fashionable look to the kitchen.

An All-Grey Kitchen for a Dramatic Look

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The color scheme for the wall, tiles, tables, and chairs is monochromatic. The chosen color is grey. The catchy floor made of black hardwood goes impeccably well with the cabinets and island. The grey wall and the chairs complement this effect. Though the floor is made of hardwood, it resembles a tile. Adding a couple of pendant lights to such a room will highlight particulars and will add more radiance to the room.  

Dark Wooden Floor in a Large Kitchen

Kitchens With Dark Floors

This huge space for dining is part of a big, lavish residence. This effect is achieved by using the same dark brown color for both the floor and the cabinets and this brings a flawless flow between the two. However, there is a contrast between this color and the color of the wall which is cream. It is perfectly possible for you to replicate this in your kitchen. It is a good idea to use additional kitchen accessories and attractive light fittings too.

The Perfect Blend of Dark Wood

Kitchens With Dark Floors

This picture is that of a contemporary, well lit and well-maintained kitchen that has equipment made of stainless steel also. It is part of a lavish residence.

There is hardly any difference in the colors used for the chairs and the floor and this makes the colors merge wonderfully well. Use this kind of color scheme along with the right kind of lights to highlight the appearance of the kitchen.

Golden Cherry Kitchen to Create Stability

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The idea used in this beautiful kitchen is to match the color of the dark golden cherry cabinets and the hardwood floor. This wonderful color amplifies the elegance of the kitchen multi-fold.

Matching the colors of these two components of the kitchen ensures asymmetry and coherence that makes it attractive. The radiance spread by the deepest light fittings brings about a friendly spirit and enhances the general ambiance of the kitchen.

Regular Dark Oak Kitchen for Warmth

Kitchens With Dark Floors

Floors and cabinets that are dark-colored combined with kitchen gadgets that are placed in the best possible way empower the appearance of any kitchen and also add a soothing feel. This kind of setup is usually seen in conventional kitchens.

Usually, a hardwood floor is added in order to make it more appealing. It is very possible to emulate this kind of setup. The only thing to remember is the correct choice of texture and color.

The Dream Kitchen Layout

Kitchens With Dark Floors

This is a highly fashionable layout for people who are zealous about cooking.

It has a rack that is designed to stack up against your wine bottles. The kitchen island has mosaic designs, the cabinets are maple and the countertop is made of granite. The lighting arrangement plays up the deep brown color which is already prominent. The hardwood floor, the cabinets, and the countertop are colored in such a way that they match each other well.

Black and White as Contrasting Colors

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The heightened effect in this kitchen is made possible by playing with contrasting colors of the floor and the cabinets.

Laminate the cabinets with a wooden pallet for a more exquisite look. A window in one part of the kitchen will introduce a lot of brightness to the room.

The Polished Kitchen Design for a Perfect Look

Kitchens With Dark Floors

There is a great uniformity in the kitchen because of the artistic arrangement of the cabinets, the striking difference in color, and a floor that is of a deep shade. The uniformity thus achieved imparts a great look to the whole room.

The gold-colored vent and strings that are placed on the island stand are so well coordinated with the design of the floor. The side of the island is left open and this adds to the effect of the splash of colors in the room. The clean white wall is no less beautiful.

This kind of look is very possible in your own kitchen too. Mix and match a light-colored wall, a dark-colored floor, and matching dark purple cabinets.

Homely Kitchen with Vintage Furnish

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The simple but beautiful island and cabinet made of wood and the stools that are traditionally fashioned intensify the beauty of the kitchen.

This kitchen owes its impressive looks to the contrast in the colors and the style used throughout. The dark wood island matches the deeply colored floor. The light colored neatly ordered cabinets impart a fashionable look while everything else is styled the conventional way.

Dark Brown and White for Visual Look

Kitchens With Dark Floors

An exquisitely planned kitchen in a house is important for a fashion house to retain its brilliance. The kitchen in the picture is an ideal example of such a kitchen. Such a kitchen, with a huge island in the center, is sure to draw a lot of attention because of its obvious attractiveness. 

The wooden floor is a deep brown, the black chair and the white tables make a perfect combination. In contrast, the cabinets, the wooden part of the island, and the countertop are matched in a light, cream color. This color combination gives a cordial and tranquil look to the kitchen.

Dark Brown and White as a Contrast

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The play with colours in the brown wooden floor and the cabinets and tables brings about a lively distinction that is attractive.

The lovely hue used in the kitchen renders it vibrant. The well-planned look facilitates a fine atmosphere. The kitchen is divided by the color scheme. The door, the table, chair, and the floor are colored identically and form one part of the kitchen. Though the floor on the other part of the kitchen is also colored the same, the rest of the kitchen is colored in a lighter shade and contrasts the floor.

Creating A Spacious Feel with Black White and Brown

Kitchens With Dark Floors

Light shaker cabinets with their important features prominently highlighted by black, add beauty to this tactfully planned, cozy kitchen.

The dark wood floor is slick and leads up to a beautiful beige-colored wall. The color scheme is brilliant and lends a more roomy look to the kitchen. The mild lighting arrangement leads to a refreshing look.

Mixing Greenery with Dark Walls and Floor

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The dark interior and the flooring of this roomy kitchen give it a unique visual appeal.

The setup benefits immensely from the outstanding color black which is further emphasized by green and white used sparingly.

Only select items such as the refrigerator, flat front cabinets, and the two chairs are white. The well-positioned green chairs and the plants match each other and enhance the beauty of the room. On the other hand, the floor and the vent which are colored alike, create an entirely spectacular look.

Adding Personality with Rustic Wood

Kitchens With Dark Floors

There are numerous ways in which a kitchen can be made to look vibrant and interesting. This kitchen is a classic example of one such way. It has a beautifully simple wooden counter, cabinets that are polished all of which make the surroundings look awesome. Only the wooden floor and the countertops are of a deep brown shade whereas the rest of the kitchen is colored a contrasting white.

Repurposed Wood in a Welcoming Kitchen

Kitchens With Dark Floors

This neat and small kitchen is done up exactly the way it should be. A good play with colors combined with the creative use of repurposed wood brings in a warm and friendly look. The subway tile backsplash creates a similarity in design all over the kitchen.

Functional Brown and Yellow Kitchen

Kitchens With Dark Floors

This attractive kitchen in brown and yellow is exquisitely planned. The practical manner of planning fills the kitchen with a comfortable and friendly look. This is further heightened by the floor and the cabinets in a matching brown. The design of the kitchen facilitates having enough places to work fast and effortlessly.

Bold Color Palette to Set the Tone

Kitchens With Dark Floors

This is a closed kitchen with an aesthetic appeal. The pleasantly brown cabinets, the dark floor, and the cabinets are complemented by the lighter walls, countertop, and ceiling to give a great finishing touch.

Build a Refreshed Look with Black Wooden Floor

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The dark wooden floor in this fashionable kitchen is unique as it creates serenity and a quirkiness all at once.

The cabinets and table stand out as they are made of light brown wood. The light that streams in through the huge windows makes the already polished floor shine, even more, bringing in a brand new look.

Kitchens Without Wooden Floors

Granite Tiles in a Modern Kitchen

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The charm of the tiled floor of this beautiful kitchen shines through in spite of the fact that there is no bright light falling on it.

This stylish kitchen is combined with the dining and the living room. The bright tiles support a beautiful countertop and kitchen appliances also. There is absolutely no uninteresting or concealed area due to the ample lights even at night.

Minimalist Kitchen Design with Ceramic Tiles

Kitchens With Dark Floors

Have you ever wondered how a Scandinavian kitchen looks? Well, this is an ideal example of such a kitchen with white furniture and a dining table too.

This kitchen looks very different because the deeply colored floor matches the cooker and refrigerator in color. The variety of colors have been designed in an extremely skillful way. The light cream color in different areas provides a perfect contrast to the dark floor. The beautiful chairs bring in a lot of diversity to the whole setup.

Brown Tiles and Cabinets for a Homely Feel

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The color that is predominant in this kitchen is a light shade of brown. The tile, the wooden part of the island, and the cabinets, which form a major part of the kitchen area of this color. However, the countertop stands out as it is a light shade.

A variety of gadgets made of stainless steel heighten the effect and make it tranquil and serene without disturbing the combined effect of the matching tile and cabinets. Use stainless steel gadgets with tiles and an island made of the same brown to be sure of a stylish kitchen.

Stand out with a Unique Wooden and Tile Kitchen

Kitchens With Dark Floors

It is possible to give your personal touch to your own kitchen.

Just choose a lot of vibrant colors that will light up your kitchen. Add an outstanding wall made of wood to go with the floor in a brown shade like the kitchen in the picture. Here, the opposite wall matches the shade of the ceiling and this sets this part of the kitchen apart from the rest.

Concrete Flooring in a Classy Kitchen

Kitchens With Dark Floors

All kitchens need not look stylish. If you do not want a fashionable kitchen, a Scandinavian kitchen made in a simple fashion is an excellent idea. In this kitchen, basic colors such as brown and grey combine to give an elegant look.

This basically designed kitchen lays a lot of emphasis on the characteristics of a simple kitchen.

The breezy atmosphere in the kitchen brings in a friendly feeling. Light floods in through the huge windows. This light intensifies the look of the floor. The floor blends in perfectly with the wall and the ceiling. Though the kitchen is predominantly brown, there is white in some areas that provide a good contrast to the brown.

White Grey and Black for an Orderly Arrangement

Kitchens With Dark Floors

This kitchen is powered by the color white with the closets, countertops, and island in white. The huge lights that reach near the dining table ensure that there are no unlit areas. The contrast is provided by the chairs and the tiles in the flooring.

The subtle appearance of the kitchen is mainly due to the systematic placement of the chairs and countertops.

Stained Concrete Floor in a Colorful Kitchen

Kitchens With Dark Floors

A perfect mix of various textures and colors permeates the whole kitchen and makes it look stylish.

The selection of colors is just right and is integral to making a kitchen stand out. The floor made of concrete complements the surface of the wall perfectly well. The yellow color used in the right areas of the kitchen underlines the strong look of the kitchen.

Dark Tile Flooring for a Dramatic Statement 

Kitchens With Dark Floors

The color that is majorly used in this kitchen is white. It has numerous gadgets for kitchen use and white shaker cabinets. The uniquely shaped oval countertop makes this kitchen look chic.

Apart from this, there is a superb granite worktop that matches the deeply colored tiled floor. The floor is striking in appearance and looks unique as it is brilliant. It also completes the emphasis laid by the black countertops. Though the deep-set lights are not very big, the light emitted is more than sufficient. The presence of the stainless steel gadgets strengthens the dark black color.

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