Modern Chinese Architecture: Top 10 Magnificent Modern Houses in China

Modern Chinese Architecture – Contemporary, innovative architecture. Cutting-edge engineering. When one hears these, the first country to come to mind is very likely to be China.

China’s architecture has amazed the world for centuries – from ancient Zen palaces to the natural humble dwellings, its historical architecture represents its culture – full of life and meaning, a lot deeper than what meets the eye.

This is all Ancient China – but what about China nowadays? Its architecture still amazes us today, with its increasingly innovative styles, building techniques, and materials.

Here are the ten most famous modern Chinese houses.

Top 10 Modern Chinese Architecture Houses

1.   Alila Yangshou by Vector Architects

Modern Chinese Architecture
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Location: Guilin, China

Architects: Vector Architects

Year: 2017

Area: 16000 m²

This spectacular building gets its name from the Yangshou County in Southeastern China. Located in a near a famous river, the building was actually an old sugar mill that, converted into the hotel we see nowadays. Surrounded by a breathtaking, natural landscape, it is the dream vacation spot for anyone into nature, or even just someone seeking a break from the noisy city.

2.  Phoenix Mansion by Gad

Modern Chinese Architecture

Location: Hangzhou, China

Architects: Gad

Year: 2017

Area: 2127 m²

Yet another awe-inspiring house, the Phoenix Mansion is located at Hangzhou, in the Zhejiang province. Contrasting the gorgeous, modern architecture, the building is surrounded by ancient sheughs, ancient monasteries and old buildings from the 1980s.

Besides China, the house was co-designed by architects from Japan, England, and Singapore, and flexes an unexpected yet beautiful mix of modern and traditional architecture.

3.  Baitasi House of the Future by Dot Architects

Modern Chinese Architecture
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Location: Beijing, China

Architects: Dot Architects

Area: 30 m²

Year: 2017

As society progresses in the way it is nowadays, smart homes have become more and more about their compactness and minimalism, and The Baitasi House of the Future is all about that! These houses are used in a historic section of Beijing, specifically known for its small alleys and traditional houses.

The house is intended to match the lifestyle of young people.

4.  The Piano House By Hefei University of Technology

Modern Chinese Architecture

Location: Huainan City, Anhui, China

Architect: Hefei University of Technology

Year: 2007

Be prepared, because this one will blow your mind. This house is built in the shape of a piano! It was constructed in 2007 by students from the Hefei University of Technology. Due to its bizarre, unprecedented style, it has attracted numerous tourists over the years, and it has also become a fashionable place for newlyweds and couples to take their photos. It has been labeled “The most exotic building in China.”

The architecture is absolutely stunning – it is built at a scale of 50:1. A spectacular, transparent violin ‘leans’ on the gigantic piano, made from clear glass panels, and it contains escalators for the main piano building.

5.  The Sea Captain’s House by Vector Architects

Modern Chinese Architecture

Location: Fuzhou, China

Architects: Vector Architects

Area: 470 m²

Year: 2017

Modern Chinese Architecture

While this may not be a new construction, it was renovated by Vector Architects in 2017. They added a third, modern level to the traditional, old fashioned building, which makes for a breathtaking, beautiful contrast.

Due to the humid nature of the seaside, it only took 20 years of use for the property to start to erode and become unsafe for living. Large water leakages, amongst many problems, made the place practically uninhabitable.

The architects, however, did a spectacular job at the renovation, by adding concrete reinforcements, as well as a vaulted structure for the third-floor extension, in order to reduce the possibility of water seeping in.

They also shifted the bathrooms from the first and second levels to the sea-viewing side, so that the living room, dining room, and master bedroom have more natural light and fresh air with a nicer view of the sea.

6.  The MaoHaus By AntiStatics Architecture

Modern Chinese Architecture

Location: Beijing, China

Architects: AntiStatics Architecture

Year: 2017

Area: 2000 m²

This house looks dented and absolutely destroyed at first, but it isn’t so. The curved facade is, surprisingly, intentional. Aside from historical context, this bizarre style also holds several architectural benefits, allowing the facade to stand strongly without the need for any additional support.

During the day, the sunlight creates beautiful reflections as its many rays enter the vestibule, while at night, there are precisely tuned apertures that create a triptych of Chairman Mao’s portrait. Nifty, isn’t it?

7.   Shanghai Apartment With Rotating Boxes by TOWOdesign

Modern Chinese Architecture

Location: Shanghai, China

Architects: TOWOdesign

Area: 48 sqm

The concept of this apartment is unique to say the least. It was built by Chinese studio TOWOdesign. What’s most curious about it, even more than the playful pops of color, are the rotating boxes, intended to maximize living space. They each rotate by ten degrees, which allows for the different zones to naturally flow between one another, without making the apartment feel cramped.

8.  Space Renovation of 69 Beishan St. By China Academy of Art

Modern Chinese Architecture

Location: Hangzhou Shi, China

Architects: The Design Institute of Landscape and Architecture China Academy of Art

Year: 2016

Area: 600 m²

Building No. 69 of Beishan Street in Hangzhou, China, covers an area of about 30 by 30 meters, including the three houses built on the property. One of them, a historical building, was built in the 1930s in a 2-storied western style, but due to poor maintenance, it is now sadly forgotten.

9.  Mountain House in Mist by Shulin Architectural Design

Modern Chinese Architecture

Location: Jinhua, China

Architects: Shulin Architectural Design

Year: 2018

Area: 156 m²

As the name might suggest, The Mountain House is located in a mountain in the Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province, in Eastern China. The building isn’t actually a house though – it is a public library.

The library is surrounded by traditional Chinese houses. A cowshed once graced the yard as well, but it collapsed some years back.

10 Dream and Maze Suites by Studio

Modern Chinese Architecture

Location: Guilin, China

Architects: Studio 10

Year: 2018

Area: 140 m²

This spectacular type of architecture was inspired by the unreal labyrinths of Dutch artist M.C. Escher, from the early 20th century. The concept behind these suites is a mysterious space, based on seamless transformation between 2 and 3 dimensional objects, as well as incorporating numerous optical illusions.

The complex is a perfect balance between the practical requirements of a hotel suite, and the breathtaking spatial effects.

The Bottom Line

Every country has its own architectural style. Each uses different materials, and has various direct or subtle ways to ensure that their individual culture stands out, while maintaining the basic requirements of a building. China is one of the countries that has since time immemorial, amazed the world with its amazing architecture, and it continues to do so even today, by producing such spectacular futuristic buildings.

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