10 Modern Townhouse Designs in 2021

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Modern Townhouse Design? Perhaps a tiny, twiggy, compressed brick wall dwelling by the suburban near a sketchy iron railway bridge with no privacy and sandwiched between your neighbors.

But just pointing out its apparent misconceptions would be an injustice. 

Previously associated with the British nobility and wealthy families, Townhouses are in fact valuable pieces of history. But nowadays, things have changed up a bit. Townhouses are no longer described as antique, vintage, or a thing of the past. 

Rather, cutting-edge, customizable, modern, and attractive are more accurate terms to describe this new change in an urban renaissance. 

Ok, We understand you might be hesitant to move forward. But give us a chance. 

The designs we are about to show you are Pinterest-worthy! After you read this article from top to bottom, you’ll understand what we mean. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

But let’s begin with its definition.

What is a Townhouse Style ?

Well, before we start talking about modern design ideas for townhouses. First, we have to answer the obvious question: ‘What is a townhouse?’

In simple words, A Townhouse is a kind of terraced housing for a single-family that shares walls on each side with other properties in a row owned by your neighbors.

A trademark of the British nobility, Townhouses served as second homes for the wealthy –– as opposed to the larger Country homes. It was a place for families and servants living under one roof while visiting from the primary residence in the countryside.

One cool thing about Townhouses is that everything surrounding them, the unit and the land it sits on, belongs to you. As opposed to a Duplex. Modern Townhouse designs include 2-3 storeys, a basement, an attic, and in some cases a garden, and more. (more on this below)

Now that we are clear on that, let’s move on to the next point. Their features and what makes them special. 

Features of Townhouse

When browsing the market for Townhouses, there are general guidelines that make a property attractive. Some of these outstanding features can contribute to your decision: 

  • The standard width of a typical townhome is about 18-20 feet. Anything beyond 25 feet is considered a mansion. 
  • Often Townhomes are build in highly populated areas where real estate space is at a premium. Thus, The average townhouse measures around 720 sq. ft. to about 2000 sq. ft. But this can vary according to design and planning. 
  • Townhouses are usually located far from high-rise skyscrapers and big shopping malls, and institutions. 
  • Practical use of flooring divisions and customisation.
  • Think of basements with access to fresh air.
  • Multipurpose floors: Bedrooms and entertainment room at the top, kitchen and living room in the middle and storage space on ground floor.
  • Terraces at the top and large windows for great sunlight. 

It sounds like you already wanna move in right? Hang on. Not too fast. Sit tight and hold the line! Before you start making plans, let’s talk a bit about their pros and cons.

Advantages of Living in a Townhouse Property

  • Low cost. Enough said. Townhouses provide affordable living for families (we’ll talk more about prices below). 
  • Community feeling. You are never alone. Sharing walls with your neighbors also means less expenses to manage.
  • In case you wanna sell, Here’s a secret: Townhouses usually move faster.
  • With prime location and amenities such as gym, clubhouse, and swimming pools, living becomes is easy.
  • Townhouse design is a great choice for those with a busy lifestyle. 
  • Low maintenance. There’s virtually no landscaping, yard work to do. In some cases, even the outside maintenance of a Townhouse is taken care of by a HOA.
  • Location is Key. Townhouses are located within proximity of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. 

Disadvantages of Living in a Townhouse Property

Now let’s be fair. It can’t be too good to be true. Right? This won’t be an honest guide if we don’t talk about the disadvantages of living in a townhouse. We hope this doesn’t deter you from taking a step; rather, this is to help you make an educated decision.

  • Feeling clustered. Due to clue proximity with your neighbors, yes, you are sharing a common wall on each side, you are going to see them very often. (you’ll probably hear them a lot too). Hopefully, you have great ones.
  • Organizational issues. You might encounter some problems, especially in older Townhouses, in terms of getting things done in a timely manner. This can make the unit quickly fall into aesthetic despair. 
  • You might have some limitations with exterior design. But don’t sweat it! With the modern Townhouse design ideas we are about to share, you’ll see there’s plenty you can do (check below).
  • Last but not least. Resale. You might not get a high reselling value. What we recommend rather than selling is to rent it out in the future. This can create another source of passive income for you.

Cost of Townhouse Design

For starters, the cost will vary for building a townhouse or buying one. I’m sure you guessed that one, right? Below we are including average pricing for both in the US (just a side note: prices can vary according to the area)

Building a single townhouse without interior design will cost you about:

$166,500 for a 1,500sq. ft townhome and they can go as high as $187,500 

The average cost of buying a townhouse:

  • Traditional Style Townhouse: $111 – $125/sq.ft.
  • Stacked Townhouse: $120 – $130/sq.ft.
  • Urban Townhouse Design: $135 – $150/sq.ft.

According to the National Association of Realtors, townhouses in 2018 were priced on an average at $150 per square foot for a 1,600-square-foot home, 

We always recommend getting in touch with real estate agents that can guide you in the process of purchasing a home and provide accurate live information about the market.

Modern Townhouse Design Ideas

This is what you’ve been waiting for. 

Now that all is said and done, I would like to share with you these stunning design ideas that will make you want to move tomorrow. You are sure to find something to inspire you.  

Modern TownHouse Design
Source: senaterace2012.com
Modern Townhouse designs
Image credits: cloudinary.com
Modern Townhouse designs

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Modern Townhouse designs
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Modern Townhouse designs

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Modern Townhouse designs

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Modern Townhouse designs

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Modern Townhouse designs

Source: idesignarch.com


Ok, you read it all about townhouses. If that wasn’t enough, We hope the last part convinced you enough to take the next step into the world of townhouse design. Needless to say, purchasing a home is a big deal and it should be a comfortable place for everyone. 

With the designs that we shared, I’m sure you will agree that Townhouses are the perfect place to chill after a long working week. Also, this is the place you will spend most of the time after work. So you have to make sure it is ideal for relaxing, refreshing, and restarting. 

If you are looking for an affordable option for you and your loved ones to live within a community in a vibrant part of town with quick access to all the little things you want in life, It’s safe to say that a townhouse is the right place to look at.

Townhouses are no longer a thing of the past. It’s time we redefine its meaning. There’s always more than meets the eye.

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