Modern Victorian House: Interior, Exterior and Style

Modern Victorian House – The classical, big houses you see in movies, the scary mansions from horror films, the dollhouses little kids love to play with. Luxurious, elegant, massive, and most importantly, classy.

Regardless of whether you learned of them from ghost films or by playing with dolls as a kid, the idea of living in a magnificent, old-fashioned, classy house is appealing, but to put it simply, expensive. When you were a kid, you probably imagined much about these prototypical dwellings, but as soon as you grew up you were like, nope, not doing that! Too expensive…

What if we told you that you were wrong all along? That it is indeed possible to live in such a house during the 21st century, and that it is relatively affordable?

Enough talking, of course, you’ll jump right at it! We’re talking about the modern Victorian house. Also, check out the Modern townhouse design.

In this blog, we’ll talk about what Victorian-style houses are, we’ll go over the different types of Victorian houses, and we’ll look at a few examples of modern Victorian houses.

What are the Modern Victorian House?

Modern Victorian House

The Victorian style of architecture is based on a time period and not a particular style. It refers to the type of architecture built during Queen Victoria’s period – from the 1830s to the 1910s. It utilizes amazing architectural styles, as well as a very unique set of materials and colors.

Modern Victorian Style Houses

  • Two or three storied
  • The exterior is usually wood or stone
  • Asymmetrical shape, which adds a special kind of beauty
  • A one-story porch
  • Towers
  • Mansard or multi-faceted roof
  • Vibrant colors
  • The more lavish and substantial, the better.

How many Victorian Style Houses are there?

Here are a few of the many types of Victorian houses:

1. Gothic Revival (1830-1860)

Modern Victorian House

This style looks very similar to a church, as it was initially inspired by the medieval churches of Europe. The most noticeable elements are the vaulted roofs, all perpendicular; the pointed arches; and the front-facing housetops, covered with vergeboards.

2. Italianate style (1840-1870)

Modern Victorian House

As one may deduce from the name, the Italianate style originates in Italy. It comes from an old Italian architectural style that was commonly used for villas during the renaissance. Important aspects are the ornamental brackets, as well as the low roofs and wide overhangs.

3. Second Empire (1852-1870)

The Second Empire is more of a French-style – developed during the reign of Napoleon the Third.

Modern Victorian House

The dual-pitched hipped roof is a very recognizable characteristic of this style. From the overhangs, the roof rises steeply, then becomes almost flat as it extends to the center of the building. The steeper pitch of the roof typically has multiple dormers so that the attic of the house is essentially the third floor.

4. Stick-Eastlake (1860-1890)

Modern Victorian House

The Stick-Eastlake dwelling is made almost entirely of wood, making it a style historically associated with the poor, as wood was both really cheap and readily available. The roof is laid with shingles, the windows are double-hung, and there is a very unique decorative trim with ‘sticks’.

5. Folk Victorian (1870-1910)

Modern Victorian House

This is a slightly alternative version of the classic Victorian house, offering a simpler, cozier version of the otherwise large, and sometimes a bit cold, style. The layout is a lot simpler, and the decoration is minimal – a few decorative trims and some lacing so that the Victorian feel isn’t completely gone.

6. Queen Anne (1875-1905)

Modern Victorian House

We were talking about dollhouses – this style is what would be considered the stereotypical dollhouse. It is characterized by its gabled roof, round towers, exquisite decoration, and extremely large windows.

This style is often referred to as the most elegant and well-known of the Victorian era.

7. Richardsonian Romanesque

Modern Victorian House

This type of Victorian house perhaps incorporates the oldest architectural characteristics than any other Victorian house. It takes on the 11th and 12th-century architectures of France, Spain, and Italy. The rough, unpolished stone walls, with lots of decorative details, are key characteristics of this ancient-rooted style.

Few examples to get inspiration for designing your own Modern Victorian house:

The concept of a modern Victorian dwelling is to combine modern elements with Victorian elements of architecture, creating a very interesting contrast. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing such a house:

Modern Victorian House
  • Victorian-style furniture is a great idea – it should be wooden
  • A mansard or multi-faceted roof
  • A tower added to the main structure
  • Try to use wood wherever possible.
  • Use recycled doors and windows – nothing beats the classy vintage look
  • A mantleplace
  • Sprucing up the dining table with marble is a great idea

Make Your House Bold and Beautiful with the Victorian Effect

As time progresses, we see fashion move more and more towards the ‘good and old’. And with an architectural style such as the Victorian, there isn’t much competition for other styles, especially when it comes to seeking the most elegant, picturesque dwelling. By combining modern elements with this amazing style, you give yourself the chance to show others a true passion for spectacular architecture.

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