Nylon Carpet Pro’s and Con’s – 9 Critical Points

It will be a sensible idea if you add a carpet to your space. However, you might have to investigate an appropriate style, material, or design. You can opt for a nylon carpet. Nylon is a popular material for floor carpets. People often add nylon carpets to their home space. This material can provide significant benefits and a few disadvantages as well.

What is a Nylon Carpet ?

Nylon was invented in the year 1935. It is a synthetic fiber developed by Dupont. Initially, nylon was used to produce stockings for ladies. Then from the 1950s, this fiber was utilized to generate many other products such as floor carpets.

During the ’60s, there was a new change in the carpet industries due to this synthetic material. They began to make carpets using nylon fibers for the first time. These synthetic fibers could easily replace the natural fibers for floor carpets because of their easy maintenance and benefits. Nylon carpets soon became the gold standard for flooring in home spaces.

Nylon is hard-wearing and long-lasting. It has been generated from malleable plastic by engineers. There are many benefits of installing carpet made of nylon into your home space. One of the benefits is its long-lasting quality to retain from getting worn out or damaged.

They have recorded a 60% profit from nylon carpet alone from all their carpet sales in the USA. This clearly shows that nylon carpet is their favorite. Let us learn about the benefits of nylon being so popular in the market.

How to Clean a Nylon Carpet ?

nylon carpet

You have to maintain proper cleanliness in the rooms with carpet floorings. Nylon carpets are to be vacuumed frequently to get rid of dust or dirt from getting into the fiber. It is vital to make a routine for cleaning and vacuuming.

The bedrooms require weekly vacuuming and the hallways require daily vacuuming. If you follow this routine cleaning, the result will be beneficial for your carpet flooring.

Another essential carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning. Steam clean involves passing steam through the fibers, which helps them to maintain a proper shape, and it can also remove possible marks or dirt from the nylon fiber.

You can arrange steam clean for every twelve to twenty-four months. This cleaning process can be beneficial for nylon carpets as it can extend longevity. Moreover, you can carry out this process often for nylon carpets.



Busy places like hallways, living areas, stairways, etc., have high foot traffic. You can quickly introduce carpets in such active areas if the material’s fiber is durable enough to withstand the daily hustle-bustle. In this case, nylon stands out among the other synthetic materials.


Nylon is the most durable synthetic material for carpet floorings. The material will take longer and will still maintain the polished look. You can opt for a nylon carpet for any room or space in your house without worrying about the considerable tear and wear of the fiber.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

You must not buy fancy disinfectants to clean nylon carpets. Hence, these carpets are easy to maintain. You need to vacuum these carpets regularly. You can also steam the nylon carpets occasionally in order to keep them in good form.

The steam clean is essential for nylon carpets because of the hydrogen molecules in them. These hydrogen molecules are revived with the heat from the steam. When the steam enters the nylon fibers, the steam enters the fibers and strengthens them, appearing bouncy and new.

It is common for nylon carpets to become flattened because of heavy foot traffic. These flattened carpet fibers can be revived with the steaming process. Nylon carpets can be easily steamed every twelve or twenty-four months to make the carpet appear nice for a long-time. Therefore, it will be right for you to maintain routine steam clean for your nylon carpet.


You are on advantage to have a nylon carpet for the flooring because nylon has high durability and elasticity. If your carpet remains burdened under heavy furniture, you don’t need to worry about your nylon carpet getting flattened or ruined.

The same nylon carpet can be brought to its usual form by following a few steps. You can easily stretch the nylon carpet up to 30% of its initial shape, which can go back to its original shape soon.

It is beneficial for homeowners who like to rearrange their home furnishing often. A flattened carpet won’t be an issue in the rearranging process. Even a heavy sofa will not ruin a nylon carpet’s original shape or thickness.



Nylon can be easily recycled. If you opt for environment-friendly items in your rooms, nylon carpet is a good choice. A nylon carpet can be recycled into a new carpet. It is a helpful material that can be used to generate other things as well. In many factories, old used nylon materials are transformed into new usable objects. Similarly, your old nylon carpet will be recycled into components of wheels or washing machines.


You can choose from a variety of nylon carpets. Nylon carpets are available in various patterns, designs, styles, as well as qualities. Moreover, you can also choose from different price ranges for nylon carpets.

Nylon carpet is available in any color or shade. You can also imagine a style or design before buying in the shops. If you are looking for cost-friendly carpets, then nylon is also available at a lower price. Moreover, nylon carpets can quickly produce a luxurious feel in your living space without much expense.

Resistant to Mold and Mildew

One of the good sides of having a nylon carpet in your home is that you don’t worry about fungus or mold formations. Molds or mildews are common for natural fibers. If natural fibers are kept unchecked and unclean for a long –time, these ingrowths are common.

In the case of synthetic material, mold or mildew growth is not found. However, if your nylon carpet is soiled or in contact with any food material for the molds, then there can be a possible mold or mildew growth in them. For this main reason, you have to keep a balanced cleaning program for your nylon carpet.



Nylon has a great absorbent quality that makes it risky for any food spillage. You have to avoid drinking and eating near a nylon carpet. Strong colored liquids like fruit juices of orange or watermelon, wines, etc, if spills on these nylon carpets, then the absorbent nylon fiber will be stained for sure. It is definitely hard to get rid of stains from nylon carpets. There are some methods you can try to remove the marks or stains from these carpet fibers.

Nylon fibers have varients which has different stain-resistant capacity. The nylon carpet made from an acid-dyed nylon fiber is more absorbent than the other variant. An acid-dyed variant is made from nylon fibers that were color dyed after they were formed. Hence, the color absorptive capacity of such carpet is more.

On the other hand, if you choose a nylon carpet made of solution-dyed nylon fiber, the stains cannot access the thread within. A solution-dyed variant of nylon fiber is colored or dyed while it is being made.

Hence, this type of nylon carpet will not hold stains or colors. These fibers are already stained and dyed, while the formation creates a natural stain-resistant property in them. Therefore, solution-dyed nylon carpets are resistant to fading or bleaching.


You have to select better quality nylon for your house carpet. Nylon carpets can be a bit more expensive in comparison to other synthetic carpets. The high price of nylon carpets often repels buyers. Moreover, if you find an average-quality nylon carpet at a low price, it is better to buy other polyester carpets at a lower price.

Moreover, if you want to consider longevity, then it is essential to choose a nylon carpet. A nylon carpet will last longer than any other polyester variant. You can choose a nylon carpet and calculate the years it will last. Soon, you will realize the better investment, that is, the nylon carpet.

Nylon carpet is a good investment. However, if you are on a lower budget plan, you can select from the wide range of nylon carpets available. Nylon carpets are sold in the markets at different prices ranging from low to high, depending on the quality. You can opt for lower-quality carpet nylon for a lower price tag. And those who are looking for expensive stylistic décor can opt for the luxurious nylon carpet.

Not Breathable

Nylon is a synthetic material that is not capable of being as breathable as other natural materials like linen, wool, or cotton. Nylon easily absorbs the surrounding temperature. Hence, during the warmer months, the nylon carpet can become warm, and during the cool winter, these nylon carpets can become extremely cold as well.

But if you want a warm carpet during winter, it is better to choose a natural material such as wool or linen. If you want a cold carpet during summer, natural material will be a better choice.

Moreover, during a heavy humid climate, any nylon carpet can become damp and cold. Thus, if you want to add warmth and comfort to your feet, you should opt for a warm natural material carpet.

Static Charge

The static formation is one of the notable cons of this type of carpet material. The synthetic carpet fiber comes in friction with each other and the feet while on the carpet. These carpets can generate charges in your body, which are induced while you are walking on these carpets.

Next, when you touch any electric board or switch, it can be risky. On touching electric board switches or any metallic surface, you can get light electrical shocks. Static charges in carpet made of nylon can become unpleasant but not severely dangerous.

You can easily fix this issue. You have to buy a nylon carpet with a chemical variant in it which makes it static-resistant. Hence, the nylon carpet in your living will create static.

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