9 Outdoor Shower Floor Ideas For You

Outdoor Shower Floor Ideas – Do you ever think about installing an outdoor shower for cooling down in summer? The more you want to refresh on a hot sunny day, the outdoor shower is only for you. They can you’re your life more convenient using their outstanding plumbing additions.

The most adventurous experience is showering while raining, and this experience will increase if you have a semi-open shower in your backyard or your garden. Here are some excellent reasons for you if you have a thought to install an outdoor shower. 

Advantages of Outdoor Showers

Ideal for the pool area: If you were getting thoughts about installing an outdoor shower and having a swimming pool in your home, this idea will be perfect for you and help you quickly wash. 

Fast and relaxed clean-up after nursery: If you connect an open-air or encircled shower, then you don’t need to arrive at your house with your dirty muddy hands. And also, showering is a good practice after gardening, so that this fitting will help you. 

Enhance the value of your home: If you want to increase your home’s ethics, then your decision to install an outdoor shower in your backyard is the best. Moreover, it helps to give your home an aesthetic feel.

An enjoyable outdoor experience: What about certain beautiful interpretations of nature? If you are thinking about it, this outdoor shower is your best choice than the indoor shower. It does not only give you comfort but also gives you a beautiful experience of nature. 

Good for your health: If you are concerned about your mental health and well-being, this cool shower will give you the best benefits of improving your blood circulation and skin pores. So here, one can well maintain both physical and as well as mental health.

Convenient for summer guests: After installing, if you want to throw a party and invite many guests to impress them with your outdoor pool, then definitely offer them an outdoor shower after the pool fun. To stop further using your inside bathroom, add a lockable door and a toilet outdoor.

An easy dog-washing spot: If you have a dog buddy, then definitely you’re tired of their muddy paws around the house. Now think about an outdoor shower where you can wash your dog buddy’s paws and their furs by adding a hand-held nozzle.

Now you know about the advantages of installing an outdoor shower. If you are eager to learn more, then here is more information about its variants of floors only for you:-

1. Composite deck

Outdoor Shower Floor Ideas

Composite decks consist of an organic and plastic filler which is entirely manufactured. These are the mimic look of the natural wood, and also, it needs very little maintenance. This type of floor is very suitable for you, and they are slip-resistant and splash.

Composite is a good choice for your shower floor because this is functional and high-performance material. You can choose your designs which are available in many styles and colors. Trex is a composite material that looks exactly like natural wood, and you have to maintain it regularly.

2. Cedar Wood

2. Cedar Wood

Cedarwood is a type of redwood that is very attractive and gives an excellent impression to the viewers. If you put a wooden decking in an outdoor shower, it gives you a rustic feel, and its looks make it worthy.

The first most important thing is to seal the wood before installing cedar flooring. While sealing, you have to apply the lacquer, which will protect your wood from inside out and damage. If you are expected the maximum benefits of the lacquer then don’t use more than two coats of it.

3. Teakwood


If you want to make your floors unique or beautiful, then go for a teak floor. Feeling uncomfortable while standing on the floor or worrying about slipping in wet conditions, then don’t worry.

This floor will prevent you from all of these. It is pretty warmer and safer than the other normal floors. Teak floors will give you an authentic feel, and it’s also protect you from mold and fungus because this floor contains some natural oils.

You also have to apply the lacquer here to increase its longevity, like cedar. It does not help you to look reliable, but it too contributes you some of the extra floor constancy. Even it’s getting better if your walls and ceiling are matched with your floor.

4. Compost pile

Compost pile

Using a Compost pile with the shower water drain is the most beautiful thing you can experience underneath nature. If you want to flow some air through the pile, you must use coarse chip wood with seaweed layers. This type of layer will give you a certain amount of nitrogen, but you can use many kinds of composts in your outdoor shower flooring. 

5. Pebbles or gravel

Pebbles or gravel

There are many textures, colors, shapes, and sizes available for pebble stones, which are water-resistant materials. It gives you a natural beauty if you spread them on the surface of your outdoor surface. The good thing is these aren’t required any maintenance.

It can provide you with a rustic-looking shower if you mix your gravel with epoxy resin. Tip: Don’t use the flat ones. If you want a naturally beautiful look, use that rounded gravel. 

6. Natural stone

6. Natural stone

Try to use natural paving stones rather than loose ones if you don’t like to walk on this while showering in your outdoor shower. Choose marbles, granites, and slate because these types of tiles are temperature-proof and slip-resistant.

Travertine is an ideal stone for your outdoor shower flooring. This stone helps your feet stay cool and absorb the water so quickly. Marbles are very slippery, so use porous rocks, like limestone, granite, slate stone, etc. These types of stone tiles are easy to maintain or easy to clean, and also hard-wearing. That is why these tiles make themselves the ideal floor material.

Tip: Apply the grout of the best quality to prevent mold, mildew, or moisture. Then install the stone floor.

7. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have a dense surface with a glazed or unglazed look. These are very easy-to-clean materials that are awarded of microbes and mites.

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are both suitable for your outdoor shower because they are slip-resistant and also available in various kinds of textures, colors, and sizes. 

Its glazed version is much protective and helps you resist both water and stains.

8. Bricks


Bricks have more character than ceramics, also significantly warmer than stone. These materials are only used in the exteriors of buildings which also come up with some different colors and sizes. With a range of designs paving bricks are needed light maintenance. Brick is highly water absorbent and also much durable.

First, try to stop the penetrating water from the paved brick floor if you want to prevent mildew and mold growth in your outdoor shower. Using the teak mat or stone tiles, try to cover the area of paved showering, adding a floor.

9. Concrete


Choose a non-slip and practical surface with simple concrete to finish your outdoor shower floor. While installing, before the concrete gets hard, give a pattern to your floor. Then set a slant to escape the drainage of unwarranted water on the available floor. Add stone or ceramic tiles over the pave of the concrete floor.

Good to Know

It’s a fantastic decision if you install your shower closer to your pool area, where you get enough sunlight. If you have a pool.

First, pick up the right location for installing the shower in your patio or backyard, and then make a plan about choosing the flooring for it.

Make sure that which area you choose for your shower keeps a distance from the eyes of neighbors. The idea to locate a shower in the center of the backyard is the best than an edge of it because this is about your privacy. 

Tip:- For a more beautiful feeling, try to plant some trees around your shower area.

The drainage system is the second part of this installation. Water is about to start logging in the landscaped areas of your home’s foundation. Keep that in your mind too.

For easy access to cold and hot water, most outdoor showers are located in the back or side exterior walls. Naturally, we need cold water in our daily shower, so this installation process is more straightforward and cheap.

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