9 Best Glamorous Paris Bathroom Rugs

Searching for the best Paris bathroom rugs? People who love Paris will love to enhance their bathroom decor with interesting and stylish french themes. They love to include french styles in their bathroom. You can include several Parisian bathroom elements like a bath mat or rug to add a sophisticated atmosphere into the space. You can also ensure a soft, comfortable landing for your feet.

A bathroom rug will help you to balance the moisture on the floor. It will also prevent any spills on the bathroom floor. If you are looking for a less expensive way of enhancing your bathroom, then adding a new stylish bathroom rug or mat is a great option.

In the following guideline, you will find some excellent Parisian bathroom rugs available in the market.

Lunarable Paris Bath Mat

This bath rug has a plush, smooth surface resistant to water and is suitable for places like the kitchen, bathroom, or any door. This rug has the anti-slip quality to prevent any skidding, and it can be easily cleaned in machines.

The mat has a dainty style with a vintage Parisian design which has an Eiffel Tower beside other decorative letters saying ‘PARIS’ with romantic floral accents. It has been digitally printed on the mat using vibrant colors with no fading effect. This mat is made in the USA. The size of the mat is 29.5 inches long and 17.5 inches wide.

This bathroom mat is very comfortable and soft for a user to stand on. However, some users remarked about this mat being thin. This mat has great non-slip quality, and it can be easily cleaned and washed.

The mat has a high-quality print with bright colors remarked by the customers. Some users complained about the shipping where the mat came to their place in a box completely folded and creased, which was difficult for them to lay on flat.


  • Comfortable and soft
  • Anti-slip
  • Unique design
  • High-end printed design
  • Easy to clean and wash


  • It arrived creased and folded.
  • The quality is very thin.

AUPET Carpets Floor Door Mat

This is a multi-purpose mat that can be utilized as a kitchen mat, bath mat, doormat, pet bed, or food rug for your pets. This has a velvety texture made of a soft fiber that is resistant to moisture and also prevents skidding.

It has a printed feature of a black and white Eiffel Tower, old excerpts of handwritten notes and letters, postmarks, and ‘Paris scribbled all over the mat with bright red. The mat is 24 inches long and 16 inches wide which is also available in larger sizes. This mat is easy to wipe or clean with a machine.

Customers have remarked these mats to be soft and thin. These mats are thin yet provide a soft cushioning feel under their feet. They were happy and pleased with the quality of the mat. It has a high-quality print on the mat surface with bright, prominent images.

Other customers have found this mat to be thin, which can be appropriate for doormats. However, many users have commented that the mat was comparatively smaller in size while buying. It is important to note the size of the mat before buying.


  • Cushion-like and soft material.
  • It can be washed easily.
  • The quality of the prints are good
  • The design is trendy


  • The size of the mat was smaller.

Uphome Light Brown Eiffel Tower Memory Foam Bathroom Rug

The layer of memory foam under the microfiber surface adds a comforting feel to the user. The Eiffel tower in this rug has a vintage touch and patterns of flowers along with calligraphic letters. The mat has muted hues to create an antique vibe.

The mat has an absorbing feature that can be used as a perfect mat for its excellent fabric. The size of this mat is 16 by 24 inches. This mat is also washable in the machine. You can also buy a coordinating shower curtain that has a Parisian-themed design in it.

Customers have found the mat to be nice cushioned, which is comfortable for standing on. Buyers commented that the picture appeared better than the real photo of the mat, which has exceeded their expectations.

However, some users mentioned the shipping malfunction. They folded the mat while shipping which caused creases and an unattractive appearance of the final mat. The mat has a rubber back that prevents it from skidding, along with its easy wash and non-fading quality.


  • Nice cushion
  • Soft
  • The design is attractive
  • The mat has matching decor items available
  • It is anti-slip
  • easily washable


  • The packing creased the mat.

Excell Paris Eiffel Tower Soft Cotton Bath Rug

This bathroom mat is made up of cotton with an emblem of the Eiffel Tower on it with decorative patterns at the end. The mat contains designs of colorful, vibrant threads instead of printed designs.

This mat has a neutral design with black and grey patterns on a white background. The size of the mat is twenty inches wide and thirty inches long which can be washed in the machine.

The customers have rated this mat high. They received a bigger mat than they expected. The mat they received was thick and plush with an attractive style which they had not expected before.

The mat is easily washable in the machine, and these colors are non-fading. The mat can become quick to dry with a single spin in the machine. The mat has the soft, comfortable touch. The material of the mat is sturdy and long-lasting. However, some users complained about the matching items of the decor.


  • Thick and soft fabric.
  • Nicely washable
  • Sturdy and strong
  • The size is large
  • The design is stylish


  • Matching decor items are not available.

Ambesonne Eiffel Tower Sketchy Doodle Bath Mat

The material of this particular bath mat is water-resistant, which can dry quickly and can be used for the kitchen or bathroom. This mat has a rubber back that prevents sliding and has a high pile threading for comfortable footing.

This mat has an Eiffel Tower design with french flags, words, and symbols of a love heart. The design is printed digitally in pink, red, and black inks with a white background. The printing is processed to prevent fading with a deep and rich coloration. The mat is 29.5 by 17.5 inches.  This US-made mat is easily washable in the machine.

The customers remarked the mat was comfortable and soft. The mat is easily washable with a non-fading element. The color and image are long-lasting. Even in the long run, the image did not fade.

The back of the mat had anti-skidding rubber, which prevented children from slipping and falling. This mat made the users happy and content with its high-quality print and the availability of matching bathroom items to coordinate the look. However, some preferred the print of the image could be better as it was a little blurry.


  •  The print does not fade
  • Do not skid.
  • Availability of matching items.
  • Comfortable and soft material.
  • The mat is washable.


  • Some prints are blurry

Ambesonne Romantic Eiffel Tower Bath Mat

This pretty bathroom mat consists of a romantic Parisian-styled design that features bicycles, hot air balloons, the Eiffel Tower and a silhouette of two lovers embracing each other. The mat consists of pale pink and black images on a white background.

The material is made of polyester, and it is washable in machines. This mat is resistant to moisture, and it can be dry quickly, which makes this mat perfect for preventing splashes on the bathroom floor and spills near the kitchen sink. The mat measures 29.5 by 17.5 inches with anti-slip meshwork. The pattern on the mat was made digitally in the USA.

The customers have given positive feedback about this foamy cushioned mat. This bathroom mat is made up of memory foam with a thick layer. The print on this mat is attractive and unique to look at. The customers were impressed by its quality and anti-slip feature.

The mat is easily washable. However, many users complained about its anti-slip quality, which was disappointing. The mat received by them was creased and folded badly. Moreover, some customers suggested this mat to be more decorative than being functional.


  • Attractive design
  • Plushy texture
  • Washable mat.
  • The material can dry quickly.


  • Shipping cause the folding and creased
  • The anti-slip was unreliable

Ambesonne Photographic Eiffel Tower Bath Mat

This bathroom mat features a white and black picture of the Eiffel Tower with a stormy sky in the background. The foreground consists of a vintage car printed in a vivid red hue. It is made up of polyester material which has quick drying and water-resistant property.

The mat can also be washed easily in machines, but it must be air-dried. The anti-slip mechanism is good and strong. The mat has a soft texture which adds a cozy aura to the room space. The size is 29.5 by 17.5 inches.

According to the buyers, this mat is way too thin than their expectations. The mat was soft for their feet but was not comforting. The unique Paris-themed design and printing impressed the buyers. However, the quality of the mat could have been much better.

The packaging of the mat was also not up to the mark. They received the mat folded and creased, which they could not flatten even after washing. The folded edges of the mat became a hazard for the users. The edges made it risky and prone to tripping.


  • The design is unique and attractive
  • It is washable in machines
  • The material is soft and comfortable


  • The mat is expensive
  • The print quality is considered poor according to the price
  • The mat came folded, which caused creases
  • The mat is thin.

Ambesonne Monochrome Paris Bath Mat

This mat has beautiful bright pink images of benches and lips printed on a back and white background of vintage photographs of Paris. This bathroom mat has a beautiful image that can add a stylish, vivid, and modern feminine touch to your room space.

The design is quite contemporary. The mat material is polyester with an anti-slip safety mechanism on the back of the mat. The anti-skid will not harm or make marks on the flooring.

Moreover, you can easily wash this mat in a machine, and it also dries quickly. The prints on the mat were made with digital technology in the USA, which made the print more bright, prominent, and non-fading. The size of the mat is 29.5 by 17.5 inches.

Customers found this mat to be very soft and soothing. At the same time, some wanted it to be thicker. The customers loved the print on the mat, but they observed a green tint on the black hues after receiving it.

Hence, they found the green tint mismatched with their interior style and color scheme. Moreover, the users could find suitable interior items to match this mat. They could buy matching accessories for their bathroom. Customers found the mat could be washed and cleaned easily. They were happily buying the mat, but it was more expensive than it was worth.


  • The mat is comfortable and soft
  • It has a stylish design
  • Availability of matching items
  • It can be washed nicely
  • This mat dries quickly


  • The colors of the printing were not accurate
  • The mat is overpriced
  • The quality is thin

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