7 Parts of a Garage Door ( with Diagram )

Parts of a Garage Door – It’s hard to imagine your home without having a garage door. They are the most indispensable appliances for your sweet home. Gone are the days when garages are just used for securing a car by just shutting the door. These days, garages come in handy, you can use those rooms for various purposes.

Due to their utility, garage doors have become the most important part of our daily lifestyle. You can use the garages in various forms like making the workshop room, craft room, art room, and more. You can also use these garage rooms for your children’s too. Generally, people pay more attention when they are out to buy the garage doors.

Let’s talk about Garage doors – A huge number of garage doors are available in the market, some of the garage door models run manually and others run on electric or you can say automatically. When it comes to color and styling, you have a lot of options to opt for. When you are out buying a new garage door or garage door lock, you need to have a look at some of the key points like the door’s material, R-value, mechanism.

If you are going to buy the garage door via online stores then be careful. Never buy from the online portals, unless they provide you the address and customer care phone number where you call them directly for support. Keep in mind that your garage door should have a factory finishing and also check the size twice before making the final decision to buy it. if you are worried about buying it online, just skip it and buy it from any offline store. You will feel much more comfortable there.

Moreover, don’t just order and install your garage door directly. It will be a good practice if you can have some understanding of the different parts of a garage door. With the basic garage door parts understanding, you can get a clear idea about what sort of garage door you need. Without any further ado, let’s have a look at what are the parts of a garage door.

Parts of a Garage Door

In the below image, you can see all the parts of a garage door with a diagram.

parts of a garage door

1) Door Opener

garage door opener

A door opener is one of the major component of the garage door, it is the main operator which runs with the motor and gives the power supply to the whole system. The door opener is the core heart of the garage door as it takes full responsibility for controlling the system of the entire garage door.

This opener is installed in the garage ceiling and it is controlled by a wall button. As the technology is evolving, garage door makers are adding smart features to it. Now you can connect your door openers with the wifi and start controlling the garage doors right from your devices like phones.

In that door opener, you also have various parts like a drive mechanism, belt, chain, emergency rope, This part works with the heavy weight lifting of the garage door when you open or close the door.

The chain is used to combine the garage door with the carriage as well as the trolley. This feature works in such a way, it opens and closes the garage door towards the horizontal track. At the same time, a trolley is used to club with the carriage to the belt of a chain. Whenever if you don’t have the power or let’s say your opener is not working properly, that case, release rope comes into play. It gives you to release it from the carriage saves the manual work.

2) Sensor

Garage sensors

Sensors are one of the essential pieces of equipment for the garage door. They give us protection from the serious tragedies that may happen in the garages. Sensors play a crucial role to ensure your safety. It gives us the signal if anyone or anything is there under the garage door before it closes. They are fixed exactly near to the floor of both sides of the garage door.

The sensor technology works with the term called lasers. It enables a laser from the sensor box and receives It from another end. If any sort of thing or people come under the laser rays, immediately the garage door will stop working and it will not close. Although, you won’t find this sensing edges feature in all the garage doors, but if your home is filled with children, pets, it’s better to go with a sensor-added garage door instead of the normal one. It will give you the safety of not falling on anything.

3) Tracks

garage Tracks

When you open or close the garage doors, tacks come into the picture. They are the path that secures the garage door roller and let them move from the floor ceiling. These tracks are installed on top of the garage door on both sides.

These track rollers are built with plastic, nylon, metal materials. Just to remind you, don’t use any sort of lubricants on your tracks. Just clean them with your regular soap and water. Make sure that, your track is clean with leaves, dust, or any other natural particles. You should use the lubricants in the rollers couple of times a year unless it starts making hard noises.

4) Sections and Hinges

Garage Sections and Hinges

Almost all the garage doors hold certain sections and panels. These sections come in a rectangular shape and provide an authentic look to the whole garage door. You will get these garage doors in different colors and designs. It also comes with windows and hardware options. Mostly these sections are built with fiberglass, aluminum, wood, steel, vinyl.

Coming to the other part, hinges – also called joints which are connected to the panels. They let the panels transform from the vertical shape to the horizontal shape by just folding pull in back to the ceiling when you open the door.

5) Torsion Spring

garage Torsion Spring

Torsion spring is a heavy coiled, an important part of the garage door which is installed on top of the door. Meanwhile, the motor is going to produce all the power needed to uplift the door. Torsion spring is something that makes the door’s motion smooth.

Due to its powerful elasticity, the torsion spring grasps and balances the weight of the garage door equally. For those who have a manual garage, a torsion spring is something that handles the lifting of the garage door. Whenever if you feel that your torsion spring is not working properly don’t fix it by yourself because it’s always a heck task to do. Better find a professional to get it done.

6) Cable Drums

garage Cable Drums

As torsion springs did, cable drums also do the same work by just equalizing the weight of the garage door. These ring wheel drums are paired with a tube on the top of the torsion spring. Once the door starts moving, the drum starts rotating and moves upwards or downside the cable in association with the door’s movement.

7) Weather Seals

garage Weather Seals

Weather seals give protection to the garage doors from bad weather and other components. Quality weather seal ensures that your garage door is protected from the snow, heavy rainfalls, pests, and other things which can make your door damaged at any time. Seals are fixed at the bottom and sides.

Final Words

So that ends the list, when you are going to buy the garage door, keep all these parts in mind and make sure that they all are fine with the door so that it will give you a long-lasting life. If you ask me, I would prefer buying the garage door from an offline store rather than online because you can have a physical experience that makes you feel comfortable.

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