10 Pet Safe Carpet Deodorizers – A Comprehensive Guide

Pet Safe Carpet Deodorizers – The pet owners are always in the thought of having deodorizers that are safe and effective to use around their pets. Here we unleash about the ten best natural and commercial pet-safe carpet Deodorizers.

We have to admit the fact that our pet doesn’t always smell fresh. The toilet training kittens and puppies tend to have some nasty odors which are always lingering in the carpet.

Even the adult ones can trail in waste dumps and their paws leave an unpleasant smell and are also unhygienic on the carpet.

You have to agree on the fact that carpets are not the easiest type of flooring to be cleaned. Even after thorough washing, there can be stains and odors. For this common happening, you need to have pet-friendly refiners. This will help you in keeping the carpet clean and also the safety of your pet in mind.

Sometimes you tend to buy carpet cleaner to clean, freshen, and also to reduce the odors from the carpet even when it is not spoilt by your pet. Some other instances of this carpet problem are spilling milk or smoking inside.

To erase such odors, a pet-friendly Deodorizer on the carpet is a must as they tend to suck and chew on items that can cause serious and fatal problems.

Here is a table you can look after to know more about different kinds of natural as well as commercial refiners

Natural Pet-Friendly Carpet Deodorizers

If you like to have your own homemade cleaning remedies, natural refiners are best. Using natural Deodorizer is not only better for family members and pets but also for the environment. This is also budget-friendly and gives you the options of how much and when you want to make it.

Baking soda

Pet Safe Carpet Deodorizers

If you want to avoid chemicals, baking soda is a wonderful example of a natural Deodorizer to be used for many cleansing and cleaning application. Not only this, but it is also edible and safe for pets. Owners don’t have to worry about their pets even if they sniff or lick them.

You need to shake the baking soda before applying directly on the carpet and then deep brush it to mix it well. If a small space is needed to be covered then just run your fingers and spread out the baking soda throughout the carpet.

Also, keep in mind not to use rubbing motions. In that case, the carpet fibers will get damaged. Once the baking soda is mixed up well, leave it for a few hours vacuuming it up. If the carpet has a strong stinky smell, it is recommended to leave the baking soda overnight.

Essential oils

Pet Safe Carpet Deodorizers

Keep in mind that essential oils do not remove odors they just cover them up. It’s a very useful short-term method. For instance, if you have guests coming over it’s better to spray the carpet with a water mist mixed with a few drops of your favorite or go-to essential oil. It will just help to disguise the odor.

The best way to use essential oils on a carpet is to mix them up well with other natural cleaning products. This will give a nice aura to the rooms and surroundings. Rosemary and Lavender are examples of the two most popular scents that can be used on carpets.

For best results, simply add a few drops of oils in baking soda and vinegar to leave a lingering smell. Certain types of essential oils should be avoided such as tea tree which is harmful to kids, pets, and pregnant women that is spilled on the carpet.


Pet Safe Carpet Deodorizers

To use this natural product, you need to fill 4 parts of the spray bottle with water with 1 part of vinegar. As result, it is better to use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. You just need to spray directly on the carpet and leave it to dry.

While applying there will be a pungent smell of vinegar but will be gone once it gets mixed up and well dried in the carpet. After a long time of application, the odors will also be gone. You can as well add a few drops of essential oils to cover up the smell of the vinegar.

Club Soda

Pet Safe Carpet Deodorizers

This is not only known as a good household cleaner on carpets and fabrics. However, it too works as a great air purifier. This is when you have a carpet at your place. For best results use a generous amount of club soda making the carpet quite wet. If there is a tinge causing a foul smell, pour the club soda directly to the damaged area and then gently soak and leave it to dry.

Commercial Carpet Deodorizers

Quite intensive research is held to put forward the best and tested commercial carpet purifier you can have, keeping in mind the safety of your pet.

Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator

Pet Safe Carpet Deodorizers

This is one of the best and impressive formulas available for your carpet. It utilizes active bacteria to completely eliminate the odors. This is best and most effective for removing the smell of urine to a wider range of bad, rotten, and pungent odors.

You can use it on tile and hardwood without any fear. This well-suited Deodorizer is manufactured in the United States of America.

Angry Orange Odor Eliminator

Pet Safe Carpet Deodorizers

Even being a commercial odor eliminator, this Deodorizer is chemical-free and uses oranges to eradicate pungent smells. This can be used in a variety of places such as on carpets, pet beds, upholstery, and hardwood, making it useful as well as safe for pets.

To have the best result simply spray it on the chosen area and leave it. This Deodorizer is on the expensive side but it’s worth investing. You will be safe to know that even being a commercial Deodorizer is not harmful to pets.

One important thing to be noted is that the fresh citrus scent will be appealing but it will not be able to eliminate the smell as enzymes are not present. It works just to neutralize the odor.

Sunny &Honey Pet Stain & Odor Miracle

Pet Safe Carpet Deodorizers

Unlike the Angry Orange Odor Eliminator, this Deodorizer contains enzymes to remove the source of the odor. Don’t worry, it’s a non-toxic product. It is safe and effective to use it around children and pets and works great on urine stains.

By using this product, you are not only helping with odors but ten percent of the profit from each sale goes to animal charities. This Deodorizer is very much loved and favored by pet lovers.

Trinova Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Pet Safe Carpet Deodorizers

This odor eliminator is not only non-toxic but also plant-based. It is made in the United States of America from all-natural ingredients and makes it safe to be used around children and pets.

This Deodorizer leaves a floral scent-like smell which may be highly tempting to some. However, it can also be troublesome for those who are sensitive to smells. You can use it on a variety of surfaces ranging from car upholstery to pet beds, sofas. If you think that this Deodorizer isn’t working perfectly, you don’t have to worry. The producers offer a clear money-back assurance for unhappy customers.

Bubba’s Stain & Odor Terminator

Pet Safe Carpet Deodorizers

This is a commercial certified product. The enzymatic formula present in this formula tackles the foul smell and thus discarding the smell for good. This odor eliminator is known to be harsh and strong on stains and odors, yet gentle on carpets and carpets.

This is practiced by Carpet and Carpet Institution as a safe item to be used on the carpet. This shows the great result of removing stubborn stains and foul rotten smells left by urine, vomit, blood, and feces.

It is extremely effective and useful for those who have an older incontinent pet, a pet who is being toilet trained or has some ongoing issues which always lead them to damage the carpets. This spray is made in the United States of America and to ensure the best result it is also backed by a money-back guarantee.

Woolite Advanced Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Pet Safe Carpet Deodorizers

If you are looking for a Deodorizer that can be used not only as a purifier but also as a cleaner and sanitizer, this Deodorizer will match up with your level of expectations. The oxidizing formula present allows it to handle marks and offensive foul rotten smell by removing them right out of the carpets.

This works great in old stains and odors which have damaged the surfaces of the carpets. You can very well use it on the property where you moved it and the former occupant left the damaged carpets and carpet untreated.

You, your kids, and your pets will be in safe hands while using this product. With the presence of high-quality ingredients, this Deodorizer is able to eradicate and remove 99.9% of bacteria including E. aerogenes and S. aureus. Being manufactured in the United States of America, this is effective to be used on upholstery.

You have to jeep a few things while using this purifier. Make sure that you are not using carpets and carpet which contains wool or polypropylene. It is advisable to test it on a small inconspicuous surface to have a surety that this is not causing any damage.

Pet Safe Carpet Deodorizers : Final Words

You should also keep in mind that many people might not like the fragrance as it is quite strong and powerful and may not be appealing to them. The best part is that this Deodorizer is budget-friendly, safe, and easily available in the markets. You can also be part of Bissel Pet Foundation as sales from each Deodorizer go to this organization.

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