PUR vs Brita – Which Water Filter Faucet is Best ?

PUR vs Brita – In the era of adultery, the minimal things consumed must be filtered and possibly unadulterated, also, this process comes with a price that comes on a bit dear side.

But there is always a solution available, filtered water, unlimited and just at one push that’s too in the comfort of a kitchen, is a dream come true for many, and probably the easiest way to make it available. And it is the well-known Faucet-Mount filter.

There are various options available but two of them are way popular which you would only need to choose between; Brita and PUR.

After long research and talking to users we have seen that because of similar operation and styling, It can be a little tough to end up with a decision to choose one.

Let us make this easier for you.

Even when the operation is similar, PUR filters actually work well and remove more dust particles, eventually, water is healthier and cleaner comparatively than Brita filters do. But also there is a fact that Brita filters are more easily available and it cost less to pockets.

Compared on the basis of styles Brita hasn’t left with many options but PUR filters come with a large variety of options. So for those who are wanting an inexpensive, easily available, simple solution; Brita Systems would be the perfect solution for them with the additional advantage of easy-to-find replacement of its parts.

But if you are someone who wants to go for a quality product, and can be easy with a little hike on price along with a wide range of styles, and can wait patiently till you find one, PUR faucet filters will be the best. If you are concerned about the particles being removed from the water and also want to make it match your aesthetics, this would suit up the best.

PUR vs Brita – Key Differences Between Them

PUR vs Brita

Even when they look the same, the way of operation is near to similar, there are some factors which separate both the products. Let’s explore all of them.


Both of the products are giving close competition to each other in terms of performance, They filter a majority of harmful diluted particles which are not healthy as lead, chlorine, and copper which are found commonly in tap water.

  1. PUR filters: Removes almost 70 contaminants from water
  2. Brita filters: Remove 60 contaminants from water

Other than that rest of the time the performance is quite the same. The lifespan of these faucet filters is about 100-gallons. The filters even mount in the same way and operate in the same fashion. So talking about particularly this category, to check on which category removes more substances or cures contamination, PUR will be the clear winner.


The comparison is quite a close call, These available options both come in inexpensive prices that make them a perfect fit to rely on for filtered water. Like any other product, base models, as well as premium models, are also available. Even their prices are similar.

But comparison must have left with one option, so this time we will be going with Brita filters, despite a few differences, the operation is the same and for that range, Brita is less pricey. Additionally, availability also matters somehow. This might happen that PUR filters are not available but Brita filters are mostly available at all places. So even if you need a replacement, you will be finding it easily and will not be having a hard time.


Well, these filters will rarely leave the kitchen sink yours, most of the time they must be able to hold up the nozzle for providing water, as well as easily getting off it if needed while using the normal sink. Both of these products last long as a year or so, the only thing that must be taken care of is they properly care and the filters must be replaced on time.

Proceeding with the comparison again, Brita filters would be acing the top list as it seems to have very few leakages complaints, and also lasts longer as compared to PUR.

The one thing which customers really like about Brita is its service. Brita offers A-class service to their customers, and replaces any broken or defective units quickly, just in a snap. But here PUR fails as it doesn’t provide any quick change or replacement to its products while broken, crown will be on Brita’s this time.


The faucet water filter takes a lot of space with a tap in the sink region. You don’t process how much space it is taking as a whole till the moment you attach it. So we would be seeing few points to go with the perfect product as the area covered must be less.

In this case, Brita Faucet Filter is more compact and comes less on the way. They both are similar in size but Brita is a bit smaller and compact than any PUR model, It can be noticed while doing dishes or cleaning hands.

Also, it is a lot easier to get out of the way when you want to detach the same, but PUR filters tend to stick on it sometimes,

PUR comes in various designs and is more aesthetically soothing, but also calling for compact and space-conscious Brita is far ahead of the competition, so particular can be chosen according to the set of qualities they want.

A Quick Analysis of Brita Water Filter Faucet

Simple yet elegant systems that can be attached and detached with the tap whenever required to the sink faucet. The purified water is just a flip away, just flip the switch and see the flow of water, uncontaminated, purified, and ready to drink. Flip the lever back and hence you will be getting water as before for other uses, tailor-made for you.

The Brita filters are generally available in basic designs and color palettes as chrome and white, but one may not like them much for the color and design options available which seem a bit outdated, so its design won’t be the most attractive thing to count on.

Also, they are less expensive, easily available, adding to the services they offer, they are wholesome and real quick. Only the contaminants they are removing come somewhat as 60 and give the water a refreshed and purified experience to add on while drinking.


Easily available

Less pricey

More space-conscious


Designs don’t look very pleasing

Doesn’t remove as many contaminations as PUR does.

A Quick Analysis of PUR Water Filter Faucet

Working and functioning are same, moreover, there are few differences to count on:

Just attach to the sink and it will be left with two options, either bypass the water for regular water or it will make it go through the filter for clean water. The size of these filters is more on the bulkier side, and a little pricey too. Compared to the contaminants removed, it removes around 70 contaminants comparatively more than Brita.

Looks are also more aesthetically aligned available in more colors to choose from, and duration is just like Brita’s.


Looks more aesthetic

Style choices to choose

Removes over 70 contaminants


Bulky body and covers more space

Slightly pricey

Pur vs Brita : Customer Insights

However the products are, the best way to judge them is to ask the end-users, they will make us see the blacks and whites of it with transparency.

We also went to a few users, let us see what they say about both:

Taste: Most users were more than pleased with the taste which is offered by the Brita filter faucet.

Durability: There were few complaints which were because it was less durable but all those complaints went off as the service for replacement of any parts was so smooth by Brita’s, that it covers the flaws almost.

Size and performance difference: Brita pleased more with a less bulky size of itself as compared to PUR, but one more complaint was there from Brita is that it is just annoyingly loud, so if you have someone sleeping in your house, they might wake up due to its use.

Services offered: PUR faucet consumers were not delighted by the service offered at all, the unit was not managing to handle the services whenever the people needed and executive. But Brita’s were quite satisfactorily happy, they were getting replacements, customer service, and executive care whenever they needed, and this made a big game. As Leaks are common with this device, so you might need someone to rely on.


Still, if you are having a long time to think about it, what to choose what to not. Let us summarize it for you.

Brita Faucet Filter

  • Brita filter faucet are less expensive and
  • easier to find
  • doesn’t come with many color options
  •  more space saving is possible
  • water tastes better
  • customer service is top notch.

PUR Faucet Filter

  • Relatively Pricey
  • Can’t find easily if you need to replace one.
  • Various designs and color options available.
  • Space taking and bulky.
  • Customer service is not satisfactorily
  • More Durable

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