Should Wood Floors Match Throughout House?

A common question arises among people who are building new houses or remodeling that whether wood floors should match throughout their house. You can also doubt selecting a wood floor among the variety of wood flooring. Let us find out the various kinds of wood flooring available in the market.

We will also look into the pros and cons of using similar wood flooring for the whole house vs. various wood floor options. There are some choices that will suit the whole floor of your house as well.

Advantages of Matching Wood Floors

There are two reasons to support the idea of matching all wood floors. The first reason is to give the home a proper finished and a uniform look. Similar flooring can make the house appear neat and sturdy. These floors look dignified and well-built with significant purpose.

Secondly, you can use matching floors for all the rooms to be able to see all these rooms at once. Matching floors can have a seamless effect that merges into one large space. It makes the wood floor appear wider and open. Your entire living space can appear larger.

Cautions for Matching Wood Floors

There are two ideas: matching all the floors and matching other accessories to the floor.

Don’t Settle for a Near Match

First, if exact flooring is not available, you must not settle for any near match. To match the floors, it is essential to follow the characters;

  • The kind of wood
  • grade
  • width
  • thickness
  • original shade
  • exact stain

It is hard to find an exact match. Even after following the above characteristics, it might seem impossible. The search will depend on the wood floor and the age of the rest of your house. You can use wood lamination for the flooring. Sometimes the manufacturers may not produce the same pattern anymore.

Sometimes you will notice that the flooring may not match with all the rooms. It might appear worse. Then you can keep looking for several choices for different rooms. You must have to sand the entire flooring to give it a matching appearance. Refinishing may cost you more money.

Avoid Matching Other Wood Décor with the Floor

It can be tempting to match all the doors, cabinets, and doorframes with the floor. This can reinforce the uniform look and the construction of the home. Unfortunately, this may result in another mismatch situation which is riskier. You can have the exact stain for all the floor, but you must check if the type of wood is the same or not. Is it used the same way? Whether Will it receive the exact amount of natural sunlight or cause aging at the same rate?

Hence, it is proven that coordination of colors is a preferable choice for wood flooring and home decor. It is a better choice to be able to coordinate the colors for different wood décor. Matching the floor is difficult. If you choose a natural look, then you can opt for lighter and darker shades. You can also keep the wood floor with paints on the trims and the cabinets.

Benifits of Using Coordinating Wood Floors

You must make your home appear intentionally designed, a well-coordinated floor that can create an interesting character in your home.

No Need to Worry About Matching

First, you forget about matching the floors types. This is vital for remodeling. You may find it difficult while installing new floors or remodeling to find a similar shade of wood or stain that will match the wood flooring of the rest of the home.

It is good that you do not need to match. You can apply carpet, tile, and wood flooring to make all of it work together. You can easily use two types of wood for the floor.

Use Contrast to Make Each Room Unique

You can also utilize various kinds of wood floors to divide the rooms. Just like any carpet or tilesets can do. This will create a warm, welcoming style for your home space.

You can apply the same wood for your entrance as well as the kitchen to mark the basic utility of the area. In comparison, this living room has a feature that shows more stylish patterns. You can have a grey tint for the bathroom flooring. This will separate the look from lighter shades of your hallway.

You can think and choose according to your mood to set each room in a particular order. You can start the room decoration from scratch. You can look for the perfect color for the walls, floors, and ceiling. You must check on the natural light. You can also brighten up the room with colors. The brighter colors of the floor make the room appear larger.

Everything you choose will enhance the room. Your choice must coordinate with the look of your house. You must have all the walls in the same color instead of all the wood floors.

Cautions for Using Coordinating Wood Flooring

You can use colors to coordinate the wood floors. In order to do so, you can follow these guidelines.

The Rule of Three

Use contrasting is colors. Make sure not to use many contrasting wood floors designs that the flooring appear mismatched. It is better to design a home with not more than three wood flooring types.

For your kitchen, you can choose one or two different types of floors in order to make all the rooms visible. This will be a good wood flooring choice and will make it look intentional rather than haphazard look. Designers considered this method to choose hues and styles as the Rule of Three – where you can use no more than any three features to coordinate the styles that are visible at once.

Create Visual Barriers

You can also be intentional about what wood flooring to switch. You must switch the entrance and the doorway. You can apply thresholds. For example, you can use a small patch of very styles to coordinate with the room.

In fact, every time, you can but up two variations for the wood flooring. Thresholds can mark the barrier. It is alright if you are not sure about the two variants. You can utilize this style for the kitchen. A plain wood kitchen floor can go well with a carpenter dining space.

Avoid Joining More Than Two Flooring Types in a Single Room

You can choose three types of wood flooring designs for a single room. It is okay if you do not want to use three types of flooring. You can avoid the one type of flooring for the family room entrances of your house. You can apply types of wood flooring for the individual entrances.

Usually, the rooms don’t have many entrances. But you must check that each room joins other room with different flooring. The master bath, exterior entrance, and hallway must be excluded.

You can use different flooring for the master bath and the entrance. The hallways can be of different colors as well.

You can have an external door opening into your kitchen from your garage. It is not expected to have the same flooring for the external door as that of the kitchen.

Stick to a General Color Scheme

You can try to separate the room wood flooring types of the doorways and the thresholds. You can’t sight more than three types of floor from any point. You will still create unifying color coordination and scheme for the floor of your entire house.

Every room of the house does not have to be of the same colors or complement each other in order to contrast while walking from each room. All the floors and walls can have muted colors or bold or pastel shades. You can think of the look of the floor of your one room. Then you can branch the floor of the other rooms of your entire house.

Tip: Choosing the Direction of Your Wood Grain

You can lay a new floor and then think about the direction of the woods and the wood grains on the floor. This will help you make the room appear bigger in length. Do not lay planks in the hallway floor towards the length it should be across the hallway floor. Similarly, you can make a room look wider with the planks lying across the floor.


Should your hardwood floors be the same throughout the house?

To be honest, it’s your call. If you want to have a hard surface, we do have some recommendations for you to choose the right flooring for your house. Likewise, get the light-finished ones as they will give your room an aesthetic feel. Especially with the bright gray or light wood colored ones.

Is it OK to have different wood flooring in different rooms?

The straightforward answer to this question is; it’s up to you. You need to make the decision eventually what you want. You can go with the different wood flooring for various rooms. But we would suggest you also have a look at single flooring material for the entire room. Definitely, it’s worth going.

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