10 Shower Curtain Alternatives – The Definitive Guide

Ever thought that you have shower curtain alternatives ? The best shower curtains can do more than just protect your bathroom floor from the endless sprays of water. These days shower curtains come in various attractive colors and designs. But while choosing, one needs to make the right choice; see that they are both attractive and health-friendly. One has the choice to choose from PVC-based, cloth-based, natural fiber, bamboo, glass, etc to name a few.

The Vinyl Shower curtains not only come with an unpleasant smell but is also hazardous to health because of the toxic PVC used in its making. Most of them are said to emit harmful VOCs like xylene as well as many more toxins and chemicals which are harmful to health.

Recent research carried out by the CHE, Centre for Health, Environment, and justice, on PVC the harmful plastic, reveals that the chemicals given out by the plastic materials can prove reasons for cancer, and damage of the liver, kidney, and central nervous system. The study also shows that the PVC-contained curtains can emit about 100 chemicals in the air thus affecting the respiratory system.

But on the brighter side, we have greener and healthier alternatives to choose from which is as lasting as or even better than the one mentioned above.

Below is a list of 10 alternatives to vinyl curtains, to make your choice from, which can improve the look and feel of your bathroom.



With the introduction of vinyl curtains the nylon, shower curtains became less in demand no doubt, but the advantages in using cloth-based over plastics changed the trend. Their easy maintenance with less effort and time is one of the main advantages which made people go for it.

There are different designs and colors to choose from matching their bathroom décor. They also look more elegant. Their design to be tied back makes them look better. But these too come with disadvantages like they are more expensive when compared to vinyl and because of their inability to resist mold, they need frequent washing.



The Hemp plant is used in making fabrics, in a more efficient way than cotton. The reason being cotton plants use more water per acre than hemp plants. Their fabric for shower curtains is a much healthier alternative

to PVC ones. They are said to be ideal for the purpose as hemp is mildew and bacteria-resistant, and besides a soft feel, they are quite aromatic.

They are easily washable in machines and also have the ability to prevent water from splashing out of the shower or onto the bathroom floor because of their heavyweight.



Linen-shower curtains have been a long-term favorite among households. They have similar properties to hemp and cotton and allow light to pass through. They are easy to maintain, the curtain panel can be easily washed in the machine. Since they are lightweight, they dry faster every time one has a shower and avoid suffocation.



Bamboo a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative is not only appealing to the eyes but also easier to match any interior décor.

While choosing the product, make sure that the bamboo curtain panel has been well treated for rot, water damage, and bacterial growth. Most of the bamboo panels are made with stalk tied together to give an authentic look.

The foremost advantage is that this abundantly available eco-friendly product when used adds to the elegance and versatility of any interior décor.

Next, they are budget-friendly and easy to maintain.

The woven fibers through block views, allow sunlight in.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton shower curtain is a widely available inexpensive fabric. One can custom design it to one’s needs and artistic taste. It is always better to go for a polished cotton panel to keep water out of the bathroom while in the shower. One can also opt for the heavy-weight cotton duck curtains which can be easily washed in a washing machine. The best is organic cotton which is a much healthier alternative when compared to plastic shower curtains.

Frameless Glass Enclosures

Shower Curtain Alternatives

Frameless glass enclosures-A walk-in frameless glass enclosure for the shower space provides more flexibility while one is under the shower. This not only enhances the shower décor but it is a clean option too. Mold growth around the glass is less likely to happen because this system minimizes water collection.

There is less mold build-up since there is no soap or water accumulation. Since you don’t need to remove them from any panel, they are easier to clean than the ones set on panels.

Their sleek look and easy maintenance have made it the much-preferred choice over shower curtains. Moreover, this is found to be an ideal one for a minimalist bathroom.

Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants-instead of curtains in the shower space is another innovative way that enhances the shower décor.

There are a variety of plants like spiders, ferns, peace lily, or ivy will that can be used for this purpose. A more bizarro vibe would be the usage of handmade macrame hangers to hang plants. This way, not only do the plants get watered every time you have a shower but also enjoy the experience.

Bathroom Window Coverings

Bathroom window coverings-is is another good alternative that enables one to have natural light without losing his privacy.

They are definitely a better choice when compared to other curtains because of their durability and moisture resistance.

The different kinds of window covering include-

Sheer curtains which allow some light in at the same time offer privacy.

Shutters provide privacy one needs and provide a homely feel

Roller panel blinds such as faux wood which has a real wood look are another perfect alternative as they are both water and moisture resistant and hard-wearing. The combination of the traditional faux wood blinds with the bathroom interior will enhance the outlook.

Aluminium Venetian blind is another strong elegant and robust alternative. They are highly durable, waterproof versions,  made from aluminum slats. They can be easily cleaned and if maintained well they can last long. The tilt wand mechanism which they come with helps in controlling light.


Peva a non-chlorinated version of vinyl that is less toxic, is designed to be environment friendly and be safer. This has gained popularity in recent years with people have become more health-conscious and having begun to realize the harmful effects of PVC.

The advantages of Peva curtains are-

Since they are low in chemicals and toxins they prove less harmful to the environment.

They can be easily disposed of without polluting the environment. They are easier to clean and are lightweight easy to hang too.

Free from pungent odor and has a soft feel

They are mildew resistant.

Open Wet Room

An open wet room is another good option for the ones who are looking to enjoy their shower without worrying about cleaning. They are also free from the worry of replacing the glass door or curtain. This provides more maneuvering space and the floor here is slip-resistant.

An open room provides easy access to things for people with mobility problems. Though the room may become wet and messy, with a little care they can be maintained well. A good space utilized, with sleek fixtures, can allow one to stretch his arms without the worry of hitting the glass or wetting the curtains.

Such open wet rooms do have certain disadvantages like-

Since the shower is not in an enclosed area it is bound to wet the entire bathroom, when in use.

Keeping the toilet paper and towels dry is difficult.

This challenge of course can be overcome by installing a watertight tissue dispenser to protect the tissue papers from getting wet. Fixing the towel holder far away from the shower area can solve the problem of the towels getting wet.

To solve the problem of dampness an extractor fan can be fixed.

When changing the bathroom to a wet room one needs to keep in mind that the entire room is waterproofed. See there is adequate ventilation there is a proper drain fixed in the middle of the shower area for easy water drain out.

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