Skillion Roofs – The Definitive Guide

The skillion roof is long-lasting, flexible, and gives a power-punch performance for one who is looking to build a top-notch residential architecture. No wonder Skillion roof can provide a great experience to any home style that you wanna build. Hence, it’s a perfect option as a contemporary roof design.

If you are about to build a skillion roof then we have covered the most significant information for building this type of roof which also includes the good and bad about this roof, usage, installation costs, and more!!

What is a Skillion Roof ?

If you are a newbie to this skillion roof then no worries, we are here to help you know about this roofing style. A skillion roof comes with only a single flat slope. This Roofing style is for one who wants to have a very minimalist and simple design.

Skillion Roofs

Additionally, this roof also got a few names as shed roof, lean-to roof, and mono-pitched roof.
This single-sloped surface is not combined with any other roof surface, hence it’s totally different from the gable roof.

These roofs are very simple in construction yet their design is very authentic and has gained immense popularity in home extensions. They don’t need any sort of clamping for roof particles.

Skillion Roofs – History

Let’s go back to the history of this Skillion roof, from where they have invented – As of now, we don’t have any exclusive information about the history of this roofing style but it is said that they are encouraged by OZ (Australia’s) residential architecture. Something back around the 20th century.

Not likely as a standard flat roof that has gained a lot of popularity in mid-centuries architecture, this skillion roof brag an important slope. In Australia’s suburban areas, you are going to see a lot of skillion roof styling as modern architecture design.

In today’s time, skillion roofs can be seen in Australian rural homes too. Although the demand for this type of roof is increasing rapidly in the suburban roof constructions throughout contemporary homes all over the globe.

Skillion Roof Usage

  • These Roof’s provides water drainage due to their slope
  • This type of roofs can be customized based on the individual requirements.
  • Low components are needed to construct this type of roof
  • You can use this as an extension
  • Due to the big slope, this roof can provide legitimate lighting
  • It gives you a wide-ranging exterior on the top section of the roof
  • You can build this type of roof in no-time

Skillion Roof Pro’s

Easy water drainage – if avoiding leaks is your top priority then skillion roofs are a one-stop solution for you. It drains the water productively and also if you have a flat roofing system, you should go with this roof.

They are simple to build – The material required for constructing the skillion roof is very low and it’s very effortless to construct than other roofing styles. Nevertheless, to build such a type of roof, you need a lot of patience and one-point focus.

Latest Design – in terms of design, these skillion roofs look very common. Perhaps, this is the prime cause behind their rapid growth. Most people are getting engaged with this type of roof as they are looking for a minimalistic stylish roof. It comes with a completely new and classic design which not only looks authentic but also provides you the privilege which giving you innovative ideas for your landscaping.

Smart and Superb – A huge round of applause to these wide-angled steep surface roofs, these roofs are very beautiful and attractive which makes them a stand-out option.

Priceless – Skillion roofs are Cost-effective and are very easy to build. The prices of their materials are economical. So if you’re concerned about the budget then a skillion roof is your absolute option.

Long-lasting Quality – If you are building a skillion roof architecture, use premium quality strong materials so that they give you a long-lasting life than other flat roofs. Just keep in mind that use only climate-durable materials so that they can stand in any sort of climate temperature.

Power saver – Want to save cash through saving the power? Yes, Skillion roofs can do for you. These skillion roofs slightly have a slope angle, due to this you can install the solar panels over it.

Skillion Roof Con’s

No larger space: One of the major drawbacks of these skillion roofs is the area of the space. If you are looking for additional storage on your roof space then a big NO from us. You don’t get enough space from these skillion roofs due to its roof’s angle.

Power full winds and hurricanes are always making these roofs trouble. Besides the hip roofs and gable roofs, skillion roofs are also not good in terms of build quality. To get rid of this problem, add dual roof slopes to ensure the main roof is stronger. Find a roofing expert to get it done to keep your roof strong enough from these shitty climates.

How Much Skillion Roof Cost ?

The straightforward answer is – Anything from 6000$ to 12000$ based on the type of materials you’re gonna use to construct the roof. As they are actually built on rafters and to be honest, they are very cheap in pricing compared to the various roof types.

Now if you add Asphalt shingles to your skillion roof, the price will be a bit low than the metal-covered roof. Not only these, you also have the slope of the roof, beams, rafters which will also be added in the final statement of the bill.

If you’re not familiar with the cost of a skillion roof and don’t want to spend your hard-earned dollar on building the roofs via roof experts then you can do one more thing is to build the roof by yourself. This way you can save your cash at least up to some extent.

How to Build a Skillion Roof

Normally Skillion roofs are self-standing roofs, which means, no need to combine with any parts of the roof. Skillion Roofs are very easy to build and you don’t have a different slope option.

Here are some of the fundamental components needed to build a skillion roof: Metalwood shakes, shingles, and asphalt. In the end, You also need a Standing seam metal roof, to give you protection from the weather damages.

While working with these types of roofs, the first thing to look at is the degree of the slope and leveling. Keep an eye also on the wind directions to make sure the incline and angle of the roofs are wise enough to tackle the seasonal storms.

Rafters play a vital role in combination with the sloping parts of the skillion roof’s slope. They are added to give extra protection to the roof and also to migrate the weight to the structure’s exterior wall to get the more maximum lifespan. Beams also come into the picture to stop the rafters from failing. It will give additional support to the rafter length.

Speaking about the support beam, you should pay attention to the density and proper spaces for the beams. Normally in Skillion roofs, beams made with wood are used at horizontal 90 degrees, also the rafters. The beams come in handy to power up the construction and give extra help to the rafters.

If you want to give a new look to your skillion roofs, you can also add portal frames. They have a string of trusses which works as additional support. Usually, portal frames can be assembled from wood, steel. It totally depends on the maximum power is a need on the roof.

If you are still confused, watch this video.

Skillion Roof Variations

The skillion roofs, also have certain types of variations. One of the most popular design models is the oval-shaped skillion roof. This curved design roof comes with a soft ridge curve and is the most demanding roof style due to its beautiful looks.

The second type of skillion roof is known as butterfly design. It has dual-slope panels angling downside in facing the opposite direction about the center part of the roof. Due to its angled sloping and wing design, it has got the name of butterfly roof. One good option for you is, it can collect rainwater efficiently with the design it has. Hence, it is the best option for one who lives in coastal areas.

Last but not the least, a typical mono-pitch shape roof is incorporated with skillion and gable roof design in at one point structure. This mono-pitch type comes with one single roof that goes in one way. The other, split skillion holds two different roofs which are not crossing.

Skillion Roof vs Flat Roof : Which is Cheaper to Build ?

If you are about to take the decision on building the best roof for your home then always think for a long-term period. Keep in mind the climate conditions and material quality that you use for your roofs.

If you compare flat roofs vs skillion roofs then here’s the outline – Flat roofs are certainly cheap to build but they also have a lot more CON’s than skillion roofs. Although, there are plenty of reasons to avoid flat roofs, one in such is, lack of water drain. When it comes to the skillion roof, they have sloping roofs where you won’t get any sort of water-related problems whatsoever!

Still, confused to figure in-between the flat roof and skillion roof? do some thorough research to get the prices of the materials, maintenance, repairs, for flat roofs. Then probably you will get a complete outcome about these skillion roofs.

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