Stand Fan vs Ceiling Fan – 7 Things to Know

Stand Fan vs Ceiling Fan – As weather changes, the first thing that comes into our head is the equipment which is used season. But few types of equipment which are used in all seasons is fans, be it stand fan or ceiling fans. We will be discussing stand fans and Ceiling fans.

This article will walk you through all the points to be considered for buying fans and points having in my mind that so that you can decide which one to choose. 

Which Should you Choose Between a Ceiling Fan vs Stand Fan? Both the fans if the chosen right can be one of the best decisions for your home. 

There are differences in both of them as a ceiling fan is not portable, can’t be moved, static, but there are some advanced features as more airflow, smart fans are also there for more advanced features, however, installation expenses can get larger, but for budget constraint along with features like portability, and for use of single-person stand fans can be opted too.

The weather outside can be anything depending upon the part of globe your house is situated and the weather conditions but inside you can be the boss to control temperature along with décor. 

Summers can make a home feel like an oven and can make you feel like a chicken inside it. Experiencing sleepless nights in summers just a day before going to the office can actually ruin your day in the office. So getting relief from the heat is not only important for the human body, but also for the mind. 

And being budget concerned, Fans can be stand out for being the best option. Generally, fans come in two main categories: Ceiling fans and stand fans. There can’t be a perfect comparison because both are used in two totally different conditions.  Rather than picking up the most expensive one, our suggestion would be to first note down one’s needs and preferences and then proceed with the selection.

Why Choose a fan ?

Having an option that doesn’t cost your pocket much and is also energy efficient, Fans would perfectly fit the void, Air conditioning works well but neither it is budget-friendly equipment nor an energy-efficient choice.

Also, while using air conditioning, air tends to be heavy and the flow is stopped which is not good and can cause breathing problems. Using fans throughout, the flow can be achieved with less money and less carbon footprint as well. We will be seeing the benefits and drawbacks of both; Ceiling Fans and Stand Fans.

Pros of Ceiling Fans

Stand Fan vs Ceiling Fan

Let’s start with the ceiling fan vs stand fan, the discussion is continued further.

Complementing Aesthetics:

Ceiling fans are the winner for matching the aesthetics of any ambiance, Additionally, the shape size color is a lot in variety that you can choose anyone from wooden to metals and to whichever material required as per the requirement. 

There can be customization available too, lights and more options can be provided. This way some luminance can be added too.

Help Cooling Larger Spaces:

Ceiling fans are durable like a king while used for larger spaces. Usually, it is installed in the center of the ceiling. So that the fans are provided with a better space to circulate air.

And the blades are also a cause because standing fans are having small blades, and Ceiling fans are with long hands which helps to move air more effectively.

Less conspicuous and safe:

Another reason for which ceiling fans must be considered is, it perfectly fits on the different types of ceilings and then there is no space left on the floor taken by that. Which makes it quite clean to use the same.

On the other hand, stand fans occupies space in the whole room which and the wires can get entangled in between while being in a rush which increases the possibility of harming yourself or the fan.

So, If there are children or pets it is not safe to use stand fans, as they can trip over it anytime which might be more dangerous.

Smart Capability:

There are several options with ceiling fans that can adapt to temperature and control the room temperature with the help of sensors and actuators embedded. This can help to automate and regulate air as per the need. 

Which is missing in stand fans, as it is either mobile-controlled or remote-controlled. Not giving many options or control over your place.

Cons of Ceiling Fans

As we saw above there are numerous benefits but also there is a number of reasons which have continued the debate. There are a few points over which you can rethink, installation Requirements.

The most troublesome aspect for ceiling fans is that it requires the installation and which causes a large sum of money to do so, 

If you have a little technical knowledge, you might be able to put it down on place yourself, otherwise, if you are uncertain about this, it’s always best to hire a professional to proceed with things with safety and avoid injuries.

Also, it can be problematic for renters, as many house owners don’t allow them to use their belongings according to yourself, so if you do the installation you will also have to uninstall the ceiling fan.

Expenses and permanence:

Another reason which can make you think about it twice is its price, as the installation as well as the range in which the ceiling fan comes, is already a bit expensive. While standing fans can be taken infraction of the amount of the ceiling fans.

Also once you have installed a ceiling fan, it will stay where it is, You can’t remove the setup to install the fan into another room or so.

Short Ceilings:

There are some room conditions where ceiling fans just don’t work in. If the home structure is having low ceilings, ceiling fans can be very annoying to even little taller people than average, and it is not something that can be suggested.

The need would be to select the fans according to the size, structure, and many more things to consider.

Reasons To Consider A Stand Fan

Stand Fan vs Ceiling Fan

As already discussed with drawbacks of the ceiling fans, let us see when and why stand fans can be considered.

Stand fans don’t need commitment as we have already discussed above that ceiling fans take a permanent space, which you can get rid of while having a stand fan. Stand fans are more like pluck and use and need no installation as a ceiling fan to be used.

Concentrated Cool Air:

As ceiling fan works well for a large number of people, at the same time stand fans are used. To receive concentrated air cooling. Concentrated on a particular person or a particular space to be focused. 

Because they are easy to move around, and you can put them directly anywhere, next to you while sitting, sleeping, eating. This cools down instantly and much more than a ceiling fan would.


As discussed above, it can be put anywhere, so we can conclude it is way portable as ceiling fans are not portable at all. To move around, to carry with, or to take home with. It can go anywhere and everywhere with you.

Struggles with Stand fans:

Some problems are faced while using stand fans, and those will be discussed here.


Standing fans burn out quickly. After one hot summer, using it rigorously will cause the coil to be burnt, “You get what you pay for” is a real thing to be considered while purchasing fans.

So understanding this, some fans come with extended warranties. If you purchase one of these fans, you will get remuneration cover and benefits if burns out. But if you are finding some cheap options, they don’t have such a facility provided.

Appealing design:

According to looks and to match aesthetics, a stand fan is not the best to come up with. Having a fan made up of plastic placed in the corner with a lot of wires entangled does not at all looks sophisticated, it looks messy. 

Some manufacturers address this issue and have started manufacturing somewhat, featured wooden framed and with elegant designs. 

Sleek tower fans look great and can fit into smaller spaces.

At the same time, pedestal fans come with large blades which would be perfect for big rooms. This will again take us to another fan of Tower fans vs Pedestal fans.


Standing fans are more noise creating, because of their built or any reasons, while ceiling fans tend to create less noise compared to ceiling fans. This can be problematic if you are using it while sleeping.

Stand Fan vs Ceiling Fan – Final Words

The verdict

We have already taken a close look at the things to be considered for as prospect to ceiling fan vs stand fan.

So here is our final verdict.

Ceiling fans must be used when:

  • They are being used for a larger room with a large number of people.
  • There is a need for aesthetic matches along with the fan.
  • You can afford a dedicated space for keeping it.
  • Either you are having some technical knowledge to install, or you are having someone to get it installed.
  • You can bear the expenses of the fans, installing them, and maintenance.
  • You want a refined look of your house, and you don’t want to see a plastic fan on the corner of the house entangled with wires.
  • You have pets and kids in homes which can get entangled with the wires so it is not safe that a fan will be there on the floor.

Stand fans must be used when:

  • The room, which is being used for, is small or it is being used for a concentrated number of people.
  • There is no need to match the aesthetic.
  • You need a budget-friendly fan.
  • You have a short ceiling, or you don’t have a dedicated space to use ceiling fans.
  • You don’t want any installation trouble; you just want to plug and use.
  • You don’t want to invest in maintenance.
  • There is no problem for you to see a fan kept inside in your room.
  • There are no kids or pets who will get harmed or entangled with it.

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