Standard Window Heights ( Floor, Ceiling and 3 Drawings )

Standard Window Heights – There is no doubt about the fact that windows are a very important part of every house. To determine how much light should stream in through them depends a lot on their height from the floor and the different types of ceilings also on other dimensions.

Apart from this, there are many kinds of windows which we can choose from. This article will discuss different options available so that you are able to make the right decisions.

Just like anything else, there are some important things to keep in mind when installing windows. Standard windows are normally fixed about 3 feet above the floor and about 8 inches below the ceiling. There are other important things like safety concerns also to be borne in mind when we install windows.

For instance, for windows installed in the ground floor, windows should not be at a height of more than 44 inches from the floor. This is to facilitate escape in situations of emergency. However, for windows in the second floor or higher, windows should be at least 2 feet above the floor. This is to ensure that children do not climb onto the window.

Standard Window Heights

Standard Window Heights

The figure above demonstrates the perfect measurements for the standard height of a window.

Standard Window Height From the Ceiling

Normally, windows are installed 18 inches below the ceiling. The main reason for this is that the windows have something called a header on top. This ensures that the wall conforms to an accepted standard. The header also bears the weight of the roof. Being fixed 18 inches below makes it easy to fix them.

Standard Window Height From the Floor

The exact height of a regular window from the floor should start at approximately 3 feet or 91.44 cm. The reason for the measurement to be so exact is that this height makes if easy for us to place chairs or sofas right in front of the window.

This height also ensures that the furniture does not block the natural light streaming in through the windows. Though this height is preferred usually, it may not suit all situations. This can be changed based on the room in which the window has to be fitted.

An ideal example will be windows that are fixed in bathrooms. These windows can be fitted a little higher in order to ensure that there is enough place for the required furniture and also to make sure that there is enough privacy.

All windows must follow some regulations regarding building rules. However, the shapes and the size of windows can differ provided they follow the necessary rules.

Window Height Rules

Whenever a building is built or renovated, some building codes have to be necessarily followed in order to make sure that we put safety first. This applies to windows too. As far as windows go, the size is of utmost importance in specific portions of the house.

If the house is located in or above the second story, it is mandatory to fix the window at a minimum height of at least 2 feet from the floor. This rule becomes very significant as it ensures that little children cannot reach it and fall out of windows that are not closed. However, if other particular measures to secure children are in place, this rule can be changed according to need.

There is a difference in the rules for windows fixed in ground floors. These windows should not be fixed any higher than 44 inches from the floor. This is to allow a way out to escape in case of any crisis.

Standard Sizes of Popular Windows

Picture Windows

Standard Window Heights

These windows are made of a single, huge sheet of glass that is framed. Since it is a single piece of glass, it provides an undisturbed view of the scene outside. Since they aim at giving us a great view, these windows are really big to allow the ultimate view. However, they can have dimensions between 2 to 8 feet in either direction.

Double Hung Windows

Standard Window Heights

These windows are used prevalently in most fashionable houses. There is a major advantage with these windows. They are all made in a standard size. Hence, if you want to reinstall your window, almost always, these are available readymade in the required size. So, there is actually no need to make a new one to order.

As with other windows, these windows also have their own standard size with the height ranging from 36 to 72 inches. However, in most houses, their size is around 48 inches in height. Their width can differ between 24 and 48 inches. These windows are also used in proportions that are lesser or more but these measurements do not conform to the standard measurements.

Sliding Windows

Standard Window Heights

There is a track that is provided in these windows which help them to move back and forth in order to open and close. In this way, they are very similar to sliding doors. Their height is always more than their width. The standard size for these windows differs from 3 to 7 feet in width and 2 to 5 feet in height.

Bay Windows

Standard Window Heights

These windows are very different in the fact that they project out of the house. Due to this arrangement, there is a corresponding comfortable corner created inside the house. This is a perfect spot to sit on a chair and enjoy a book.

Since they project out, they are usually made of 3 windows. These 3 windows are fixed in such a way that they form a half circle in an angle. The standard size for these windows is normally from 3 to 6 feet in height to 4 to 10 feet in width.

Casement Windows

Standard Window Heights

These windows are fixed to the wall with hinges on one side. They are opened by lifting up the side that is not hinged. This kind of an arrangement works well only if the height of these windows is more than their width.

This prevents any pressure on the hinges and also gives perfect balance to the window when it is not closed. The structure of these windows makes them suitable for rooms such as the bathroom and cloak room which are not too big. Usually, they are not too wide and are not more than 3 feet wide. Their height can differ between 3 and 6 feet.

Awning Windows

Standard Window Heights

These windows and casement windows are identical. However, in awning windows, they are hinged on the top and not on the side. So, we open the windows from the lower portion. Like the casement windows, they are also not very wide. At the most, they are about 4 feet wide. Their height can differ from 2 and 8 feet.

Considerations for Window Placement

These measurements are not enough for you to select a place to fix your windows. The spot that you select is very important as it plays a significant role in affecting the appearance of your house. It can also affect your heating bills and many other things. Since these are decisive factors that are crucial, you need to factor them in first when you decide on a place for your window.


Windows allow a lot of light and air to stream into the house. A rightly placed window can help greatly to make the house cooler. This leads to reduced expenses due to limited use of the air conditioner. All we need to do is to place the window strategically in order to allow a lot of cool breeze to come in in order to beat the heat of summer. This will ensure that your house is a cool, relaxed place.


Windows are gateways to air and light into the house. The amount of light and air entering a house also affects its temperature. So, windows play a considerably important role in maintaining the temperature of a house.

To decide on the right kind of windows, it is important to take the climate and the different temperatures in different seasons of the place you live in. Then, you should consider the role that the window will play in  these two vital parameters.

Typically, huge windows tend to allow heat to escape from the house in winter and you will have to spend more money to keep your house warm and comfortable. In contrast, such big windows will amplify the heat in the house during summer and you will again have to spend more on air conditioners.

The best strategy to avoid all this and maintain the right kind of temperature throughout the year is to opt for many windows that are smaller. These windows should be fixed in the perfect locations and should open fully.

This is a much better arrangement than a single big window which causes fluctuations in temperature. Since windows are so integral to a comfortable temperature at home, we should think of the direction from which sunrays come in and the climate of the place when we decide on them.


The positioning of the windows in a house depends greatly on the direction that the property faces and also on the location of the sun during various times of the day. If you are a person who is out at work the whole day and come into the kitchen and dining room only late in the day, you will surely want the whole area to be properly illuminated when you are there. In order to utilise the sun’s light effectively at this time of the day, your  window should fact the south or west.


The dimension and the location of your windows will also play a great role in determining the external appearance of your property. To make sure that the exterior looks perfect without any irregularities, when you install new windows, you must ascertain that the new windows are aligned flawlessly with the windows in use in other rooms.

The dimensions of the new windows should be proportionate with the house and the doors of the house also. Disproportionate windows and doors will make the whole house look weird.


The room in which a window will be fixed in your house and what you utilise that room for will determine the dimensions and the location of the window. The best example to explain this is a window in a bedroom.

This can never be very big as you will not want anyone peeping in here. It is also a well- known fact that the bedroom where we sleep should be dark and never brightly lit. Similar privacy is also required in a bathroom where the windows can never be placed low enough for the others to look in.

In contrast, a dining room or a family room is the perfect place for a huge window. This is because these rooms are not really private. These are places where family members spend a long time. So, a lot of light coming in and windows big enough to allow a beautiful view are welcome here.


There are many houses built in naturally beautiful areas that look scenic. If your house is one of them, you will surely want to enjoy the beauty to the maximum. For instance, if there is a water body or beautiful mountains near the plot of the house, the scene becomes the central focus when the house is planned.

For such a house, a window that spans the entire area from the floor to the ceiling is ideal so that people in the house get a lovely view for most part of the day. However, if the beautiful scene is visible only from a few places, then, having huge windows in the right locations in these rooms will give you the best opportunity to enjoy the landscape as much as possible.


Where you fix your windows will also make a difference in the floorplan of your house. This also means that you have to consider the location of your furniture also to decide on your windows. For instance, two walls in your bedroom could have windows and a wardrobe may be fixed on another wall.

The door could be located in the other wall. In this case, you have to find the right place for your bed so that the headboard of the bed does not obstruct a great part of the window. In rooms like the kitchen, where a lot of place is required for cabinets, windows must be fixed really high. This way, they will not be in the way of the countertops which are normally fixed at a standard height. Visit for more details.

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